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Rhestrau Manwl, Canlyniadau a Chanllawiau

CWMPARK FLOWER SHOW. List of Successe. The second 'annual vegetable, flower ,and poultry show was held on Monday last at the Ystradfechan, field, Trecrky generously lent foi the occasion by Mr W. Jenkins, J.P.). Three large marquees had been erected, one for the poultry, one for flowers, etc., and a refreshment tent. There was a large entry i neach class, and with a fair attendance the success of the show was assured. As a result of last year's show, the handsome sum of £ 30 was realised, and was handed over to the Library Committee. The committee were fortunate in having beauti- ful summer weather, and, notwithstanding nu- merous counter-attractions in other parts of the Valley, there was a good attendance. The judges were: Flowers, Mr T'reseder, Cardiff; garden produce, Mr Gilbert Baglan Hall: poul- try, Mr W. Gibbs, Cardiff. The president of the show is the genial Squire of Ystradfechan (Mr W. Jenkins, J.P.), who always lends a help- ing hand to any deserving cause. The patrons are Mrs Llewelyn, Baglan Hall; Mr E. Davies, Llandinam; Mr D. Treharne, Pentre; and Dr J. R. Armstrong. The chairman of the execu- tive committee is Mr J. T. Williams, manager, Park. while the committee consists of about forty employees of the Ocean Collieries. The important post of treasurer is ably held by Mr A. S. Tailis, Cwmpark, while the secretaries are Messrs W. C. Barrett, M.D.. Cwmpark, and W. P. Thomas, Teorky. All the above gentle- men, together with the committee, have been untiring in their efforts, and great praise is due to Dr Barrett for the completeness of the arrangements. Another important official was Mr G. S. Newman, Tre<)rky, as secretary of the poultry arrangements, and who discharged his duties admirably. During the day, splendid selection of music were rendered by the Cwm- park Brass and Fife Bands. Annexed is the list of awards: FLOWERS: OPEN CLASS. Carnations, 12 blooms, not less than six varie- ties: 1, William Price, Brvnbedw, Treorky: 2, R. Castle, Pontypridd; special, J. Bryant, Mer- thvr; h.c., W. Watts, Treherbert. and G. Stokes. Treherbert. Pansies, 12 blooms, not less than six varieties: 1, R. Castle, Pontypridd; 2, J. Bryant, Merthyr. Roses, 12 blooms, six varie- ties, II.P. 1, C. Harris, Ystrad; 2, G. Hearse, Ynysybwl. Roses (six distinct varieties): 1, C. Harris, Ystrad; 2, G. Hearse, Ynysybwl. Asters, six blooms in variety: 1, C.Harris, Ys- trad. Stocks, six spikes in variety: 1, G. Hearse, Ynysybwl; 2, C. Harris, Ystrad. Bouquet of cut flowers: 1, R. Castle, Ponty- pridd; 2, R. Morris, Ysvrad; h.c., C. Harris, Ystrad. Geraniums, C. Harris, Ystrad. Six bunches of garden flowers: 1. C. Harris, Ystrad, 2, R. Castle, Pontypridd; h.c., M. Harris, Ys- trad, and W. Price, Brynbedw, Treorky. Col- lection of plants, not in bloom: 1. William Price, Brynbedw, Treorky; 2, C. Harris, Ys- trad. Best fuchsia: 1, C. Harris, Ystrad; 2, J. Fisher, Pentre. Best plant in bloom: 1, W. Price, Brynbedw, Treorky; 2, J. Higgon, Cwm- park. Best begonia: 1, J. Fisher, Pentre; 2, R. Harris, Treorky. Best foliage plant: 1. C. Harris, Ystrad; 2, W. R. Morris, Ystrad. LOCAL CLASS. Six cut roses: h.c., R. Meredith, Cwmpark. Three cut roses 1, E. Cook, Treorky; h.c., R. Mererdith, Cwmpark. Stocks 1, W. Yokes, Cwmdare; 2, A. S. Tallis, Cwmpark. Asters: 1, T. Jones, Cwmdare; 2, E Cook, Treorky. Carnations, E. Cook. Dahlias, D. Williams, Cwmpark. Pansies: 1, E. Cook; 2, T. Jones, Cwmdare. Marigolds, Miss G. Evans, Treorky; 2, Mrs Jones, Cwmpark. Mignonette: 1, E. Cook; 2, T. Jones, Cwmdare. Single geranium, Mrs Jones, Cwmpark. Fuchsia in bloom: 1, W. Evans, Gelli; 2, E. Jones, Cwmpark. Two bal- sams: 1, T. Jones, Cwmdare; 2, E. Cook, Tre- orky. Best collection of window plants: 1, R. Harris, Treorky; 2, Mrs Jones, Cwmpark, Petu- nias 1, G. Price, Cwmpark; 2, V. Price, Cwm- park. Best Begonia 1, John Evans, Cwmpark; 2, James Evans, Cwmpark. Best foliage plant, Miss G. Evans, Treorky. VEGETABLES. LOCAL CLASS. Round potatoes: 1, A. Thomas, Treorky; 2, E. Cook, Treorky; 3, D. Williams, Cwmpark. Kidney Potatoes:- 1, E. Cook; 2, E. Meredith, Cwmpark; 3, Evans, Cwmdare. Marrows, E. Cook. Parsnips: 1, A. Thomas, Treorky; 2, E. Cook. Dish of peas: 1, E. Cook; 2, J. Chis- lett, Cwmpark; 3, E. Meredith, Cwmpark. Leeks: 1, E. Cook; 2, O. Jones, Cwmpark; 3, J. Evans, Cwmdare. Winter onions, H. Jones, Cwmpark. Spring onions: 2, E. Meredith, Cwm- dare. Turnips: 1, J. Evans, Cwmdare; 2, J. Chislett, Cwmpark. Lettuce: 1, E. Cook; 2, W. Vokes, Cwmdare. Cabbage lettuce: 1, J. Evans, Cwmdare; 2. J. Davies, Ystradfechan farm. Cauliflowers: 1, E. Cook; 2, A. S. Tanis, Cwmdare. Celery: 1, E. Cook. -2, J- Evans, Cwmdare. Long carrots: 1, A. Thomas, Treor- ky; 2, E. Cook; 3, J. Evans. Shorthorn car- rots: 1, E. Cook; 2, F. Dawson, Treorky; 3, J. Breeze, Cwmdare. Red cabbage: J. Evans, Cwmdare. White cabbage: 1, J. Watkins, Cwm- dare; 2, E. Humphreys, Cwmdare; 3, J. Evans, Cwmdare. Dwarf kidney beans: 1, D. Owens, Cwmpark; 2, D. Davies, Treorky. Scarlet run- ner beans: 1, E. Cook; 2, A. Thomas, Treorky. Broad beans: 1, H. Jones, Cwmpark; 2, Cook; 3, Rchards, Cwmpark. Gooseberries: 1, B. Ed- wards, Cwmdare; 2, E. Mereditn Cwmdare. Red currants: 1, E. Cook; 2, J. Evans, Cwm- dare. Black currants: 1, E. Cook; 2, E. Mere- dith, Cwmpark. Cooking apples: 1, S. Mere- dith, Cwmpark; 2, E. Meredith. Cwmpark. Shallots: 1, A. Thomas, Treorky; 2, E. Hum- phreys, Cwmdare. Cucumbers: 1, E. Cook; 2, J. Breeze, Cwmpark; 3, H. Jones, Cwmpark. Turnip radishes: 1, E. Cook; 2, W. Vokes, Cwmpark. Best bunch of parsley: 1, E. Cook; 2, E. Meredith, Cwmpark. Rhubarb: 1, J. Evans, Cwmdare; 2, S. Jones, Cwmdare; h.c., H. Jones, Cwmpark, and E. Cook. Beet: 1, E. Cook; 2. Richard Jones, Cwmdare; 3, W. Vokes, Cwmpark. Salad, E. Cook. Collection of vegetables E. Cook. Col- lection of potatoes: 1, E. Cook; 2, A. Thomas, Treorky; 3, J. Evans, Cwmpark. OPEN CLASS. Best collection of fruit: R. Morris, Ystrad. Best collection of garden produce: W. Cook, Treorky. Collection of potatoes: 1, W. Cook; 2 G. Bolderson, Ynysybwl; 3, E. Humphreys, Ferndale. Broad beans: 1, G. Hearse, Ynysy- bwl; 2, W. Cook, Treorky. Collection of vege- tables: 1, W. Quick, Ferndale; 2, S. Millard, Treherbert. Scarlet runnner beans: 1, G. Hearse, Ynysybwl; 2, G. Bolderson, Ynysybwl. Dwarf kidney beans: 1, G. Hearse, Ynysybwl; 2, R. Morris, Ystrad. Beet: 1, E. Humphreys, Ferndale; 2, W. Quick. Ffemdale. White cabbage: W. Price, Brynbedw, Treorky; 2, Quick, Ferndale. Red cabbage: R. Morris, Ystrad. Shorthorn carrot: 1, Cook; 2, J. Bry- ant, Merthyr. Long carrots: 1, Cook; 2, W. Vokes, Cwmpark. Cauliflowers, Cook. Celery, 1, G. Hearse, Ynysybwl; 2, W. Quick, Ferndale. Cucumbers: 1, Bolderson, Ynysybwl; 2, E. Humphreys, Ferndale. Lettuce: 1, Bolderson; 2, Quick. Spring onions: 1, Hearse; 2, Bolderson. Winter onions: 1, W. Potter, Cardiff; 2, Humphreys, Ferndale. Peas: 1, Cook: 2. H. Jones. Treherbert. Kidney pota- toes: 1, Bolderson; 2, Cook; 3, Humphreys. Round potatoes: 1, Hearse; 2, Cook; 3, Hum- phreys. Round potatoes 1, Hearse; 2, Bolder- son;" 3, Cook. Parsnips: 1, Cook; 2, W. Price, Brynbedw, Treorky. Turnips: 1, J. Evans: 2, R. Castle, Pontypridd. Leeks: 1, Humphreys; 2, Quick. Rhubarb: 1, H. Jones, Cwmpark; 2, R Morris. Ystrad. Shallots: 1, J. Curtis, Tre- orky; 2, H. Jones, Treherbert. Tomatoes: 1, W. Potter, Cardiff; 2, G. Hearse, Ynysybwl. Vegetable marrows: 1, Hearse; 2, Cook. POULTRY. Cochin, Brahma, or Dorking cock or cockerel: 1, T. Howells, Cwmpark; 2, P. G. Tanner, Tre- orky; 3, E. Davies, Cwmpark. Cochin, Brahma or Dorking, hen or pullet: 1. T. Howells; 2, P. G. Tanner. Langshan or Orpengton cock or cockerel: 1, J. James, Treorky; 2, P. J.■ ian- ner. Langshan or Orpington hen or P""et. l, D. Emanuel, Cwmdare; 2, J. Tr^ky. Plymouth rocks and Houdans, cock or cockerel W. Vokes, Cwmpark. PJym^utn Rocks ^ind TTrmdans hen or pullet: 1, 1.x. jenKins, ren celli Hotel, Treorky; 2 .Sidney Condy, Pentre; 3 W Vokes, Cwfflpark. Wyandotte, any varie- tur, cock or cockerel: 1, D. Davies, Cwmpark; 2" Humphreys and Simon, Cwmpark: 5, D. Mor- gans, Treorky. Wyandotte, hen or pullet: 1, and 2, Humphreys and Simon Cwmpark. Black Minorcas, cock or cockerel: A Thomas Treor- ky. Black Minorca, hen or pullet: A. Thomas, Treorky. Brown leghorns, cock or cockerel; 2, S. Thomas, Cwmpark. Brown leghorns, hen or pullet: 1, and 2, E. Roberts, Cwmpark. Leg- horn ,any variety: Humphreys and Simon. Leg horn,' any variety, hen or pullet: 1, 2, and 3, and special: Humphreys and Simon, Cwmpark. Game, any variety, cock or cockerel: 1. and special: J. George, Treorky; 2, E. Evans, Tre- orky; 3, B. Batertone, Cwmpark; extra prize, T Oliver. Treorky. Game. any variety, hen 01 pullet: 1, J. George, Treorky; 2, E. Evans. Tre- orky 3, T. Rees, Cwmpark. Bantams, any variety, cock or cockerel: 1, R. Rees, Cwm- park; 2, T. Davies, Treorky; 3, D. Lewis, Cwm- park. Bantams, hen or pullet: 1. R. Rees,Cwm- park: 2, D. Lewis. Cwmpark: 3, S. Maclean, Cwmpark, 1897 bird, any variety—cockerel, 1, D. Jones, Treorkv; 2, Humphreys and Simon, Cwmpark; 3, A. Thomas, Treorky. Pullet, 1891 bird: 1, S. Candy, Pentre; 2, D. Davies, Treorky; 3, W. Evans, Pentre. Geese, any variety: 1 and special, T.ees, Cwmpark; 2, and 3, William Morris, Cwmpark. Ducks, any variety: i and special: Humphreys and Simon; 2 and 3, William Crockett, Treorky. PIGEONS. Working homers, cock or hen: 1. and special, H James, Treorky; 2, and special, ü. Jones, Treorky; 3, <1. Evans, Treorky; extra special, T. Pugh, Cwmpark. Tumbler, any variety, cock or hen: 1, 2, and special, Wiiliam Jones, Tre- orky; 3, H. Jones, Cwmpark. Canaries, any variety, cock: 1, and 2, D. Richards, Pentre; 3, E. Humphreys, Cwmpark. Canaries, any variety, hen T. Evans, Cwmpark, 3. Foreign birds, any variety: 1, 2, and special: Hugb Evans, Ystradfechan farm, Treorky. Best- pair of fowls: J. Breeze, Cwmpark.

Porth Science and Art Classes.


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