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IVjustard and Cress.\


IVjustard and Cress. The Liandaff Regiment Church Lads' Brigade re this week holding their first cam; at vwanl>ridge, near Sully. Amongst the com- panies taking part are those established at Pontypridd, Ystrad, and Forth. A correspondent of Tit-Bits" says that Hruffydd Morgan, or Guto Nyth Bran, as he was known by his neighbours, ran twelve miles in fifty-three minutes, and the fact is mentioned on his tombstone. Be died at the age of thirty- seven. It will be remembered that GrufTydd lived at Cwm-George, Hafod, and was buried at Llanwonno Churchyard. The twelve rniks course was from Pontypridd to Cardiff, and, as stated by "Tit Bits" the performance is mentioned on his tombstone. What connection exists between prescriptions and poetry ? We give it up, but are glad to find that Dr James Lloyd, M. H.C.M., has solved the problem. The esteemed doctor recently sent in an ode for a chair competition, and his work was considered second best out of a batch of sixteen. The Rev Tawelfryn Thomas, the poet-preacher I of G rceswen, recently received a cheque of JE20 in aid of the fund of his chapel. The donor was Mr T. L. Neville, Kingston, Pa., America, a decendar.t of the famous American soldier, General Green. The Pontypridd Choral Society, of which the eonductor is the well-known musician, Mr William Morgan, A.C., purpose giving a concett, an September 2nd. In addition to the galaxy of talent engaged, strong interest attaches to the choir's rendering of the test-piece of the chief choral competition at the forthcoming Treorky tt" steddfod. y The Misses Gladys Llewellyn and Mary Lewis, Pontypridd, between whom was divided the pianoforte solo prize at Llantwit Major Eisteddfod, are both pupils of that gifted musician, Miss Lily Richards, L.C.M. Oa Monday afternoon, the members and officials of the Mountain Ash District Council, together with a number of Press representatives, were photographed by Mr Powell, artist, Aber- cynon. The "Free Press" looms large in the interesting group. A movement is on foot at Porth to form a minstrel party. We should like to remind its promoters that Porth is not a seaside resort, and its visitors are few. "Kitchen Garden" writes: "An inhabitant of Cemetery road, Trealaw, whilst superintend- ing the raising of some potatoes by his servant girl one Sunday morning, exclaimed excitedly that someone had stolen a whole row of potatoes. Up to the time of writing no clue as to the thieves has been found, although one of our boys in blue' has been seen in close con- sultation with the family. It is feared the skill of a Sherlock Holmes will be required." I hear on good authority that the Hooligan Band has been presented with a new set of instruments, so we may now look out for some- thing harmonious. They have the Missing Link have they got the Missing Potatoes ? "The Hooligan Band?-Why doa't you know who these gossips are ?" were the remarks overheard by a correspondent on Monday evening. They seem to mind everyone's business but their own, are well acquainted with the pedigree of every pup in the district, and would have us believe that they are,—goodness knows what! Retired fraternity? Yes, they always retire, and sharply, too, before a formidable opponent. I would advise them to leave the parsons alone." We are extremely pleased to find that Mr J. Dulais Lewis, Boot Exchange, Blaenclydach, secured the most important prize given for solo singing at the Pontnaathvaughan Eisteddfod, held on Bank Holiday. He was highly compli- mented by the adjudicators and by Madam Kate Morgaa Llewellyn who prophesied for him a brilliant future. Our old friend Mr T. Merley Williams, Porth, writes :-In your last issue you mentioned the v name of Miss F. Edwards as the winner of the contralto prise at Llantwit Major. It ought to be Miss Lillie M. Edwards (daughter of Mr Mansel Edwards, Porth.) Kindly rectify in next isaue. With regard to the band competition, the marks obtained by Whiteland Band were 75, and by Cymmer 54, out of a possible 100. A man who was roaring with toothache met a friend on Geliiwastad road, Pontypridd. 11 Dear me," said the friend, when he found what was the trouble, I had an awful attack myself yesterday, so I went home to my lodgings, my wife pitied me, kissed me, and made so much of me that the toothache went." "Is your wife home now, do you think ? asked the maa in agony. No answer. The "peripatetic piil-box, whereof the Pontypridd shop assistants are so inordinately proud, is still bashfully hiding from the public gaze. Whether it has fulfilled its mission and has induced all local customers to "Do your shopping before 7.30 we know not, but, like a certain Scotchwoman, we "ha'e oor doots." The only possible solution to our mind is that the sprightly young thing's morals have been ¡ corrupted by association with the nasty, wicked old steam roller, and that it has developed into a confirmed truant. It is said that the small boy whose proud duty it was to do the pushing has entered a claim for loss of emolument, and we are really afraid there's trouble ahead, unless the peripatetic one comes back soon to its fond and forgiving owners. A member of the N.S A.U. has given notice that at the next meeting he will ask a question as to tho last known whereabouts of the frightener of late shoppers. An 1 he isn't going to be put off, either, with a reply that the dear little thing is laid up, suffering from a swelled head after appearing in the great Diamond Jubilee procession. The friends of the Tonypandy Male Voice Party will be pleased to learn that the party is increasing. It has already made a name for itself, having competed in several eisteddfodau. It is true, they have not as yet scored highly, but the boys can comfort themselves with the fact that they have never been disgracec, and have always held a very favourable position in the adjudications. On Bank Holiday, they acquitted themselves splendidly, and received the adjudication in a spirit which augurs well for the future of the party. The boys m!!st remember that Rome was not built in a day and as a proof of this they may look to our champions, Mr Tom Stephens and Mr William Thomas, who worked for years before they did anything of note. It would be well for the Mid-Rhondda populace to cling heartily to, and ably support so sturdy a set of young men in their labour for the honour of the district. Mr Leek is to be congratulated for his exceptional persistency of effort, and we sincerely hope that he may live many years to lead his Noble band cf boys" into the eisteddfod arena and march them home triumphant with the laurels due to success. A certain young gentleman of exceptional qualities (?) hailing from the ever popular district of Cemetery road, Trealaw, practices courtship a-la-mode. The cautious manner in which he manages to approach his "adored is worthy of note. Would you believe it ? he actually tipped the servant to the extent of half-a-crown to get a sight of his lady love. The Tonypandy Eisteddfod Committee are to the fore in seeking the long-hoped-for justice to competing choirs at the eisteddfodau. We understand that a movement is on foot to give the same justice to choral singing as is given to the brass band contests,, viz., screening the adjudicators from the choirs. This is a step in the right direction, and it is to be hoped that all eisteddfod committees will follow the example set them by Tonypandy. What is the true inwardness of this opposition to the Pwllgwaun Bridge ? It is a singular caincidence that the no-bridge pople are also on the no-park side. Pontypridd is suffering to-day from the dominance in the past of the exponents of the as-it-w, as-in-tlie-beginuing policy. Dr. Hunter, J.P., Pontypridd, has a great dE-al to answer for. Since he wrole his interest- ing little brochure on Porthcawl as a health resort, that pretty, though sadly-behincl-the- times, town has become increasingly popular year by year. One result of this is that visitors arriving late in the suwmer find the place crowded out, and, of course, many cuss words are uttered in consequ-nce. Equally of course the genial doctor must ba regarded as responsible for said "cussea." IA3t Friday morn- ing two ilontypriddians journeyed to Porthcawl for a short visit, and so crowded was the place that they searched until "dewy eve" ere they unearthed a place whereon to lay their weary heads. They were about to give up the task, and were thinking of crawling under a stranded boat for the night, when they discovered a bijou villa," which being interpreted meaneth a four roomed house with a yard-and-a-half frontage and a three feet depth. The bedroom set apart for visitors was made to zaccornmodate four of Pontypridd's biggest men, though it was too email to swing a cat in; But what mattered it f Any feelings of resentment at the stuffiness of the rw)m.were quick 'Jip»,elled by tha charms of the moraing cl-p in the briny, and the lovely W-tiks with I wlJioh rortbcawl bo It is to be hoperl that the younpr people of our town are following up the District Council's discussions on the question of providing a public park for Pontypridd. The report in another column reveals one very significant fact—that those who are opposing the beautify- ing of the Common, and are talking so much about the superiority of Ynysyngharad fields, are the people who prefer having no park at all. This is a fact that should he borne in mind by all who take an intelligent interest in the welfare of the town and parish. The musicians of the town and district are invited to attend an important conforence in- tended to be held at Ciombes' Restaurant on the evening (f August 16Mi. The chief matter for consideration will be the adjudication system now in vogue at our National Eistedd- fodau. Many other subjects relating to eistedd- fodic competitions will be discussed. Amongst the successful exhibitors at Cardiff Flower Show on Wednesday were Mr Alfred Thomas, M.P. Mr R. Castle, Pontypridd, who did so well at Cwmpark last week and Mr H. Hale, Mountain Ash. At last the long-looked-for abstract of the 11 Pontypridd Board of Guardians has made its appearance, and fearful that the copies might never again be seen, many of the members made a raid upon them, and pocketed any number up to a dozen. One copy was not sufficient, nor even two. Whether th"e surplus copies will be used for packing up snuff, tobacco, [ or pepper, we know not. [ One metrber, when he saw a representative of the Press put out his hand to take one, swooped down and collared the lot-not to save them for the absent members, but to take home with him. Another guardian, after the meeting was over, said the members of the Press had no business to have a copy of the abstract. Asked what were the Guardians doing with half-a-dozen or more copies, he replied, "They want them to distribute in their parish." So it amounts to this, that the reporters, who represent thousands of ratepayers, are not to have an abstract, but the Guardians them- selves can take them away to distribute to whom they like. The Town rings with the news that FRANK THOMAS ("My Hatter,") sells the best 3/9 Hat. 2838 PHOTOGRAPH STANDS.—New patterns just ar- rived. Artistic and inexpensive.-FoRREST AND SoNS, Cambrian Studio. 2871 The chief characteristics of G. F. HACKER'S Photo- graphs are Fidelity and Artistic Finish. Samples may be seen at his Studio-12 and 13, The Arcade, Pontypridd. 3290t For freshest of tinned goods and richest of jam. Go to T. Harris for primest of hams, Central Stora, Taff street. 1349

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