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17 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



THE RESOLUTION RE MARRIED TEACHERS. Declared Invalid by the Clerk. The monthly meeting of the Rhondda School Board was held at the Council Offices, Pentre, on Monday, Mr T. Bevan (chairman) presiding. There were also present: Rev W. Lewis, Rev W. Charles, Rev T. Williams, Miss A. Jones, Messrs W. W. Hood, John Davies, Daniel Thomas, Henry Abraham, W. Jenkins, J.P., D. R. Jones, David Williams, with the clerk, Mr W. G Howell, and the deputy-clerk, Mr T. G. Jones. HEAD-MISTRESS'S RESIGNATION. The resignation of Mrs Jones, head-mistress of the Pontrhondda Infants' School, was received and accepted, and it was decided to advertise the vacancy. GEOGRAPHY. A letter was received from Mrs John, head- mistress of the Trealaw School, with reference to a circular issued some time ago, and asking for a slight modification of the circular. It appeared that every school was instructed to take up one or more specific subject, but the teachers felt that it would better to take up geography in place of it. Mr Daniel Thomas thought the request was a very reasonable one, and it would be an advan- tage to the scholars to learn geography, He, therefore, proposed that the modification asked for be made.—This was agreed to. MORE RESIGNATIONS. The resignation of the following were received and accepted —Miss A. Davies, head-mistress of the Maerdy Girls' School; Miss Myfanwy Jones, assistant, Ferndale schools; and Miss S. Hughes, assistant, Llwynypia. It was decided to advertise the vacancies. THE MARRIED TEACHERS QUESTION. The Rev W. Lewis said that it was only fair in advertising these positions to let the appli- cants know of the recent resolution passed, by which married female teachers are compelled to resign their positions. The Clerk You can't act upon that resolution. Rev W. Lewis: Why not. The Clerk: Because it was not properly passed. Rev W. Lewis: Should not the Board know it. The Clerk I did mention it, sir. Rev W. Lewis: What is there illegal ? The Chairman: You had better not discuss it now. Rev W. Lewis: I don't want to discuss it now, some other time will do. Some little time later, the Rev W. Lewis again asked "Then you won't act upon that resolution I referred to?" The Cleric: No, sir, I can't. Mr W. Lewis: Then our action was not valid ? The Clerk: No, sir, it was not-; at any rate, at that meeting. Rev W. Lewis: But I thought this would come into force at the end of 1898 ? The Clerk: I can give the reason if you like. The Chairman: I don't think it will be wise to discuss the matter now. The discussion then terminated. TRAINING COLLEGES. A communication was received from the Lon- don School Board enclosing a memorial with regard to the lack of accommodation at training colleges, and asking the Board to send a similar memorial to the Education Department.—On the proposition of the Rev W. Charles it was decided to do so.

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