Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

21 erthygl ar y dudalen hon

, Niustard and Cress.


Niustard and Cress. 6. Our County Lunatics cost 8s 5d per week at Bridgend. The Welsh Baptist Singing Festival in. con- nection with the upper part of the Rhondda was to have been held on Monday, but has been postponed to October 3rd. Mr Gale -.vill be the trainer at the Higher Grade Schools, while Mr Harterre will take on th. work a c the Llwynypia Centre ,and the new Centre, which will be established at Porth. Mardy, with Cwmpark, is one of the few vil- lages lit up by electric light. We find that the police station is not always dark, for last quar- ter the County paid £ 3 10s for its illumination. We henr that some of the energetic young men of Semghenvdd intend starting an opera company ir. that enterprising little town. Messrs But we'd better not let the cat out of the bag yet, eh? We extremely regret that our Porth and dis- tsict reporter, Mr T. R. Evans, is laid up on a bed of sidkness. During his indisposition all reports from that district should be sent direct to this office. The Royal Rhondda Glee Society has pro- raised to render their services on Tuesday even- ing next at the meeting of Major Jones's at Jerusalem, Ton, under the able conductorship ot Mr Tom Stephens. The compensation paid to damaged property owners at Merthyr in May last and charged under the Pit, (Damages) Act (1886), amounts t ) £ 56 2s 4d. Out of this money two plate-glass Insurance Companies come in for P,10 each. Mr J. S. fiarterre. the newly-appointed Manual Training Teacher under the Ystradyfod wi School Board, will commence duties upon the completion of the ierndale Higher Grade Building. the whole teaching has been divided. A Doctor's fee for attending a prisoner is 10s, while a wounded person runs up another half-a- crown. Doubtless there mayae another reason for the scale. It cost the County, however, R.3 17s to mend a constable, and it took from July 24th to August 31st to do it. Pontypridd Police Station looks nioe and trim. It has been recently painted. The same may be said of Tonypandy station, as it has undergone the same renovating process. Pontypridd cost the county in paint and daubing £13 7s 4d, and th* Mid-Rhondda something over £ 10. At the Llanwonno sheep dog trials last Mon- day one of the dogs seemingly missed the sheep which he was specially directed to bring in, but passing up the mountain in the direction of Cwm amsn returned in charge of 20 or 30 stray sheep. which he proceeded to pen im a most ingenious raanaer. An equally amusing incident occurred at last year's meeting, when a dog commissioned to fetch a number of sheep from the open mountain accidentally started a hate, the pursuit of which he fouad so attractive that the sheep were left to take care of themselves! A new cupboard at Femdale Police Station made June 22nd of this year cost JM 17s 5d. That shows a near thing, and shows how nice even aontractors are able to tender. One would think that had it even been sixpence it would Hot be amiss. No, but exactness to the penny is the real thing. At the last Finance Committee of the County, the Technical Instruction Committee certified expenditure to the amount of £ 6,289 17s 2d in- clusive of grants of £2,752 to County Schools, fo- extensions and improvements. Some good work ought to be expected, but we fear that it is not always spent in the right way. A shipwrecked Irish sailor was narrating how he and his companions had floated about at sea for twenty days in an open boat. "And what did you do for food, Pat, when the provisions gave out?" asked a bystander. "Shure an we dined on cri- of our officers. 'Twas the finst mate we'd had in a fortnight," was the reply. On Tuesday evening next, Major Jones, Lon- don, is expected to deliver his address before the Cymmrodorion Society at Jerusalem Chapel, Ton, and the Wednesday following he will de- liver another address at Hebron Chapel en the Chinese question. Whenever the Major pute in his appearance in the Rhondda there is always a crowded house expected to hear the gallant Major. Mr David Williams, the promising young com- poser of Treforest, is to be congratulated for the excellent- manner in which he conducted his pret- ty chorus at the recent Temperance festival held all Calvary Baptist Chapel. Mr WiUiams has won several prizes for music compositions, and holds 17 certificates of the Tonic Solfa College. He is now studying for the eighteenth, the A.C. We heartily wish Mr Williams every suc- cess. We understand CLat the Rev E. Talfryn Jones, Llwynypia, will visit America next year. It is not surprising to find that invitations are press- ing from that country, since Mr Jones' name and fame its a preacher are no longer a secret. The fact that he was the selected Baptist preacher on St. David's Day last of the London Welsh Nonconformists at the City Temple amply proves that L" has won for himself a distin- guished position in the Welsh pulpit. Out of the Hunt.—Huntsman (who has missed his party, to Intelligent Rustic): "Hi! Have you seen the hounds pass this way?" Intelligent Rustic: ,.y, zur." Huntsman: "Which way did they take?" Intelligent Rustic: "Right 'cross 't corani'n, doon Pigstick-n lane, close be Farm'r Mugg's barn, thro' Five-acre Field, an" --Huntsman: "Yes—yes. How long ago?" Intelligent Rustic "Well, 'bout a week ago zur!" (And rapid exit of Intelligent Rustic). Mr Henry Lewis, the presiding magistrate at the Caerphilly adjourned licensing sessions on Tuesday, unconsciously was the author of a pretty little Irishism. An applicant for the re- newal of a licence was not present when his name was called, and when he appeared later said he was sorry he "could not come in time. Mr Lewis replied, in a stentorian tone: When you are told to come, you have to come whether you come or not. Needless to say this bull elicited roars of laughter from all present in m. You can see with half an eye" that FRANK THomAs:(" My Hatter.") sells the best 3/9 Hat. The chief characteristics of G. F. HACKKR'H Photo- graphs are Fidelity and Artistic Finish. Samples may be seen at his 5tndio-12 and 13. The Arcade, Pontypri,id.: 4219 ANY Phonograph Anlargpd an(i finished in Black and White, Cr tyon, or Oil by Taos. FOBRFST & PONS, Cam''rim SturH", Pontypridd. —i




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