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ontMMKw SUKWMS I%A The I ibeat !AK)HCg t ?? ? ?S ![aSlt??"?? Public Notices. REGtSTERBD????? TRADE MARK DIWYDRWYDD Y CYMRY." ??? ?? PARRY AND ROCKE, WELSH WOOL MANUFACTURERS, SWANSEA. Manufacturers of Guaranteed Welsh Hosiery Flannels, and Knitting Yarns. All our goods are labelled with our registered trade mark for protection of users. Should there be any difnculty in obtaining our manufactures, please drop us a postcard, and we will at once send you address of nearest draper or dealer. Support your home industries. Wholesale only. To bo had of retailers in every town in Wales. 4321 pEIDIWCH DARLLEN HWN 1 I QWMNI CENEDLAETHOL CYMREIG Y 1T\ANEDD G OSOD, 32, HEOL TAP, PONTYPRIDD. (Cyferbyn a Gwestdy Tredegar). 117,nir danedd trwy o.f!er.llnoliaeth Y Gadair Drydanol ryfeddol. Danedd, y SET yn LIawn, o Un 6ini. Gwarantiad am bum mtyned. Y $Ka'H<y goreu am y pris iselat sydd bcsibl. Ymdriniaeth Hwyddianus a danedd gwywedig. Pob gofal yn c&el ei gymeryd i weled fod mt a gorpheniad priodot yn cael y rhoddi. Ymgynhoriad yn rhad. Dalier sylw i'r gyfeiriadau :— PONTYPRIDD Bob dydd o 9 y boreu hyd 8 yr kwyr, a'r 8u!, 9 hyd 12 y boreu—32, Heol Taf (cyferbyn a Gwestdy Tredegar). FERNDALE Mrs Parry, yr un YstafeUoedd a'r London a Midland Bank. High street; y Llun, o 2 hyd 5.30 y prydnawn. MAERDY: 38, Maerdy road, Maerdy; bob dydd Llun o 11 hyd 12 y boreu. 4247 ESTABLISHED IN 18M. FOR THE PROTECTION OF TRADE. S T U "B JB S' MERCANTILE OFFICES (STUBBS' LM.). 4:2, GRESHAM ST., LONDON, E.C. SabtCfibert, by obtaining timely information, through THE STATUS ENQUIRY DEPARTMENT, MAY AVOID MAKING BAD DEBTS. NVKRY TRADER SHOULD RKAD STUBBS' WEEKLY GAZETTE, With which is issued a Supplement, containing LISTS OF CREDITORS PNDBR ALL THE IMPORTANT fAIMTRBS. THE COMMERCIAL REGISTERS CONTAIN MORN THAN <S* NINE MILLION ENTRIES. DEBTS RECOVERED PROMPTLY AND REMITTED TO 8PBaCRIBRR9 On TUESDAY and FRIDAY in each Week. BRANCHES at SWANSEA. CARDIFF, Aber- deen. Birmingham, Blackburn, Bradford. Brighton, BfiBtol, Belfast, Cork. Croydon, Dublin, Dundee, Edinburgh. Exeter, Glasgow, HuiJ, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, London (West End), Manchester. Newoaette. Norwich. Nottingham, Ply- mouth, Portsmouth, Sheffield, Southampton. Sun- derland. SuB OmeES.—Cambridge, Derby, DnmMee, Gtoucester, Greenock, Grimsby, HaUfax, Hanley, Huddersfield. Inverness, Ipswich, Limerick, London- derry. Middteaboro', Newport (Mon.), North&mpton, Oxford, Perth. Preeton, Reading, Stockton-on-Teea, Torquay, WaisaH, Waterford, Woiverhampton, Worcester, York. TERMS.—JBl Is. JB2 2a jE3 3s, JM Ss. according to requirements. PROSPECTUS forwarded on application to any of the above Offices 3077 For j HORTON'S Ori?iBat) For Females only. BENEDICT PILLS, j Femalea only. rr?HOUSANDS of Testimonies have been received JL from alt parta. Females of aU ages should take them, as they at once remove <tll obstructions, no matter how obstinate, or from whatever cause arising. In boxes, 71d., 13id., an<i 2s. 9d.; sent post free, under cover, Id. extra, direct by the Proprietor. G. D. HORTON, Chemist (from the Birmingham Lying- in Hospital). Aston Road North, Aaton, Birmingham; or from my Agent, Mr 0. Davies, Chemist, Mili Street, Pontypridd and District. Cannot be had from other chemists. N.B. — None genuine un!eM bearing &. D. HORTON "in red tetters Mross each tabet. Letters answered free.. 3684 CAERPHILLY AND DISTRICT BILL- POSTING. DEST Hoarding in the district. Contracts JD made with iny town in the United King- dom. Circulars distributed promptly and care- fully. For terms, &c., apply to H. ENOCH, CASTLE-SQUARE, rAERPHILLY. 2496