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Cwmpark Brass Band. To the Editor. 1 Sir,—In accordance with your usual courtesy I am sure you will not deny me a small space of your valuable paper to call attention to the adverse circumstances the above band have to contend with. They have been sadly neg- lected in the past, and I think the time has come when the near public should stir and do something to ameliorate their position. For, after all, though the band is composed of but a few workmen, the whole locality should feel a deep interest in their progress, and in their gain or loss, the immediate locality should have equal claim. This it is that prompts me to lead in this matter, and call upon our neigh- bours to do that which lies in their power to further their progress. The marked improve- ment in the playing of this band since Mr J. D. Treharne has undertaken to conduct them cannot have passed unnoticed, and when we consider that this has been accomplished under one extreme disadvantage, it 'seems a great pity that the obstacle should not be removed, and that a straight and undeviating path should be laid before them, so that they might progress as best they can with fair opportuni- ties. It may not be known to every one here the difficulty Mr Treharne experiences in at- tending his work regularly at Clydach Yale, aici visiting Cwmpark three times a week in order to instruct this rising band. Needless to say, this involves a deal of inconvenience to him and the band, he having to depart early in the evenings in order to be up early in the norning to cross the mountain to Clydach Vale to attend his work. Now, is it too much to expect that Mr Treharne could be given work nearer to Cwmpark, thus facilitating his connection with the band? It is felt that this difficulty could be easily got over if the matter were only taken up oy the right persons. Sure- ly, a brass band should have some claim upor. the leading persons in the locality, whose posi- tion and power can always improve the cir- cumstances of a striving band endeavouring to 11 go on in this line. New instruments will soon be in their possession, and it would be a pity if this difficulty should remain long, thus hin- dering to a great extent the progress that Z" could otherwise be obtained by them. Let there be more active interest taken in the fu- ture to endeavour to remedy this defeef,I am, etc., > INTERESTED. I


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