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Ciltynydd. A grand bazaar was held in the B ard Schools, Cilfynydd, on Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday, in connection with the Moriah Weisli Congrega- tional Church. The stalls and schoolroom were very prettily decorated by lady members of the church assisted by Messrs T. B. Evans, Bristol House, and Evan Evans, Cambrian House. The opening ceremony was performed on Saturday by Miss Spickett, Bronwydd, Pontypridd; on Monday by Mrs Jones, Albion Villa, Cilfynydd cu Tuesday by Councillor W. R. Davies, Pont- ypridd. The stalls were provided over by the following ladiesNo. 1 stall (drapery and fancy goods) Mrs Williams, School House.; Mrs Evans, Bristol House Mrs Davies, Tea Caddy Mrs Davies, Marj Street Mrs Isaac, Mrs Davi(is, Ann Street; Miss Gronow, Miss Williams and Miss M. A. Davies. No. 2 stall (drapery and fancy ggods), Mrs Williams, Moriah House Mrs George, Mary Street; Mrs Evans, Tea. Stori-s Mrs Jonec, Richard Street; Miss Davies, Carmarthen House, Pontypridd: Miss Williams, Berw Road, Pontypridd and Miss Sarah Davies, Howell Street. No. 3 stall (drapery and fancy goods), Mrs Thomas, Em- porium Mrs Evans, Cambrian House; Mrs Coristopher, Mrs Thomas, Ystwyth House; Miss Jones, Albion Villa Miss Blanche Llewelyn Miss Laura Thomas, and Miss Winnie Thomas. Flower stall—Mrs Roberts, Mrs Evans, Richard Street; Mrs Jones, Richard Street; Mrs James, Howell Street; Miss M. Thomas, Ann Street; and Miss Lizzie Jones, Workmen's Hall. Fruit and sweet stall—Mrs Evans, Ann Street; Mrs Williams, Howell Street; Mrs Williams, Ann and sweet stall-Mrs Evans, Ann Street; Mrs Williams, Howell Street; Mrs Williams, Ann Street Mrs Mathews, Ann Street Miss Gwen Llewelyn, Miss Emma Gronow, Miss Hodges, and Miss Nellie Williams. Refreshment stall- Mrs Phillips, William Street; Mrs 'Harris William Street; Mrs Harris, Ann Strep Mrs Williams, Wood Street: Mrs Roberts, Richard Street; Mrs Williams, William Street; and Mrs Jones, Jones Street. Provision stall—Miss Maggie Brown and Maggie Evans. The bazaar was a thorough success and a handsome sum of money was realised.


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