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Fmndly Society Dinner at Porth. Oia Saturday evening last, the members, numbering about 100, of the Bristol and West o1: England Society, held their annual dinner a the New York Hotel, Porth, The company s tt down to a capital spread prepared by the Hostess, Mrs Davies, after which a meeting was held. the principal speakers being Mr John Fox, Mr Herbert Maddy, the chairman, M- John Edwards^and Mr Collins. Mr Fox, who is the gencrai secretary of the Society, came down from Bristol at the bidding of the Ivew York Branch, wivo, in the course of his address, said it was a pleasure, and it be- hoved him, to respond to their kind invitation. He would beg to call the attention of some of those present to the splendid facilities and well being of joining this society. He would net trespass upon the time of the audience, as he understood it wouid be given up to har- mony, and would only just quote a few figures t. shew the unparalleled strides the Bristol and West of England Society had made. In the year 1890, their total income from every branch was M,OlS, whilst in 1895 their re- venue came to £ 10,232, and latterly, in the yr-ar 1898, they had fairly eclipsed all by re- ceiving the sum of £ 19,873. These figures will shew that in the course of eight years the in- crease of the income was over four times. Tht society had been extremely considerate to all the members who were implicated in the re- cent unfortuiiate strike. T-lil had allowed each one four months' contribution; and more, had contributed handsomely for the mainten- ance of the wives and children. (Loud ap- plause), Out of all the persons on strike na ler- thain 6,000 belonged to this affiliated order. and the sum of zC3,513 was required to meet their claims as contribution. He pointed cut; an important item, which was essential to all concerned in the welfare of their society to consider, viz., the Old Age Pension. Mr Fox stated that opportunities were given to every member to provide against old age in the shape of paying a small sum equivalent to age to their central fund, and when the person roached a certain age he would be entitled to a pension. He complimented the Porth Lodge's officials for their economy, and sincerely hoped that their efforts in the future would be crowned with success. Speaking for othei districts.he stated thart one lodge in Mardyhas initiated 60 new members in one month, whilst the Mountain Ash Lodge had received 83, thus proving that the principles were for the pub- lic good,and that it was founded upon firm basis Then Mr Gwilym James sang "The Y-. ung Brigade," and Mr George Green "Fair Pretty Mary." Addresses were given by Mr James Bowdep, the secretary of the Lodge, and Mr Collier. Other songs followed, the evening terminating by smgmg the National Antliom. The evening was a most enoyable one.

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