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Pars on Passing Events.


Pars on Passing Events. The new Cunard Line turbine pteamer Lusitacia arrived at Liverpool on Tuesday morning for the purpose of entering ths Cunard graving dock. She is the biggesf vessel of any type in the world, having a register of ovr-r 33 000 tons, ler-gfh of 790^. brei,H;h of 88ft, a depth o: 60 t, and draught of 37ft. There are nine dpfk?', and accomm". dation ia piovidfd for 560 first-c-lzis3, 500 second cta.-s, and 1 400 third class passengers, besides a crew of 800. Ten thousand of Messrs Bais' Burton biewery employees, of ages ranging from fifteen to fifty, spent cne of the brightest, con- ceivable days at Blackpool on Friday. Although Blackpool is used to catering for crowds it is a long time since it accommo- dated such a host. The trippers began to arrive long before the usual breakfast hour. Ti e first train load was succeeded by sixteen other", rn i the detraining lafc'ed from 7 30 a.m. until well into the forenoon. Strenuors fffjrts arc being made to revive tr.;d(-, at Milford, and it is pleasing to le&rn 5. that the Pili Point ShipbuildiDg Works at Milford Haven, which has been idle for some year?, have been taken over by a Glamor- ganshire firm, and that working operations will shortly he commenced. The works belong to the Milfoid Haven Estate Co., and the negotiates for their lease have row bet-n concluded. The b-ase has in fact be< n signed —The revival of so important an industry will be good news for Milford Haven, where the fish trade has more than doubled during the past yfar, and where the population lias increased 100 per cent. since 1891 At the new works all kinds of ships can be con- structed and launched. OUGHT DEACONS BE TEETOTALLERS. A full-dress debate en this prickly topic is to take place at the August Association of the South Wales Calvanistic Methodists at Goginan, Aberystwyth. The Carmarthen- shire Monthly Meeting is of opinion that the time has come when the aaeociation should legislate on the question, so that henceforth the office of el ier or deacon in the denomina tion fchall be open only t) totaFabstaincrp. The views of all the other presbyteries in South Wales will be submitted at the Goginan conference.- Fi: st ot all make cer. tain that your ministers at e total abshdnerf". To enforce total abstinance is equivalent to filling the set-fawr with hypocrites. There is far too much hypocrisy practised already. The Birbop of St David's consecrated two acres of additional ground at St Daniel's Churchyard. The new ground will form an .-xtensi n of the old churchyard, of which all the available space has been occupied. A large number of Churchmen and Nonconfor- mists were present, and an able address was delivered by the Bishop, which was listened to with every attention A confession was made in the cells by the young man Austin, who is accused of the murder of Unity Annie Butler, aged thireen, of Windsor, and was repeated by the police at Friday's inquest on the little victim. The purport was that, beiog afraid the girl, whom be had outraged, would tell, he murdered her A verdict ot v-ilfulcnutdef was returned. Miss Sarah Jones, who is an iu-patient of the Royal Hospital or Incurables, Putney Heath, this week completed her fiftieth year as a hoppifal patient. She was admitted in July. 1857, suffering from paralysis. M ss Jones is now 72 years of age, and appears to be happy and contented. At Pembroke Dock Bankruptcy Court cn Friday, before the registrar (\ir S HOwen John Jones, of 100 Dew Street, Haverford- west, appeared for his public exuurnation. Debtor, who is 27 years of age, has traded since 1901 as a butcher and cattle d a'er. His statement of affairs showed gross l'a'iili- ties amounting to £1,147 58 6d, of which £1,023 98 6d ate expected to rank for divi- dend. There is a deficit of 9947 3d 7d.-Two of the causes of failure assigned by debtor were, Buying to dear and Loss upon contracts," In examination, debtor said that he had given more for animals than they were worth to get ci edit for. He also said that he had entered into contracts with butchers to supply them with English beet for the year at 6d per lb. He admitted that it was seldom that he could buy beasts at that rate. The Official Receiver characterised debtor's conduct as "reckless trading,'and the Registrar said that he was not surprised that debtor was in the bankruptcy court,-The examination was adjourned. The magnificent new North German Lloyd 9 liner Kaiser Wilbelm II., the pride of the Gei man passenger floet and holder of the Transatlantic Fpeed record, lies half-submer- ged in the Kaiser harbour of Bremerhaven, as the result of a mysterious accident, which caused the vessel to heel over on her side while coaling on Saturday night. Dr Parry, the chairman of Mr Lloyd George's election committee, and Mr Lloyd Carter, the parliamentary agent for the Con- servative Party, appeared on Saturday as candidates for a vacant county council seat. The contest was fought frankly on the educa- tion issue, Dr Parry endorsing Mr LIcYll George's revolt policy, and Mr Carter cham- pioning rate-aid for denominational schools. The seat, which was formerly held by a sup- porter of Mr Lloyd George's policy, was now won by a Conservative, Mr Carter securing a majority of thirty-eight votes over his opponent. No less than 9320 was found sewn up in an overcoat which Peter Ward, aged 76, an ex-police constable, of Kansal-road, West- bourne Park, was wearing when admitted on Friday to Paddingtou Workhouse It firmaiy, where he died a few hours later.. James Bariy, hailing from Bath, was found in a semi-conscious condition in a narrow thoroughfare, known as the 41 short cut," between Cilgerran and Cardigan. Barry had been looking for work, and was return- ing to Cardigan when he was knocked down 0 0 by a cart loaded with bay. Barry had pro- ceeded on his way but a short distance when, it is alleged, he was set upon by two men, one of whom belaboured him with a stick and the other with bis fist. He was picked up by a man going to Cardigan. The police have the matter in hand, but have made no arreots. William Evans, a. man of 80 years, a naval pensioner, and lately the master of a smack, residing at Llangwm, appeared at Roose Petty Sessions charged with attempt- ing to commit suicide. The old man ex- pressed sorrow for what he had done, and said it was caused by pains in his head, In May last he was found in bed with his throat cut in two places. He was now dis- charged on promising not to repeat the offence.