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GOODWICK. Do not forget the Eisteddfod at Hermon Chapel, Fishguard, on Monday afternoon next. Some of the winning choirs at Good- wick Eisteddfod have already entered, while the entries for the champion solo include some first rate vocalists. The opening of the Berachah new Chapel- The services connected with this occasion will be held on-Tuesday and Wednesday, the 13th and 14th of August. The following well- known ministers will attend -Rev W. E. Prytherch, Swansea; Rev Phillip Jones, Llanelly (formerly of Fishguard); Rev Wm Evans, M.A., Pembroke Dock. One or two English sermons will be delivered. A collec- tion will be made at each service towards the building fund.—It is requested that every con- tributor of one shilling and upwards will enclose his gift in an envelope bearing his name, before leaving it on the plate.—The services on the Sundays following will, as af now, be partly Welsh and English.—Advt A Costly Cackle)'—Last Thursday after- noon a party including a clergyman from Glamorgan arrived by the mid-day boat express. To the Newport coach they were transferred, some of the luggage being placed on the top of the vehicle. As is customary the bus waited the arrival of 4the 4 o'clock train and while thus situated a hen in a box on the roof of the bus put out her head and commenced to cackle. Always on the alert In- spector Webb instituted inquiries in order to learn if the cackler had been duly booked at the other end or had it had a free ride. This latter proved correct and the bird's cackle cost the owners the sum of one shilling and two pence. Several times did the hen pop out its head only to receive gentle reproof for giving the show away, so to speak. From America.—On Thursday last there arrived at Goodwick two American cousins of Mr. and Mrs. Hughes, Glanymor. It is their first visit to the old country and it is hoped they will enjoy the sojourn at the hospitable abode on the hill. The pulpit at the Methodist Hall next Sunday will be occupied by the popular young minister, the Rev William Evans, Kilgerran. Build] n, Operations are in progress for the erection of some thirty or more houses by the G. W. R. Company on the Duffryn estate. Pencw has been transformed into quite a colony of trimly built and neat looking dwell- ings. Sixty are at present inhabited and almost as many more are under construction, under the able direction of Mr. Moses, the ex- pert builder. With wonderful rapidity the new villas on the breast of the slope, skirting the Bay Hotel road are being completed. That which provides extra accommodation for the hotel is the acme of comfort and conven- ience. Everything modern in the building art is embodied within its walls. By a most in- genious zig-zag formation the approach from Pencw road is made easy and comfortable, thus avoiding laborious steps, besides afford- ing beds which, in due course, will enhance the beauty of the environment by holding picturesque flowers and shrubs. 11ns innova- tion belongs to the superintendant Mr. Moses, and which met with the fullest approval of Mr. G. Lambert Gibson. At the basement there are snug and convenient pantries, coal houses, recesses and necessary offices that add to the general completeness of the whole, the latter bearing the hall mark of skill of the best kind. Visitors and guests will find the new additional accomodation most salubrious and commodious. Respecting the Pencw dwellings, the latest are slightly larger than the earlier built ones, and have all modern conveniences. The whole of the building blocks testify to Mr. Moses inborn skill, the outcome of life-long practical exper- ience. Many a valuable hint might be gleaned and turned to profit by builders after an inspection of the G.W.R. Company s latest type of dwellings. Harbour Pars.- The" St. George" the lovliest of the turbine fleet, arrived from Liverpool on Friday after survey and over- hauling of machinery and commenced duty on Sunday morning last, in place of St. David's. A wooden landing stage is under construction inside the breakwater. This being the deepest part of the harboar it is conjectured that the American mail boats will have no difficulty in entering at any state 01 the tide and landing mails and passengers- The arrival of the American mail liners is a consumation devoutly to be wished. ou the coming winter prove as boisterous as the record one just passed the landing stage may be utilised by the present boats let the weather be ever so tempestuous. n Wednes- day By the 2.20 train came passengers to the a number of 270. Regatta.—The first annual regatta and sports will take place at Goodwick on Tues- day next, the latter on the Sands, and there is every prospect of the event being an un- qualified success. A capital programme has been issued and the. entries already received by the sepretaries give promise of some keen competitions. All entries must be in by Sat- urday morning s first post.—The committee has secured tlie services of the Tenby Town Band for the occasion, so that the day's pro- ceedings—weather permitting-will provide capital enjoyment. Goedwig Sunday School held its annual tea treat on Tuesday afternoon last m a field kindly lent by Mr E Jack:l°"; 3e being fine, the treat a m 1 enjoyable one.In the evening a Iterary meeting was held in the chapel, Presided o\er by the pop- ular pastor, Rev J S 'P?v1'}vllea s°l°s, and recitations were contributed by various mem- bers and others. In a reading competition the prize winners were Miss Ethel Morris, Goodwick, and Miss Violet Thomas, Pencw. —Everything passed off well IJenner Council School had its holiday break-up tea treat on Monday last, and was much enjoyed by the throng of juveniles who participated in the excellent things provided. The teaching staff were assisted by a number of willing helpers in the work of preparing the tea and serving at the tables. THE G.W.R. BOAT CONTRACT. To the Editor of tho" County Echo." Dear Sir,—In your last week's paper you have reported that there were 40 tenders (which I very much question) for the supply of stores for the G.W.R. steamers, I have been supplying the steamers for the last year but wrote the Company that I purposed giv- ing up the contract, and the Company pre- vailed upon me to keep on for another month, which I did. A new price list was then issued, with the result that Mr D. J. Evans was the lowest. I may add that the G.W.R. were quite satisfied with my goods and the attention I gave to their orders.— Yours faithfully, JAMES EVANS.


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