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j vglne and. 131 ilrilt stores, lE^lsla^ns&irci. 1- ROBEK. T LEWIS, 3ple Agent for the ^ssrs Worthington's (Wholesale § Retail1 Jine Spirit Merchant, Mill 9, 18, and 36 R. L invites attention tc his choi Selection 0f old WINES and SPIRITS. Nicholson's London Gin, •; Gallon Casks. qqq]) gj^ERKY, pale or gold, i°m jos- tti 3qs per (joz_. gUperior ditto, pale or gold, from 30s. old Jamaica Bums, gpt for the District foij er ^QZ. AMONTILLADO pale or old, 30s. to 60s per dozen. PORT of various ages, au^ v lletsrs Murphy and J from 15s. to 54s, per cjzen goot CLAKETS from los. to 30s. per dozen. I^rsJameson's&.PymI Gr i-i 3 £ arsallaf Champagnes and. jVXoselles. I^perior Irish Portersj BASS AND WOETHINGTON'S -^Es AND Gi JINNESS'S EXTRA STOUT IN CASK AND BOTTLES, If <1 MESSRS. BUENARD AND W. H. GOULDING'S CELEBRATED MANUBES, H ——- ^D IHOMAS S BASIO PHQSPHATE. '< i ;er^ Business Notices. at Business Notices. f, w Established 1823. THE CELEBRATED BB IRISJ WHISKEY, FOREIGN WINE & SPIRIT STORI,, S) ¡ riSHG-tTABD. ¿,8::0. :BE! CO &re still Supplying their noti | f OXc3l Irisla ?r. AT IP'- PET? fVAT » 4'' Business Notices. Everything comes to them who wait; therefore wait and seo my AUTUMN AND WINTER STOCK before buying elsewhere, and you will be convinced that I give the Best Value in the Trade. Always to the FRONT with the LARGEST and SMARTEST STOCK. ■' Special Announcement. 4 I have bought for CASH a large quantity of JACKETS, CAPES, CLOAKS, j ULSTERS, REEFERS, &c., portion of a Manufacturer's Stock at a Great I Discount off Usual Prices. The Goods are the Latest Designs, and j will be found of exceptional value. I Men's and Boys' Overc)a,t.s and Suits Mackintosh