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CHRISTMAS AT RHYL. A GLANCE AT THE SHOP WINDOWS. After a long spell of exceptionally mild weather, Christmas week was ushered in with weather which suggests the traditional Christmas of old. Snow there is none, but Jack Frost is a nightly vibitor, and his biting, bracing presence makes the atmos- pheric conditions all the more seasonable, and seems to sharpen the pleasure with which young and old look forward to this season of joy and testivity. That the inhabitants of Rhyl might derive the fullest pleasure and satisfaction out of this season of feasting and merry making, the tradesmen of the town have made the fullest provisions for the Christmas market, and their respective establish- ments are stocked with in abundance of good things which ensures thst, so far as they are concerned, no want will need to be supplied. With character- istic enterprise they have entered fully into the spirit cf the season, and have decorated their windows with that artistic taste and brightness which helps so much to^en!iven the whole community and to invest the town with the air of festivity so essential to a proper conception, and even to a proper enjoyment of the holiday of the year. But attractive as the window dressings were they by no means suggested the extent of the stock or the provisions made within, and which moreover was of as high a quality as it was extensive. In the very forefront in this respect were THE BUTCHERS. Messrs Owens and Sons, both in Water Street, and in High Street, hid on Friday an imposing display which attracted marked attention. They seem to excel themselves as eaoh Christmas comes round. A feature of their exhibit this year was a four year old Scotch Pulled Ox, and a Galloway Bullock, fed by the Duke of Westminster. K.G. Both these beast6 were the perfection of feeding in prime and ripe condition, with no superfluous or wasteful tat, but with rich veins of streaky fat whioh made the meat both profitable and eatable. The same sound judgment was also displayed in the selection of the other stock which fotmed the show and which comprised the following. One extra prime four years old Welsh Bullock fed by Captain Rowley Conwy, Bodrhyddan Hall, Rhyl. One choice fat four years old Short-Horn Heifer fed by George Lee, Esq Cop House, Saltney. One very prime three year old Hereford Heifer fed by T. Dawson, Esq Willington Farm, Cheshire. One extra prime fat Short-Horn Ox fed by W. Fryer, Biq., Leighton Hall, Chester. Ono verj prime three year old Hereford Ox fed by Thomas Handley, Esq., The Park, Chester. One prime three year old Welsh Bullock fed by Beech, Esq., the Fferm, Rhuddlan. Eight pens of extra prime four year old Welsh Wethers fed by Cadwaladr Hughes, Esq, Nantglyn, Denbigh. Six penli of very prime Yearling Gimmers fed by Messrs Hughes, GroHant Farm. A pen of Shropshire, fed by exhibitors. A quantity of prime Porkers and Bacon Pigs. One fat Calf fed by Mr John Hughes, The Shop, Rhyl. So rapidly was the stock which formed the original show disposed of that Messrs Owens had early in the week to supplement it with a fine Ox fed by Captain Conway, 14 porkers and bacon pigs from Mr A. T. Eyton, Bryn Polyn, St. Asaph, and four pens of Welsh Wethers from Mr Cadwalar Huges. Nantglyn, Dent igb. Mr Thomas Elias Jones, Bryngwyn, Wellington Road, had a magnificent show of meat, the pro- ductions ofjfeeders of well known repute. Among his exhibits were a prime thee year old Bullock fed by Mr J. B. Linnell, Prestatyn; a prime Heifer fed by Mr P. Storey, Denbigh one do. fed by Mr Richard Williams, Pen-y-Cop, Newmarket; and one Heifer fed by Mr Joseph Roberts, Green, Denbigh. The mutton consisted of 23 Welsh Wethers, in the pink of condition, fed by Mr Joseph Roberts, Green, Denbigh, and 10 do. ted by Mr Hugh Davies, Waen, St. Asaph, There were also three bacon pigs fed by Mr E. P. Jones, Aberkinsey and three porkers fed by Miss Hughes, Owm In addition Mr Jones had for sale a large quantity of geese, ducks, and poultry, and is to be congratulated upon a display as good as it was large and varied. Messrs T. Newman Sc Co., High Street, have succeeded in maintaining in an eminent degree the high reputation of their establishment for meat of the best quality and their Christmas Show this year was conspicious for some of the very best stock turned out by reputed feeders. Among their exhibits was a highly fed bullock, one of the three which won the Challenge Vase. at the St. Asaph Smithfield and fed by Mr Frank Bibby, Rhydorddwy Fawr; a two year old bullock fed by Mr Robert Gratton, Vaynol a well conditioned bullock which was awarded a reserve number at St. Asaph Smith- field fed by Mr Jones, Criccen, also three excellent bullocks fed bv Mr John Belsher, Onington Farm, Shropshire. The fine show of mutton consisted of 30 wethers fed by Mr R. Griffiths, Gwernigron, St. Asaph; and seven four year old Welsh wethers fed by the exhibitors. The six porket pigs came from Mr Nuttall, Newmarket, and the calf was fed by Mr Newman. Mr E. Angel, Water Street, has shown |the same care as was evinced by his successor in his selection of Christmas meat, and his show was a highly meritorious one, consisting as it did of one heifer which was awarded the second prize at the Flintshire and Denbighshire Agricultural Show held at Rhyl last August, and fed by Mrs Gratton, Foryd Fawr one bullock, fed by Mr Davies, Morfa Cwybr; 15, gimmers and wethers, fed by Mr Owens, Plas Llwyd; and four fine lambs, fed by Mr Davies, Trellewelyn; also four porkets fed at Tremeirchion. Mr A. Maltby, Water Street, was also well abreast of the times, and had a show of meat that was in the highest degree excellent. It consisted of a prime heifer, fed by Mrs Gratton, Foryd Fawr; a bullock in ripe condition, fed by exhibitor; 10 prime wethers from Mr Isaac Owen, Plas Llwyd; 10 lambs, fed by the exhibitor. The porkets and pigs came from Bodelwyddan, and a fine calf from Mr Brown, Rhuailt. Mr Maltby had also an imposing display of fat geese, which found a ready sale. Mr E. P. Roberts at 49, High Street, and Stall 29, Market Hall, showed a large stock of meat in the finest condition, which included a prime ox fed by Messrs T. and A. Heathcote, Merllyn Farm prime ox, fed by Mr T. A. Johnson; one ditto, prize-winner at the Dublin Show, fed by Mr Percy Godbody, Clara House, Clara, King's County; 30 Welsh wethers, fed by Mr J. Williams, Pydew Farm; 2 pens ditto, fed by Messrs H. and R. Roberts, Bronberllan i: 2 pens ditto, fed by Mr Owens, Vaenol; and nine porkets from Mr R.. Jones, Glan Llyn, St. Asaph. Mr W. Roberts, Sussex Street, is to be highly commended for his excellent show, which included a prime two-year-old heifer, fed by Mr H Jones, Plas Fassi Farm, Ruthin; several prime Welsh wethers, fed by Mr A. Davies, Bryncwmin Farm and two porkets, fed by Mr R.. Jones, Rhydyddau- ddwr. Mr G T. Lyne, Bodfor Street and Abbey Street, had a stock of rare quality, including a couple of beasts, prize-winners at the Agricultural Show held at Rhyl last August, and a fine bullock, which was the winner of the Champion Challenge Cup at St. Asaph Smithfield, and fed by Mr Frank Bibby, Rhydorddwy Fawr. There was also a large stock of well-fed wethers. Mr Ed. Roberts, Wellington Road, had a ohoice display of "chilled" beef. a speciality being some very fine Canterbury lamb. Ha also ex- hibited a splendid hare weighing lbs. Following closely upon the heelB of the butchers in the amplitude of their provision came the POULTRY DEALERS AND FRUITERERS, who vied with each other in a display of Christmas fare that does the utmost credit to their enterprise. Mr J. Mudd, in his establishment at Bodfor Street, and High Street, had a magnificeat show, selected with the care and success of the experienced hand. From 60 to 80 turkeys, 100 geese, a large quantity of duoks and poultry, 30 brace of pheasants, 20 brace of partridges, 20 hares, and numberless rabbits, oombined to make a show that was as imposing as it was excellent. In addition Mr Mudd had an excellent lupplyof fresh fish in season, as well as a varied stock of luscious fruit of the best quality. It was altogether a show upon which he is to be especially congratulated. Mr Walter (jlarke, at 3 Water Street, and 2 and 3 Market Hall, had an unique show. It was not merely the extent of the stock that attracted but its obvious fine quality. All the turkeys, and geese were obtained from the best local feeders, and were chiefly prize winners. The display of duoks and poultry was espioally fine and included all the prize winners at the Ruthin Show. Some of the ducks weighed as much as 171bs. a couple, whilst there were also chickens which turned the scales at 16 lbs. Altogether Mr Clark had about 140 turkeys, 200 geese, a large quantity of duoks and poultry, 60 brace of pneasants, several brace of partridges, 40 hares, grouse, woodoock, and a large stock of rabbits, all in the finest condition. He had also an exellent supply of fish. In his fruit department he had a choice selection of the very best fruit including some hot house grapes, bananas, apples, oranges, &o., and his windows were superbly decorated with greenery and some fine cut flowers. Mr E. P. Griffiths, Sussex Street, had a reputation to maintain it, and he more than maintained it by the exelJcenoey of his catering this year. Some splendid specimen from the Poultrers' yard were in evidence in his stock, which comprised about 100 turkeys, 80 geese, 50 ducks, a large quantity of poultry, and several brace of pheasants, and partridges together with a large number ot hares and rabbits. His supply of fruit was also of a highly satisfactory character. Mr D. J Griffiths, Queen Street, has long been noted for his discrimination and his success in selecting his Christmas stock. His stock this year proves that the reputation he enjoys is thoroughly deserved for it is in every respect excellent If not quite so large as some of the others, its quality is undoubted. He had about 50 fine turkeys, 50' geese, and a lsrge quantity of ducks and fo-vls. His fruit department was well supplied with all the fruit In request at Christmas, and in addition he had an excellent and varied stock of sweetmeats of all descriptions. Mr Boyle, and Mra A. Powell Jones, Water Street, had a show which irresistably attracted. All the stock was of unquestionable quality, drawn from the prinoipal feeders. There were about 50 turkeys, 70 geese, a great quantity of ducks and fowls; whilst the stock of game including pheasants, partridges, woodcocks, wild duck., hares and rabbits, was exceedingly large and ex- caption ally fine. The stock of fish wis also a prominent feature of the show whilst the selection of fruit was of a high order, It was a show worthy of the occasion, and worthy of the reputation that this old established business has enjoyed all these years. Among the fruiterers Messrs Waterworth Bros., Sussex Street and Water Street, stand prominently out ror the elaborate manner in which they catered for the speoial requirements of Christmas. Their supply of fruit was of undoubted excellence, and the possibilities of showing it to advantage by their imposing win lows were taken the fullest advantage of, the decorative effect being exceedingly pretty. Mr T. D. Jones, High Street, made an attractive show, and had a stock of oranges, apples, hot- house grapes, binana8, and several fine English pine apples, which bore oa the face of them the impress of maturity and ripeness. Their artistic arrange- ment in the window served to give the establish tneot a bright and attractive appearance, which was further brightened by a profuse display of plants and exotics and some choice out flowers. Miss Miller, K inaiel Street, deserves to be singled out for her artistic window dressing, and the magnificent supply of fruit in great variety which the shewed. Miss M. J. Thomas, Abbey Street, Mrs T' Jones, Wellington Road. Mrs Williams, and Mr Piercey, Market Street, had also made extensive provisions for th, Christmas trade, and had attractively laid out their establishments. THE GROCERS. The Grocers win have to cater for varied wants have alwas been well to the front at Christmas time, and this year is no exception to the rule. Meters E. P. Jones, Son & Co, Water Street, have filled one window with some fine specimens of Wiltshire hams and bacon, and several ripe anrl well-mutured Chester cheese which are a fair speci- men of the excellency of the provisions to be obtained at all times at this establishment. In another window is an artistically arranged display of dried fruit both for deseit.and for the indispensible Christmas pudding, the stock of sultanas, raisins, citron and candied peel, being of the very best. Several ornamental boxes of chrystalised fruit with sundry decorations combined to make a window that cannot fail to attract attention' In the second shop there was a display of bara" brith composed of the finest ingredients, which Messrs E. P. Jones make a speciality of at Christmas time. mL_1_ 't ø- iuete was aieu » capuai aispiay oi icea cakes, and cakes of all description, together with fancy boxes of chocolates and sweet meats. Their establishment in High Street presented a similar taking appear- ance, and was replete with till the good things for which this enterprising firm have made themselves famous. Messrs Jones and Son made excellent use of their commanding windows in Wellington Road, and had a stock of sultanas, cu-rants, raisins, candied peel and other dried fruit, the mere eight of which demonstrated their quality. Their stock of provisions was particularly noticeable, comprising as it did some rich sides of bacon, and fine hams, together with some ripe specimens of Cheshire, Gloucester, Gor- gODZola, Stilton and other cheese. Though they did not resort quite so much to the deoorative element in their "parent" establishment in Cres- cent Road, the stock there was if anything larger and there was an inexhaustible supply of the mul- tidudinous items which are needed to a proper enjoy- ment of < bristmas. Messrs William Williams and Co., Queen Street. are to be congratulated upon the artistic taste which they displayed in laying out their shop windows. Their show of season dried fruit, with fancy boxes of chrystalised fruit, chocolate and fig bo-es was admittedly excellent. No less satisfactory was their stock in the provision department, which included some of the finest hams and bacons, and cheese of rare quality. Mr John Owen, Cambrian* Bakery, bad one of the most artistically dressed windows in the town, one of which contained every specimen of the dried fruit so much in request at this festive season. A feature was the artisticallly ioed Christmas cakes with Welsh mottoes. He had also a (rood show of figs, prunes, and chrystalised fruit together with the latest novelties in crackers. One window was devoted almost exclusively to a commanding show of bara brith," and mince pies of which Mr Owen is making a speciality. They are made of the finest ingredients and are offered at special prizes. His stock of provisions was atso of a high order. Apart from h s catering in the matter ofjhams and bacon which is always of exeeptional excellence, Mr J. W. Roose, the S.P Q.R. Stores made this year extra provision in the matter of cheese which in. eluded several fine specimens of rich Cheshire Densley Dales and little Gloucesters'. He made a speciality of Cossack crackers of which he had an enormous stock which he retailed in fancy boxes at prizes from fourpence halfpenny upwards. His stock of sultanas, raisins, fruit, &c., was large and varied. Mr Robert Price, High Street, entered into the spirit of the season, and showed his well selected stock of ohristmas necesssities amid a profusion of seasonable decoration. Mr J. T. Jones, Aled House, maintained by the stock he showed the general excellence that obtained, and his windows were effectively decorated. Mr H. Edwards (Huwco Penmaen) Wellington Road, had made extensive provision for the excep- tional character of the demand, and had several novelties in the direction of sweetmeats, and articles suitable for Christmas tree decoration. The Star Supply Stores was specially attractively laid out, and the windows were thoroughly indic- ative of the extent and excellency of the stook with- in specially intended to meet the requirements of the season. Mr W. Davies, Albert House, Wellington Road, made a special feature of some rich plum cakes, specially baked and retailed at special prices. In his other vhop in Wellington Road, he had a window entirely filled with bottles of Port Wine, which was of old vintage and fine flavour. Other grocers who are to be commended upon their display are Messrs W. M. Williams, High Street, Smalley, Abbey Street, [and Isaac Jones, Aquarium Street, THE, CONFECTIONERS. Mr R. Lloyd, Le Bijou Confectioner, took ad- vantage of the Christmas season to open his com- modious new premises in Bodfor Street. Extensive alterations have been carried out to adapt the premises to a high clasiq restaurant, the feature of which is the addition of a large dining room, elegantly furnished in oriental style. The feature of the window-dressing is an exact model in sugar of the Big Wheel at Earl's Court, propelled by a small steam engine. There is a magnificent show of iced cakes including the guinea wadding cake, for which Mr Lloyd was awarded a prize at the London Exhibition. Another beautiful piece of work is the Betrothal cake, on which the passion flower and the red rose are artistically worked. There is a bewilding assortment of all sorts of fancy confectionery,all the most perfect productions of the confectioner's art; and chocolate, bon bons, and fancy sweatmeats are provided in abundance. It Is a most picturesque and pleasing display and during the week has been the source of considerable attraction. Mr F. Howard, Queen Street, had an elegant display of iced cakes, and pastry of all kinds, whilst he had a various selection of miscellaneous sweetmeats. Mr P. Thomas, The Avondale Restaurant, made a speciality of iced cakes of which he showed a large number all artistically decorated and bearing appropriate mottoes. In the other window were to be seen some delicious specimens of the pastry cook's powers of ministering to the sense of the palate. Mr Thomas Griffiths, Water Street, also made extensive provision in the way of iced oakes, all of which were pretttily decorated, and his show of general pastry was of a high order. Mrs A. Williams, Bodfor Street, had likewise a splendid assortment of fancy pastry, and a de- corated Boer's head—we do not mean a Transvaal Boer-formed a feature in the exhibits. Mrs Hulley, Castle Restaurant, Kinmel Street, deserves to be especially commended for her decorative show of miscellaneous coafeccionery and fancy sweetmeats, bon bons, &c. Mr Holt, and Miss Collis, Russell Road, had a splendid show of confectionery, including many novelties suitable for Christmas tree deoorations. Others who decorated their establishments and made speoial provisions were Mr Benbow, Kinmel Street, Miss Gregory, Wellington Road, Mr Pozzi, Queen Street, and West Parade, Mr R. Bathpate, Mrs "Phillip?, High" Street, The Greenfield Dairv Company, Queen Street, Mr J. Proffitt, Wellington Road, aud others. THE TAILORS AND DRAPERS. Since last Christmas Mr Talbott, Ugh Street, has coneiderably aided to his ramifications. In the parent shop in High Street, there was one window devoted to the brighter and more showy attire effected in the bill room, with the benign figure of a Father Christmas conspicuously attired in a costume of scarlet and ermine Some ex- quisite designs in ball room dresses, together with the multifarious requisites incidental to a graceful ball room appearance were on view; whilst in another window furs and other substantial articles of winter apparel were displayed, the whole being arranged in a tempting and artistic manner. In the adjoining shop there was a stylish display of millinery, and an excellent and varied selection of childrens' hats, coats and general apparel. Mr Talbott's new premises in Queen Street, was con- spicuous for the magnificent show in one window of artificial plants of all descriptions, the verdant greenness of which had all the appearance of reality. Another window had a more seasonable appearance filled as it was with eider down quilts, and a brilliant oollection of fancy worked cushions, &c. Mr John Frimston's premises in High Street have a distinctly seasonable appearance. In one window are to be found all the fineries incidental to a ballroom outfit, whilst in another general drapery goods of fashionable style, which are suggestive of winter, are displayed the whole being shown with that degree of effect which characterise Mr Frimstons window displays. Mr Thomas Jones, Cambrian House, though he has not applied any significant decorative treatment to his window display is to be congratulated on his show of seasonable goods, which cover all the ground comprised in the drapery trade. With his display it is a case of "Beauty unadorned is adorned the most." Mr Henry Millward, High Street, has an impos- ing miscellaneous display with ample provision for the special character of the occasion. Here will be found every requisite incidental to elegtnceand fashion ia the various social functk-ns ladies are supposed to participate in during this dissipated season. Mr R. B. Arnold, Queen Street, makes a special- i ,y of dressed dolls as a feature of his window dis- play, though what charms the female eye most is the excellent show of seasonable furs, and drapery goods Mr Daniel Evans High Street, has one of the most striking ballroom windows in the town. It contains some stylish evening costumes and a pro- fusion of coloured material which are arranged with pleasing regard for harmony. The elaborate display of millinery of the latest designs which adorns the windows of Mrs Edwards, Compton House, High Street, has unfailingly attracted the admiring eyes of all ladies, and the skill and taste shown in thejdressing of the wiadows is specially to be commended. Mrs Amos Jones, Sussex Street, has also a very fine shown of the latest millinery and fancy goods of all description, whioh just now are being sold at under cost prices. At the Free Tt ade Hall will be found a general assortment of drapery goods appropriate to the season, and a large selection of ready-made clothing. The show of su tings at the establishment of Messrs Hughes and Son. tailors. High Street, are especially appropriate, and some new deaigs in over- (9 its are displayed. Mr M. S. Osborne, Bodfor Street, shows some fine winter suitings with fashionable plates. Air J. M. Griffiths, Sussex Street, and Mr D. Davies, Tudor Buildings, are well to the front with winter suitings of all kinds and general articles of gentlemen's outfits. Mr Dayies makes a feature of ladies costumes. A feature in the window dressing at the Gwalia Cloth ing Co's. premises in High Street, is the red, white and blue ties. The manner in which they are arranged breaches the spirit of patriotism and militarism which at present pervades the whole atmosphere. Mr Hubbard, both in Wellington Road and High Street, has an attractive general display. At the High Street establishment a clearance sale as at present taking place. As usual Mr E. K. Miller, Bee Hive, has sup- plemented his extensive stock of general drapery goods, with a large assortment of Christmas novelties of all kinds suitable for presents. All kinds of drapery goods, ladies outfitting, nicknacks of every description, and decorations are included in his comprehensive stock. Mrs Hodson Lewis, Sussex Street, has a pleading show of fancy goods. In fact, her establishment is an emporium of dainty things. Goods incidental to the adornment of the male men things iwill be found in great variety, temp- tingly laid out at the establishments of Messrs Lewis and Thompson, H gh Street, and Mr Garson Allen, Market street. BOOT AND SHUE DEALERS. Some exceedingly elegant and chastely designed ball slippers are on view at the premises of Messrs Amos and Co., Sussex Street and Wellington Chambers, as well as boots and shoes intended to ensure greater warmth. Similar preparations in this direction have also been made by Messrs Stead and Simpson, High Street, John Williams, Market Street, E. Slinn, High Street, and G. F. Gunner, Welling- ton Road. MISCELLANEOUS. Mr S. Eisiski, in each of his three shops is'holding a special sale of pipes, cigar cases, cigar holders &c., in order to enable his patrons to secure suitable articles and presents at reasonable prices. He has an admirable selection, and of all the gifts which the average man likes at Christmas time, none is more appreciated than some articles from the tobacconists shop. Ms Eisiski has an unexampled selection of all the requirements incidental to the devotee of the fragrant weed. His brands of cigars are specially choice, and his stock of tobacco covers every known make. Mr H. A. Steer, High Street, as usual has an extensive stock of the finest wines, spirits and beers, specially matured for Christmas consumption. In addition he has a large stock of choice cigars. Mr J. H. Ellis' celebrated Glenlevet Whiskey is a great demand, and is one of the most popular in the market. His Christmas Stock of wines, spirits and cigars are on the usual extensive and high class el scale. The artistic and appropriate manner in which the windows at Messrs Rhydwen Jones and Davies are laid out is a feature of the Christmas decorations. There is a splendid display of artificial plants, and of Eiderdown quilts and cushions. At Messrs Fred. Roberts and Company's establishment in Russell Road one window is elegantly laid out as a dining-room with the table ready laid ior the Christmas dinner, whilst the other window ia furnished as a drawing-room and contains some elegantly designed chippendale furniture. For some exceedingly pretty and.pleasidg jewell- ery suitable for Xmas presents the shop of Mr J. E. Corney, High Street, must command itself to lovers of gold and silversmith's art, whilst some very chaste designs are also to be seen in the win- dow of Mr W. Freeman, Queen Street. We have of necessity omitted many shops who perhaps deserve mention. But wejhave no room to notice everyone, and advertisers necessarily have the first claim on our attention. To advertisers and non-advertisers, readers and non-readers we heartily wish "A MERRY CHRISTMAS."

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