Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

13 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



J. D. LEWIS SURVEYOR AND ARCHITECT, ENGINEER AND VALUER, DENBIGH. Hiohest References & Testimonials b ISAAC ROBERTS JRYXMOR, 53, WEST PARADE, RHYL, Plumber, Glazier, and GasP-itter. All Orders will receive his prompt attention. AMOS MALTBY, RETAIL AND FAMILY BUTCHER, la, WATER STREET, RHYL. Prime Beef, Mutton, and Lamb daily. he best-selected Home-fed Produce only offered. WILLIAMS' STOCKING REPOSITORY, MARKET STREET, RHYL. HOME-MADE SOCKS AND STOCKINGS. 'VELSH YARNS, BERLIN AND FANCY WOOLS. GENTLEMEN'S HAND-KNITTED CYCLING STOCKINGS. All kinds of Stockings knitted to order on the Premises. STOCKINGS MENDED. VICTORIA BUILDINGS PRESTATYN, & BALA. IT OWEN H. HUGHES § Watch maker, Jeweller Silversmith. Silversmith. SPECIAL ATTENTION TO REPAIRS OF ALL KINDS. WATCHES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION AT ALL PRICES. Gold and Silver Jewellery at Lowest Prices. Choice assortment of Goods for Presentation. Good Selection of Clocks. Guinea Gold Wedding Rings ERNEST OWEN jpgSfeA COACH BUILDER lias 1 AN° WHEELWRIGHT ABERGELE. ,OA TS,. TRAPS GIGS, &c., built on the Premises. Deigns submitted for FISHMONGERS, BUTCHERS, &c., and Estimates given. REPAIRING, PAINTING, and TRIMMING promptly attended to. WILLIAMS CONFECTIONER, ROSE BUILDINGS, PRESTATYN. BAKER OF ALL KINDS OF FANCY HIGH-CLASS CONFECTIONERY. MRS WILLIAMS will be pleased to receive Visitors from Rhvl and surrounding dis- tricts, and all will have the best attention possible for Luncheons, Teas, &c. LARGE OR SMALL PARTIES CATERED FOR. F. GREENSLADE CABINET MAKER AND UNDERTAKER WINDSOR VILLA WINDSOR ST., RIIYL. ALL KINDS OF HOUSEHOLD, OFFICE & SHOP FURNITURE MADE TO ORDER. Jobbing in all its Branches. The Renovation of Antique Furniture a r speciality. Over 20 vears' experience. FUNERALS COMPLETELY FURNISHED. NOTED SHOP FOR POULTRY. E. P. GRIFFITHS, GAME AND POULTRY DEALER- FRUITERER & GREENGROCER SUSSEX STRUCT. RHYL. VEGETABLES Fresh from the Garden Daily. Fresh Butter and New-Laid Eggs. Soods de:ivued promptly. ORDNANCE SHE! UK. MAPS ON ALL SCALES of Flintshire and Denbighshire a:e kept in Stock by A B ROS. BOOKSELLERS, STATIONERS, AND PRINTERS, ADVERTISER' OFFICE, ;<i. SUSSEX STREET, RHYL. Appointed SOLE AGENTS for this District. EDUCATION. ARCYILLE COLLEGE, EAST PARADE, RHYL. Principal: IISS rERCIER (Certificated S. Kensington Botany and Geolog-v), assisted by MISS ROBINSON (Senior Cambridge and London Matriculation), And qualified resident English and Foreign Governesses and Visiting Masters. French and German (conversational and grammatical). VERY SUCCESSFUL IN PUBLIC EXAMIN- ATIONS. SUMMER TERM, MAY 5th. KENMARE SOUTH AVENUE, OFF EUTTERTOX ROAD, RHYL. (Two minutes walk from Sea Shore.) DAY & BOARDIXG SCHOOL FOR GIRLS. PrinciDals-IRS. & MISS BR ATT AN. Governess Student required. Music, Painting, etc. Terr:; Commences May 7th. Prospectus on application. ST. OSWALD'S RUSSELL ROAD, RHYL. Principals—THE fTSSES REES (Cambridge and S. Kensington School of Art., Certs.). Fre.ich-Paris. MISS DAY (Inter. Arts Hens. London, Camb. Teacher's Certs.). Assisted by a RESIDENT FRENCH GOVER- NESS and VISITING PROFESSORS. Preparation for all Exams. Special care to delicate children. Highest References to Cler- gy and Parents of Pupils. Prospectus on application. ST. ASAPH COUNT SCHOOL. Chairman of the Governors: SIR W. GRENVILLE WILLIAMS, Bart., of Bodelwyddan. Head Master: WM. EASTERBY, LL.D. B.A. Second Master: J. H. ARNOLD, B.A., University of Durham. Science Master CHARLES BARNES, B.Sc., Victoria University. Drawing Master: J. HANMER HL TCHINGS, Esq., Art Master, S.K. Drill Sergeant: Sergeant-Instructor EVANS, Royal Welsh Fusiliers. And other Masters resident and visiting. Pupils are prepared for all Professional and University Examinations, and there is also a Modern Side for a thorough Commercial Edu- cation. There are 8 Free Scholarships and 16 Bursar- ies, the Scholarships being tenable for 2 years. The Buildings are large, healthy, and com- modious, erected in 1881, and surrounded by 6 acrcs of Playing Fields. Terms for Day Scholars L6 per annum, pay- able in advance terminally:—For Boarders on application to the Head Master. M IDDLE-CLASS JgDUCATION. F. WELSH, B.A. Course of Instruction— ENGLISH SUBJECTS, CLASSICS, MATHE- MATICS, and FRENCH, BOOK-KEEPING and SHORTHAND. Private Tuition. Boarders Received. Full Particulars on Application. NEXT TERMS, SEPTEMBER I6TH. Addres-31, WATER STREET, RHYL. FAIRHOLME FAIRFIELD AVENUE, RHYL. Principals: THE MISSES ROBERTS. Assisted by qualified Resident Governesses Visiting Masters. Pupils prepared for all Examinations. Prospectuses and References on application. -0- Winter Term, SEPT. 16th. j BATHROOMS ARE USED a great deal. They can't be in too good a con- dition. It's better to have the plumber than the doctor. If you will call on us when you need anything in this line, we are sure you will be satisfied. We won* conscientiously. We are prompt and quiet. R. JOLLEY, Plumber, Glazier, and Gasfitter. 4, 4ELWY STREET, RHYL. HUGH EDWARDS (nuwco PENMAEN), GROCER, PROVISION, & SMALL WARE DEALER, PENMAEN HOUSE, WELLLING- TON ROAD, RHYL. Home-made Bread. Fresh Butter and Eggs direct from the Farm. MILLBANK HAXD LAUNDRY, MILLBANK, RHYL. The Reliable Laundry. Best work and finish by a capable and efficient staff of workers. All classes of work taken. COLLARS AND SHIRTS OUR SPECIALITY. Suits, Costumes, Curtains, &c., cleaned at very moderate prices. Prompt attention and delivery each week. Post Customers receive CJVMy attention. Send Post Card for Price List. Family Washes by Contract if desired. Best Finish. Moderate Charges. •ss3J»3udoij COCKLE'S PILLS. • COOELE'S PILLS. •! COCKLE S PILLS. • In universal use since the dawn of the century. A tried and trusted family medicine, prescribed by medical men for the common ailments of every- day life, such as ACIDITY. HEARTBURN. INDIGESTION. BILIOUSNESS. SICK HEADACHE. DISORDERED LIVER. These famous Pills ivill keej- you in perfect health the stomach ciean, the bowels free, the liver active, the head clear, and the skin and complexion pure and free from blemish. IN USE FOR 92 YEARS. v COCKLE'S PILLS. COOELE'S PILLS. • COOELE'S PILLS. I Cockle's Pills are purely vegetable- warranted free "c)ni mercury. jt*y 1, iKtri t'i>rouj»hout the Kingdom, i Dcxes V 1- 1d. 2S. <,d., JS. (id lIS., and :'2. fcieai Orr^o;•> Street. 1.0n.<1.. 'I-J n. TRY T. GRIFFITHS BAKER, PASTRY COOK, AND CONFECTIONER. WATER STREET, RHYL. FOR BREAD AND CONFECTIONERY. JOS. SHEPHERD PHOTOGRAPHER, GLANMORFA STUDIO, RHYL. CABINETS, CARTE-DE-VISITS, MIDGETS, &c., ON THE SHORTEST NOTICE. OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHY. COPYING AND ENLARGING ON THE PREMISES. FOR THE MOST STYLISH AND Up-to-Date Goods In GENTLEMEN'S STRAW and FELT HATS, CAPS, SHIRTS, COLLARS, TIES, FANCY VESTS, &c., At the LOWEST CASH PRICES in Town. THE BON, lA, MARKET STREET, (Close to High Street), RHYL. TOWER TEA. An old Scotch Proverb says— "As ye brawsoye maun drink." TOVtf ER TEA t you may rest assured of •' drinking a really good refreshing and stimulating cup, unsurpassed in Flavour and Aroma by any Tea in the world. It A Daily Treat. Moreover, it is an exceptionally strong Tea, ald goes nearly as far again in the brewing as others. It has taken SIX HIGHEST AWARDS, and dis- criminating Housewives who believe in the old adage, « SPARE WELL. AXD SPEND WELL,' always buy TOWER TEA, and thereby show their keeness in obtaining the very best Value for money, In Packets only, at Is. 4d.. Is. Sd., 2s. & other prices. Wholesale only-TO WEB TEA LIMITED, f 71, Eastcheap, London, E.G. Sold by T. M. Davies, Chemist, 20, Bodfor St., Rhvl. J. Turner, Grocer, 17a, Wellington Rd., Rhyl. M. Evans, Confectioner. 60. Hicrh Street, F'-yl. -1 SPEXD YOUR HOT ")AYS AT RHYL, the leading North Wales watering-place, and it you require comfcrtable apartments, furnishea houses, or good hotel accommodation, adver- tise in the Rhyl Record and Advertiser,' the leading, the largest, and the eldest paper cir- culating in the district. Publishes daring the season a view of RhyJ, -ad a fuii Jut of visitors. Address, 13, Sussex Street, kh: Ye Olde Firm. Established 1868. BEECH BROS., THE RHYL AND DISTRICT BILLPOSTERS Distruhutors, and ADVERTISING EXPERTS. Head Office 9, WELLINGTON ROAD, RHYL. (Great Western Railway Enquiry Office). THE BILLPOSTERS FOR RHYL, PRESTA- TYN, MELIDEN. DYSERTH, RHUDDLAN AND ST. ASAPH DISTRICTS. Agents & Correspondents all over North Wales. Owners of the Billposting Business of The North Wales Publicity Association.' BEECH BROS., the Up-to-date BILLPOSTERS. Recog-nized member? for Rhyl District of the United Billposters' Asscoiation.' Parties requiring bills posted or distributed in Rhyl or surrounding Districts cannot do better than place their orders with BEECH BROS. Estimates given for BiLposting the whole or part of North Wales, and for advertising local Shows, &c., in the principal towns in England. Private Posting Stations at all the leading thoroughfares in Town and Colntry. All work under the direct personal supervision of FRANK J. H. BEECH, Practical Billposter and Poster Advertising Expert. A FAMILY'S WASHING is now done quicker better, and cheaper by using BRADFORD'S -IMPROVED 'VOWEL' WASHING MACHINE, than by any other way. See Catalogue of our NEW 'VOWEL XLS' Combined Washing, Wringing, and Mangling Machine. Price,64 15s. od. Cash Discount. Carriage Paid. THOIAS BRADFORD & Co., 140-142, High Holborn, London Victoria Avenue, Manchester 130, Bold Street, Liverpool; and Salford. Stop a Cough in Night A DOCTOR'S TESTIMONY. VENO'S LIGHTNING COUGH CURE is a I scientific remedy, remarkable for its brilhan' cures of coughs, bronchitis, asthma, catarrh, influenza and children's coughs, far superior to ordinary cough mixtures, or any of the em I- sions. George Knox, M.D., 256, Second Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa., writes: 'Veiio's Lightning Cough Cure excels in chronic coughs and bronchitis, and ;s especially safe for children.' T) rice Is. lid. and 2s. 9d. Sold everywhers Hitherto certain Dutch Cocoas have been considered the highest in quality of any in the market, but MAZAWATTEE COCOA 1 is even superior to them—greatly superior in- deed.. With such Cccoa you soon realize what Cocoa really is, and means, and should be.' Gordon Stables, C.M., M.D., B.A. u- I I | Lady's Hairdressing Saloon 1 j Is NOW OPEN at the I | QUEEN'S ARCADE | I Patent Hair Dyer in use. § I Every Comfort. I I Moderate Charges. 1 I 11 Inspection by Lady's I I Cordially Solicited. I I S. EISISKI } f Proprietor. | I I m f$I1! I HOTELS. ALBION HOTEL RHYL. (Opposite North and South Wales Bank). FREE from all BREWERS. BASS'S ALE & GUINNESS'S EXTRA STOUT. JOHN JAMESON'S IRISH WHISKY, OLD GLENLIVET AND ISLAY SCOTCH WHTSKY. CHOICE WINES AND CTCARS. WELL-AIRED BEDS. iCorn Market held here every Tuesday afternoon'. WM. ELLIS, Proprietor. ~~YE WINDSOR" (KINMEL AND WINDSOR STREETS), NEAR STATION, RHYL. CALL HERE FOR YE OLDE ALE COSY SMOKE ROOMS. WINES AND SPIRITS, ALES AND STOUTS Bottled on the Premises. CIGARS or BEST BRANDS. F. FARNDON, proprietor, of Longton and Birmingham. (Late Allison Clarke.) THE GROSVENOR TEMPERANCE Commercial Hotel, Clcse to the Railway Station, corner of Bodfor and Kinmel Streets. Commercial, Sitting and Smoke Rooms, Large Coffee and Dining Rooms. Three-course Dinner for Is. 6d. Good Is. Dinners in Dining Room. Ham and Eggs, Chops or Steaks at any time. Dinners daily from 12 to 2. Boarding terms 5s. 6d. per day; 6s. 6d. in July and August. All kinds of Parties, Ball Suppers, Wedding B: ikfasts, etc., catered for on reasonable terms. A. W. JAMES (Successor to Charles Snowdf-n). VVHITE LION JJOTEL. (FAMILY AND COMMERCIAL) HIGH STREET, RHYL. LARGE STOCK ROOMS SUITABLE FOR CLUBS. AUCTION SALES AND PICNIC PARTIES. EVERYTHING SUPPLIED OF THE BEST QUALITY ONLY. Posting in all its Branches. A. HAYTON, Proprietor (Late of Albion Hotel, Chester). PRIVATE HOTELS AND BOARDING HOUSES. RHYL.—The Parade Boairding Establish- ment, 42, WEST PARADE. Write for Tariff. Home Comforts. Liberal table. ALEXANDRA, JjlAMILY AND 0OMMERCIAL JJOTEL High Street and Kinmel Street, RHYL. J. WILLIAMS, Proprietor. Excellent accommodation and good attendance at strictly moderate charges. Well-matured Spirits and good Brand of Cigars. ALEXANDRA MEWS CRESCENT ROAD. Wedding Equippages, Landaus, Broughams, Sociables, Waggonettes, Dog Carts, &c., for Hire. BRAKES leave the Hotel and Mews to all Places of Interest. BEE HOTEL (FAMILY AND COMMERCIAL), BODFOR STREET (Opposite Railway Station), RHYL. WINES, SPIRITS, ALES. AND STOUTS OF EXCELLENT QUALITY. This Hotel is specially suitable for Commerc:al Travellers, being very close to the Station, and they can rely on comfort and sociability. M. O'CONNOR. Proprietress. T. HULLEY, BAKER AND CONFECTIONER, FAMILY GROCER AND TEA DEALER, CASTLE TEMPERANCE H0T.3L, KINMEL STREET, RHCL. Fresh Supply of Butter and Eggs always on hand. First-class accommodation for Visitors and Commercial Travellers. PRIVATE APARTMENTS. GEORGE HOTEL QUEEN'S SQUARE, RHYL. for the Finest Wines and Spirits. The Best Family and Commerc' .i Hotel C lists will find this Hotel very C;1. lenient. Chester Ales and Stout, also Bass's Ale and Guinness's Stout. All Orders promptly attended to and delivered to any part of the Town. CIGARS OF THE FINEST BRANDS. Stage' and Era' taken. F. P. ARTHUR, proprietor. A1 « fJTYPE-SETTING BY MACHINERY, rpYPE-SETTING BY MACHINERY, TUDIC'IOUS DVERTISING. CREATES many a new business. ENLARGES m y an old business. REVIVES many a dull business. RESCUES many a lost business, SAVES many a failing business. PRESERVES many a large business. SECURES success in any business. Send to the 'RECORD AND ADVERTISER,' SUSSEX STREET. When out represenative will immediately call upon you.










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