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Carnarvonshire Quarter Sessions. ( Concluded from our last). Mary Jones, who had pleaded guilty to stealing half-a-crown and a silk handkerchief at Llanor, as reported in our last, was ordered to be kept in prison to hard labour for twelve calendar months. Aim Williams, the particeps crimiiiis in several of the pre- ceding cases, pleaded not guilty to a bill charging her with stea ing some cotton, the property of Mr. Roberts, Palace- street, Carnarvon, but afterwards withdrew her plea. The pro- secutor strongly recotn;nendv:d her to the i-ner,!v of the Court on account of her illness during her confinement, and her wil- lingness to further the ends of justice in the cas6 of her accom- plices in crime. She was duly admonished by the Court, and ordered to be fined Is. and discharged. Margaret Parry, spinuer, Henry Richirds, John Parry, Hugh Parry, William Rhys, RJbert Dmiel, William Daniel, and Richard Roberts were indicted at the suit of the Crown for a riot and assault. Mr. Wm. Lloyd Roberts stated that the defendants, who I resided at Morfa Bychan, near Tre' Madoc, stood indicted for a not and assault upon the under-sheriff and bAilifls in the ex- ecution of their duty. Mr. Ormsby Gore had at the last assizes for this county obtained a verdict against the defendant, Henry Richards, in an action of ejectment, and that his clerk had, in company with Mr. Rumsey William"s clerk, who was Mr. Gore's attorney, gone over to Morfa Bychan, in October last, to eject the parties by virtue of a writ of possession and upon that occasion the defendants tiimuhuously assembled together and had committed the most outrageous riot, which would be detailed in evidence before them. Richard Williams, Hugh Williams, Thomas Davies, Benja- min Owen, and Owen Williams were called and proved the riot. The chairman summed up the evidence very minutely, and the jury found the defendants guilty. Sentence-a fine of 20s. j upon each of the defendants. This closed the criminal business of the session. The atteii- 'é., tion of the Court was occupied during several hours by cases of affiliation, which were, we regret to slate, conducted in a manner little calculated to improve the moral feelings of the bystanders. An application was made to the Court, by Mr. Robert Wil- liams, solicitor,for leave to alter the Petit Jury Room, for the accommodation of the Board of Guardians but it was referred to future consideration, it being the opinion of the Bench that the Deputy Sheriff ought to be duly consulted. The routine business of the Court being completed, Mr. George, the gaoler, presented to the lieftch copies of the year's prison expenditure, the pecuniary statements of which fully bear out the commendations made at the opening of the session by the worthy chairman.

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