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Aberdare Police Court.|


Aberdare Police Court. WEDNESD,&Y.-Before Sir T. Marchant Williams (Stipendiary), Messrs. D. W. Jones, and L. N. Williams. ,DRUNKS. Thos. Williams, Hirwain; Wm. Davies, Trecynon, and Hubert Morgan, in Cwra- bach-road, 5s. and costs each. GAMING AT THE CWM. A number of lads were summoned for gaming with cards in Cwm-place, Gadlys. P.C. Bevan said that he saw defend- ants near the Cwm houses. They were playing cards, and when they saw him they absconded, They left two sets of cards behind. One of the defendants held that he was not playing. Stipendiary: You were watching the stakes, I suppose. Some of the defendants were fined 5s. and costs and the others 5s. including costs. BALL PLAYING IN THE STREET. Wm. C. Tolley, Cyril Kerslake, Albert Taylor, John Williams, Wm. H. Pugh, Warriot Edwards, and Lewis Harries were charged with playing ball in the street in Godreaman. P.C. Barnes gave evidence. Fined 2s. 6d. each. DISOBEDIENT AND PROFANE. Lemuel Phillips, who did not appear, was charged with a breach of the Mines Regulation Acts. Mr. W. Kenshole prosecuted. Joseph Durham, fireman at Lletty- shenkin Colliery, said he visited Phillips' working place on July 20th. There were no posts there, and he told witness to put some up. Defendant said he would not do so until he finished some work he had in hand. Witness told him that if he would not do it he would stop him. Defendant replied, "Stop me to h-, then." There was a distance of 18 feet between the posts. Thomas Morris, overman at the col- liery, said that when defendant did put up the posts they were insecure. Defendant was fined 40s. and costs. THREE MEN AND THREE DOGS. BUT NOT MUCH DAMAGE DONE. Meredith Jones, John James Price, and Thomas Lever were summoned for damaging fences the property of the Marquis of Bute. P.S. Kear stated that he saw defend- ants on the Bute property at 11.30 a.m. They were accompanied by three dogs. When they saw him defendants ran away. Asked if they had anything to say, the three defendants testified that they were not near the spot at the time mentioned. Thereupon the officer entered into an animated conversation with the defend- ants. George Morgan, employed by the Mar- quis of Bute, estimated the damage at 5s. He did not know one of the defend- ants. Daniel Evans said that Meredith Jones was with him on the day in question at 10.30. Thomas Jones also gave evidence for the defence, Joseph Durham said that he was in Price's house from 9 a.m. to 1.30, and Price was not out of the house during that time. The dog was in the cot. He saw it when he went into the house. P.S. Kear: Are you related to Price? Witness- I am supposed to be the step- father of his mother. (Laughter.) The Stipendiary said that the three defendants would be let off on payment of costs only- There was not much damage done, BURGLARY AT GADLYS. HOUSE RANSACKED—TWO MEN IN CUSTODY. Michael Kelly and William Taylor, both of no fixed abode, were charged with being on enclosed premises with in- tent to commit felony, and also with burglariously breaking and entering 3, Elm Grove, Gadlys. P.C. Bevan said that at 11.30 p.m. on August 11th he saw defendants going in the direction of Aberdare, one carrying a frail. They turned into Neville-terrace, He had no suspicion on them then. On the Friday he saw them again in Gadlys- road, and became suspicious. They turned into Wayne-street, and he lost sight of them. He heard noise in the premises of Gadlys House, occupied by Mr. Halewood. He went there and saw several matches being lit in front of the house. Then he saw the men hiding under some box tree's near the front win- dow. Asked what they wanted there one of them said, a It is all right, guvnor." He took them into custody. He found on Kelly 5s. 6|d. On Taylor he found 6s. 3d., a black-lead and a knife. Mrs. Catherine M. Rowlands, wife of James Rowlands, residing at the Rock Tnn, Aberaman, said that on Thursday, August 11th, she went to the residence of her parents, 3, Elm Grove, Aberdare. Her parents were away and the house was un- occupied. She went through the whole of the house and saw that everything was all right. In the evening she left and took the key with her. Every door and window was secure. Hugh Thomas, schoolmaster, 4, Elm Grove, stated that he was keeping an eye on the premises of his next door neighbour, Mr. Williams, in his absence. On August 11th he went round the pre- mises in the evening, and. saw everything all right. At 8.45 on Friday morning he observed that a pane of glass in the kitchen window had been broken. He had heard the sound of foosteps in the house about 1 a.m. He did not pay much attention to that, because he thought that Mr. W. R. Williams, the son, might have returned home. Jonn Williams, residing at 3, Elm Grove, said that on August 5th he and Mrs. Williams went away on holiday?, locking up the house. On Saturday, August 13th, in consequence of inform- ation received he returned to Aberdare. He made a thorough search of the house, and found that every room had been ransacked. He found the follow- ing articles missing: Electro-plated tea- pot, washing jug, sugar basin, cream jug, and cake basket; a case of carvers; a silver chain with pendant; silver brooch, green table cloth, bed balance, tin of apricots, tin of lobster, and lls. in money. He valued the whole at £9 3s. 2d. He gave information to the police. On the Sunday he was called to the Gadlys Police Station and saw all the property that he had missed, except the money, the lobster, and the apricots. The two empty tins produced in court by the constable were similar to the tins he had missed. Miss Margaret Williams, daughter oi the last witness, said that she left the sum of lls. in a drawer in her room when she went away; also a lead pencil. P.C. Bevan said that having received information from Mr. Hugh Thomas he went to 3, Elm Grove, and examined the place. He found that a pane of glass in the'kitchen window had been broken and the catch removed. He searched the house, in company with Mr. Thomas, and found every room ransacked and things strewn on the floor. He secured the pre- mises and communicated with Mr. Wil- liams. He made a further search, and at 8 p.m. on Sunday he found a bundle in a garden at the back of Gadlys-road, near Mr. Williams' house. Mr. Williams identified the contents of the bundle as his property. Witness examined the pre- mises of Gadlys House, and under a tree he found empty tins of apricots and lob- ster. They appeared to have been newly opened. The Stipendiary said that the prison- ers would be remanded for a week. Kelly was very anxious to be committed to the Quarter Sessions or Assizes at once, but the Bench would not grant his request TRANSFER. Mr. W. Thomas applied for the 11- dorsement of the licence of the Railway Inn, Trecynon, from John Roberts to Thomas Davies, of Abergwyofi. Granted.

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