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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

18 erthygl ar y dudalen hon

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At the last meeting of the Aberdare Chamber of Trade a strong committee were appointed to make arrangements for this coming event, The Chamber continues to make excel- lent progress. The membership now is nearer 200 than 100, and there is a sum of about = £ 70 in hand. Several new members were enrolled last week. The first year finished with a roll of 99 mem- bers. There is no reason why the second year should not end with double that number. A question thatt will be tackled in real earnest during the coming months will be Incorporation. Though nothing has been heard of it lately it should not be forgotten that Mr. T. W. Griffiths has been collecting valuable information to place before the Chamber of Trade next month. The chairman (Mr. T. Lloyd) re- marked that he was already in the know as to the nature of this inform- ation, and he was of opinion that it would prove extremely useful. He ex- pressed his determination to push the question forward and make a bold bid for a Charter for Aberdare. It is hoped that there will be no di- vision of opinion among the members of the Chamber relative to the Incorpor- ation of the town. There ought not to be any differences on the main principle, because should we succeed, it would mean a substantial saving to the town. Merthyr saved a tremendous sum when it obtained the Charter. The County Council will no doubt do its utmost to frustrate Aberdare's ambition, but Aber- dare, if it shows a united front, ought to be able to defeat them. At the seaside, at the seaside." This, popular song will become more popular than ever because we have now a sea-side imported into the district. Tons of sea- sand have been carted to the Aberdare Public Park. There has already been a great demand for miniature buckets and spades. "Take my word for it," said Lord Roberts, addressing the University of London Officers Training Corps at Cam- berley on Thursday, some day this country will want every man who can use a rifle and every officer who can com- mand men." But what about the women ? "My latest sun is sinking fast, my race is nearly run," was the cheerful hymn which the infants in a Sunday School were singing when a visitor looked in. Just as inappropriate was to hear gTevbeards nearing the allotted span hoarsely but lustily singing at a local Sunday School the other day a hymn which commenced: U I am a little soldier, And only five years old." The Merthyr Corporation has built hundreds of houses for the people, and an urgent demand for more will soon be attended to. Aberdare has had a Hous- ing Scheme for 7 or 8 years, and still it is nothing but a scheme. It is one of those "best laid schemes of mice and men" that the poet mentioned with a. sigh. Once it was complained that Aberdare was placing traction before housing. Well it does not seem that the powers that be are in a hurry to give us either cottages or trams. However, we shall soon have electricity here, for many of our streets have al- ready been opened for the laying of the electric cable. Gas, electricity, and sewerage are a trio that play havoc with our streets. Cwmbach people will be interested and delighted to know that the District Coun- cil Surveyor is in communication with the T.V.R. regarding the proposed new road. It is coming, without a 'doubt, but, like all great movements, slowly. We shall probably have the T.V.E to consent to a road to Cwmbach before they will give their benediction to an approach to the unapproachable station of Aber- cynon.

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