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-=:=:=-=- ¡ Aberdare Horse Show. The annual Horse Show was held on the Aberdare Athletic Grounds on Thurs- day. Luncheon was served at 1 o'clock, Mr. W. Hill, Aberaman, catering. Mr. W. Kenshole, High Constable, President of the Show, occupied the chair, and he was supported by Council- lor L. N. Williams, J.P., Councillor W. Thomas, Mr. A. S. Pleace, Mr. W. R. Morgan, secretary, the judges, and others. The President submitted the Royal Toast, and also proposed the toast of tha judges. He observed that horse breed- ing was one of the most important in- dustries in this country. There were, at present, all kinds of locomotion, but the country should not forget that we had an Army. So long as we had an Army we would require good horses. The local Show Committee were very grateful to the judges for coming such a long way to adjudicate. It was unfortunate that the weather was not so good as might be de- sired, but he felt sure that if, as the re- sult of the bad weather, the show would sustain a financial loss, the people of Aberdare would be prepared to do some- thing towai«ds clearing the deficit. It was the duty of. everyone to support the show, because if such support was not forthcomirg, the show was bound to be discontinued. Mr. Bond, one of the judges, responded. Mr. L. N. Williams proposed "Success 'to the Aberdare Horse Show." He re- marked that the weather was depressing, and that the times were also depressing. (Laughter.) However he would appeal to the committee to keep a stout heart, and then they would be able to weather the storm. Mr. A. S. Pleace and Mr. W. R. Mor- gan responded on behalf of the com- mittee. mittee. Councillor W. Thomas proposed the health of the president, Mr W. Kenshole. Mr. Thomas warmly complimented the High Constable on the splendid manner in which he was discharging his duties. They all knew what a busy man Mr. Xenshole was, but nothwithstanding that he had graced almost every important function with his presence as well as contributed very liberally cut of his pocket. He wished to commend this toast with all possible warmth. Mr. Kenshole was an ideal High Constable. He was glad to see his son present, and he hoped the son would aspire to the same office. (Applause.) He wished the High Constable and his family long life and good health. (Applause.) Mr. Kenshole, on rising to reply, was received with loud cheers. He remarked that he had been greatly touched by the kind words of Mr. Thomas. The confer- ment of the honour upon him came as a great surprise, and he accepfoetf it because he had great regard for Aberdare. What- ever he could do for Aberdare he was prepared to do. He had not held the office for many months yet, but he had tried to carry out the duties conscientious- ly, and to maintain the dignity of the office. He hoped that for the remainder of the period he would be able to con- tinue in the same manner. The duties which devolved upon that high office were important. He called it a high office not because he happened to occupy it, but because it was really a high office. Whatever honour was conferred in oon- nection with that office was not conferred upon Wm. Kenshole, but upon the high Constable. (Applause.) Chairman of Committee, Mr. A. S. Pleace; vice-chairman, Mr. M. Isaac. Committee: Messrs. A. S. Pleace, W. Whiting, D. Rees Jones, H. C. Francis, Lewis Jones, R. P. Jones, W. Winstone Rees. Handicapper, Mr. Thos. Williams, W.R.F.U., Llwynypia. Starter, Mr. A. J. Sheen. Hon. Treasurer, Mr. J. G. Tuckfield. The hon. secretary was Mr. W. R. Morgan, solicitor, Canon-etreet, Aberdare. The following acted as jud,-es:-Heavy horses, Mr. T. Skeats, Whitchurch; har- ness and sadle horses, Mr. George Bond. Alperton, Middlesex. The stewards were Messrs. Morgan Isaac, Lewis Jones, R. P. Jones, and W. Winstone Rees. During the afternoon the Aberdare Town Band, conducted by Mr. Rentier, went through a good programme of music. The following is the prize list:- Dray or Cart Horse, Mare or Geldin:: 1, T. K. Lukey, Darranlas Boy, Mountain Ash; 2, W. Whiting, Oldfield Drayman. Aberdare. Mare or Gelding, used for heavy trade purposes, to be driven: 1, T. -K. Lukey, Darran Las Boy; 2, W. Whiting, Old- field Drayman; 3, T. Williams, Trecynon, Farmer. Single Harness, Mare or Gelding, not exceeding 14.2, driven in a cart for light trade purposes: 1, D. Jones, Mountain Ash, Lady Simon: 2, T. K. Lukey, Dar- ran Silver Trustful; 3, W. Whiting, Sil- ver Queen Single Harness, Mare or Gelding, over 14.2, driven in a cart for light trade pur- poses: 1, Thos. E. Jerman, Dowlais; 2, D. Jones, Mountain Ash, Lady Bang; 3, Lwis Jones, Trecynon, Peggy. Heavy Single Harness, Mare or Gelding, to be driven: 1, T. K. Lukey, Darran Las Boy; 2, W. Whiting, Oldfield Drayman; 3, Thomas Williams, Trecynon, Farmer. Pony, not exceeding 13.2, to be ridden by a boy under 15 years of age: 1, D. Rees Jones, Aberdare, Olwena; 2, J. Williams, Penrhiwceiber, Speekleface; 3, T. E. Jerman. Cob or Hackney, shown in saddle. Mare or Gelding, not exceeding 14.2: 1, D. R. Jones, Aberdare, Bromley Belle: 2, Tom Morgan, Tyiorstown. LonJ:^borough; 3, J. Williams, Penrhiwceiber, SpseHeface. Hackney, Mare or Gelding, shown in saddle, exceeding 14.2: 1, F. W. Jones, Porth, Honourable Maid; 2, Richard Evans, Penygraig, Lady Severn: 3. G. Phillips, Ferndale, Lord Gordon. Single Harness, Mare or Gelding, not exceeding 14.2, local: 1, G. Phillips, Ferndale, HyweFs Syr Horace; 2, Tom Morgan, Tyiorstown, Londesborough; 3, D. R. Jones, Aberdare, Bromley Belle. Single Harness, Mare or Gelding, ex- ceeding 14.2: 1, G. Phillips, Ferndale, Lord Gordon; 2, Richard Evans, Peny- graig, Lady Severn; 3, W. P. Burrows, Troedyrhiw, Blodwen 1st. Best Cob or Hackney, mare or geiding, shown in saddle, not exceeding 14.2 (open): 1, D. R. Jones, Aberdare, Bromley Belle; 2, Tom Morgan, Tyiorstown, Lon- desborough; 3, R. Williams, Brecon, Queen of the Hills. Hackney, Mare or Gelding, shown in saddle, exceeding 14.2 (open): 1, Tom J. Mathias, Cardigan, Reality; 2, A. Butcher, Bristol, Lady Gordon; 3, F. W. Jones, Porth, Honourable Maid. Single Harness Pony, Mare or Gelding, not above 13.2 (open); 1, T. E. Jerman; 2, John Williams, Speckleface; 3, D. Rees Jones, Olwena. Single Harness, Mare or Gelding, ex- ceeding 13.2 and not exceeding 14.2 (open): 1, G. Phillips, Ferndale, Hywet's Syr Horace; 2, D, Rees Jones, Bromley Belle; 3, Tom Morgan, Tyiorstown, Londesborough. Single Harness, Mare or Gelding, ex- ceeding 14.2 (open): 1, A. Butcher, Bris- tol, Lady Gordon; 2, T. J. Mathias, Reality; 3, R. Evans, Penygraig, Lady Severn. Silver Cup for the best Mare or Geld- ing in Classes 7, 8, 10, and 11 F. W. Jones, Porth, Honourable Maid. Silver Cup for the best Hackney in Show: A, Butcher, Bristol, Lady Gordon. This cup was handed over by Mrs Grif- fiths, wife of Mr. T. W. Griffiths, solici- tor. Challenge Bowl, presented by Mr. D. A. Thomas M.P. (open), for competitors in Classes 3, 4, and 5: T. K. Lukey, Darranlas Boy.



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