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Alleged Victimisation of Rev, J. IM. dones. PRr:JIP AL LEWIS DEFENDS THE COLLEGE AUTHORITIES. In the S.W.D.N. for Saturday the fol- lowing letter appears in reference tc a statement made in that newspaper by rr Toplis" concerning the alleged victim- isation of the Rev. J. M. Jones, M.A., Aberdare, and which statement was re- produced in the Leader — Sir,—The paragraph headed "New Theology Leaning" is a jumble of clumsy misstatements. I must apolo- gise for introducing names of persons, but it is necessary to do so in defence of the committee. Toplis" insinuates that the Rev. J. Morgan Jones. Aberdare, Was left out of the committee because he expressed disapproval of the committee's attitude in regard to a certain matter. As far as I am aware, all that Mr. Jones did was to ask a question at a committee held on Wednesday, June 29th, with re- gard to a resolution passed at a meeting of the committee held on Wednesday February 23rd—a committee at which Mr Jones was not present. "Toplis" wants the churches to understand that Mr Jones's "interference cost him his place on the committee. Will you allow me to Point out two or three simple facts in regard to the constitution of the College Committee? Gentlemen are elected on the committee for two years. They are eligible for re-election at the expiration .)f that period, but as the committee consists I of a fixed number of representatives from each county in Wales, and as practically all ministers, and as many laymen, are eligible to be on the committee, it is very seldom that any one-apart from the officials-is on the committee for a longer Period than four years. Glamorganshire is a large county, and is represented on the committee by 36 gentlemen—ministers aQd laymen. There are nearly 400 minis- ters and laymen in Glamorgan who are' eligible to act on the committee, and the Selection Committee is anxious to give everybody an opportunity of showing his Merest in the work of the College by giving him a turn on the College Com- mittee. It has been a rule from time irarnemorial that changes should be made every year in the personnel of the govern- ing body. This year Mr. Jones is one of 24 who were left out in favour of others who will serve for the next two years. Perhaps Toplis would like to see addi- tional samples of his puerile reasoning. I find that the Rev. D. Eurof Walters was left out. It is evident that the College has no love for the Bible Society. Dyfn- allt, Crwys, Mafonwy, R. J. Huws, Elfed, were among the rejected. What further proof is needed that the authorities were bent on making a clean sweep of bards? It is true "T.T." remains. But his in- clusion was probably an omission. The Itev. D. Evans, D.D., Hawen, was not re- elected. It's as clear as daylight that the College can't stand American degrees. The Rev. J. L. Williams, Aberystwyth, | ^as among the victims. Evidence again that Mr. Williams' energetic defence of orthodoxy roused the committee's ire. -he statement that Mr. J. Morgan Jones \Vas omitted from the committee for the ensuing year on account of his theology is equally whimsical, and can have ori- ginated only in a brain bent on mischief. In conclusion, I should like to point 0tlt that Mr. Jones remonstrated (as tt Toplis says) on Wednesday, June 29th. Ille committee for the coming session had been already selected on the previous daY. Mr. Jones's action on the day fol- lowing was the cause of his omission from a committee selected on the day devious. There is an old saying: Post hoc ergo propter hoc." That is some- titnes true. "Toplis" has another "Ante hoc ergo propter hoc." That can only hold in the chaotic uni- "erse which seems to exist in Toplis's Pagination. T. LEWIS. Memorial College, Brecon.

- Soar, Aberdare.

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