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MONEY. FIELDINGS, OLDEST-ESTABLISHED, LARGEST, AND BEST- KNOWN FINANCIERS IN WALES. L-10 TO iC-0,000 To Lend on Approved Note of Hand, Reversions. Life Policies. Personal or other Securities Trade Bills Discounted. Privacy and Prompt:tute Assured. Dis- tance no object. Terms simply and plainly stated before completing business. Apply HAYES BUILDINGS, THE HAYES, CARDIFF. b866/ll MONEY RE- PAYMENTS EASY. 95 repayable 5s. per week, total charge, 7s. 6d tio 10s. „ „ 15s jE25 25s. „ „ 35s 6d £ 50 „ 50s. „ „ 68s Other Sums at similar Rates. Apply for prospectus to — 1 he WESTERN FINANCE ASSOCIATION (LTD ), 17, Working Street, Cardiff. MARXE'1-SQHA.RE CHAMBERS, CHURCH STREET, PONT\PRIDD Attendance at Pontypridd Mondays. 4.30 till 7 p.m. Wednesdays, 11 till 2. Fridays, 4.30 till 7. 3913 MON EY. JT1HE OLD-EST > BUSHED PROVINCIAL UNION -*■ BANK continues to lend immense sums daily, from 910 to P,5,000, on Note of Hand Alone, or other Security, at a few hours' notice, to all classes in any part of England and Wales, repayable by easy instalments. No good application is ever refused. All communications strictly private. Moderate Interest. Special rates 'or short periods. The largest, best known, and most honourably conducted Business in the Kingdom. Thousands of our regular customers have expressed their entire satisfaction in repeated transactions with us. If desired, one of our Officials will attend at your residence at once with Cash, and farry out the advance THRRE AND THEN. Call, or write (in confidence), to the MANASBR MR. STANLEY DOWDING, 1, QUEEN SQCARK, BRISTOL. you CAN BORROW Direct from the Actual Lender- MR. PHILIP MORRIS, 80, TAFF-STREET, pONTYPRIDD, Manager of the South Wales Loan and Finance Co., ANY SUM FROM £ 5 TO £ 1,000 Upon your own Promissory Note and Re-pay to suit your circumstances. No sureties required. Lowest, interest charged. Strict privacy observed in all transactions. Call or write in Confid-nce to- PHILIP MORRIS, at the above address. Applications from all parts receive prompt attention. I I There is nothing more annoying than a t-^mp irary shortage of money, and in any case. you don't care aboufc borrowing from personal friends or relations. There is certainly ^raSfij9& no need to do this when you can » get whatever arjcomtnadacion you j require from us in tie serictest con- fSuntt j fidence. Mike an appointmeat and I we will tell you what arrangement S we can mike to suit you. 9HH GEORGE FRY & CO. S 11, Dynavoi* Place, mBB SWANSEA, I WANTED. WANTED a respectable lad as an ap- prentice, wages first week. Apply, Thomas & Co., Emporium, Penygraig. b945/87 COR SALE, PARROT. — Handsome young gray bi>d ID splendid plumage. Very talkative. Good whistler. 14s. With cage 18s. 6d. Robbins, 44, Chaucer road, Acton, W. C22189 THOM4.S Street, Tonypandy. House for Sale. Most excellent position for business. Write Box 743, "Leader" Office, Tonypandy, FOR SALE, house in Park terrace, Clydacli Yale, cheap. Apply—Box 12, Rhondda Leader" Offices, Tonypandy. 4712 LADDERS, Ladders for builders, painters, farmers, window cleaners, &c. exten- sion ladders always in stock; also painter's steps, tressles, &c. Special offer to painters. Send for full particulars and price list.-3, Darran Street, Cathays, Cardiff. 4726 BARGAIN-Lady's magnificent Cycle, highest grade Coventry machine, new at Xmas, not soiled; Clincher tyres, plated rims. genuine Crabbe roller brakes back and front, Perry's ball free wheel highest finish and beautiful model all accessories no use to owner sacrifice £4 108., worth double approval before cash sent.—K. Stuckey, Oak Villa, Clarendon road, Weston-super-Mare. B943/96 FISH, FISH. Fishmongers, Hawkers, &c., write to C. H. Cowburn, Fish Docks, Swansea. Lowest market prices. 4371 FUNERAL STOCK, Second-hand hearses Jf iC30, 20 new patterns, landaus -f40, hansoms £ 20, brakes, easy terms, catalogues Marston's, Bradford Street, Birmingham.. B869i 1 JOINERY Supplied to Castle or Cottage, Church or Chapel; also Turnery of all kinds, round or square.-Apply to the Barry Dock Steam Joinery Company, Limited, Barry Dock. B934/93 TO LET. FURNISHED Apartments for two young f men in business. Moderate terms. Write—Box 75, "Rhondda Leader Office, » Tonypandy. ONE "Large Room to let in centre of Tonypandy. Suit Dentist or Insurance Company.-Apply, H Milton. b941j86. OCK-UP SHOP to let July 1st, best t J position in Cly^ach Vale. Suit Hair- dresser and Tobacconist, or other light trade. Two windows. Write-Box B38, "Leader" Office, Tonypandy. ■- MUSICAL PHIL JONES late Pupl of Signer Moretty, it R.A.M. (London), is open to receive engagements for Oratorios, Miscellaneous Concerts, etc. Moderate fee. Dr. Randegger says He possesses a decidedly beautiful tenor voice most pleasing to listen to." Copies of testimonials on application. Address, Phil Jones, Tonyrefail. 400 R. R. JONES, A.Mas. L.C.M., has ill vacancies for Pupils in Pianoforte and Organ, Harmony, Counterpoint. Lessons given, if desired, on the Vinrii Clavier Method, also lessons given in the Pianist's Harmony Course, in which every Principle taught, both in Language and Notes, introducing Writing, Playing and Transposing sit Sight of simple Harmonies, such as the Tonic and its attend- ant Harmonies, Cadences, rtc. Pupils passed with Honours at Trinity Col lege. For terms, etc., apply to 2, Hill Street, Penygraig. Mr. Jones has passed the Mu-ieal portion of Associate of Music, Trinity CuUege of Music. 4461 TWO beautiful sacred Songs worth sing- JL ing-" Come unto Me, ye weary," by Frank G. Ward, and Love divine," by Fred G. Bennett. Post free 1/6 each. Rowlands' Music Stores, Castle Arcade, Cardiff. C16/97 To Students of the Violin and Piano. Miss Edith lies, C.V., T.C.L., PBNARTH, Visits Porth weekly, and is open to receive Pupils. Piano, Violin. Harmony, Theory, and Sight-Reading Taught. Pupils prepared for all Examinations. Miss ILES has had successes in all branches, and many Candidates have obtained Honours. The Art ofaccompanying taught if desired. Terms Appy ELLENDALE, PENARTh 4731 EDUCATIONAL. COLLIERY MANAGERS Examinations c Mine's In-P ctorate. Scholarships, Sur- veying, Electrical and Mining Mathematic's Examinations'. Candidates Successfully Pre- pared Lessons by Post. 61 out of 62 Students qualified last Cardiff Managers' Examination' WI ite for Syllabus, Cambrian Mining School Glanffrwd, Porth. b917/88 SHIPPING. JfdlS§ __c_ Weekly Service from Liverpool. PAST Luxurious accommodation in allc lass- ■ iup es at moderate fares—only four days open sea. Emigrants met at Liver- TO pool by Canadian Pacific Officials. For M I sailings, pamphlets and information as QANAOA. to opiiortuniles in Canada, apply to Canadian Pacific Railway, 18. St. Augustine's Parade. Bristol, or Local Agents everywhere. INVENTIONS. HUGO Lester, Patent Expert. Inventors M Supply Depot, 32, Queen Street, Cardiff, does all business in patents for inventors in South Wales. Call or write. C19/11 MISCELLANEOUS MADAM Vesta, Palmist, direct from Olympia, London, can be consulted at 26, Wyndham Arcade, Cardiff. C20/87 Swansea. 'THE W WERLEY TEMPERANCE HOTEL & COFFEE TAVERN, bottom of High Street, and opposite Tram Car Terminus, Large Bar, Dining and Commercial Rooms. Hot Dinners daily, 12-30 to 3. Beds, Billiards. 4661 TEAGUELINE HERBS for constipation, JL blood, liver, and kidney complaints, sciatica, piles, boils, sores, and eruptions. Blood is life, and diseases such as thess can only be permanently cured by purifying the blood. Sufferers, give it a tria', and test its value. The greatest Spring medicine of the age for young or old. Sent post free, one packet for lOd or 3 for 2/—TEAGUE, Station St, Newport, Mon. C17/97 SEND stamp for advice to Mrs. Watson, Herbalist, arid Lady Specialist—Address 10, Guinea Street, Bristol. B928/92. TRIMNELL'S Pills and Powders have JL cured thousands. Why not you? See that you get "Established 1879" on every label .-Trirnnell, The Herbalist, 144, Rich- mond-road, Cardiff. Agents wanted. C*A PAGE Book about Herbs and how to 0~4: use them, post free; send for one. Trimnell, The Herbalist, 144, Richmond-road, Cardiff. Established 1879. Please not the address. nnO Prevent Fraud see that you get A "Established 1879" on every label and wrapper of Trimnell's Preparations, without which none are genuine.— Trimnell, The Herbalist, 144, Richmond-road, Cardiff. B942195 IMPORTANT TO MOTHERS. Every Mother who values the health and cleanliness of her child should use HARRISON'S Reliable" NURSERY POMADE. One application kills all Nits and Vermin, beautifies and strengthen the Hair. In tins 4Jd. and 9d., postage Id. George W. Harrison, Chemist, Reading. Agents, Emrys Richards, Chemist, Coedy- mei ion, Tonypandy; D. E. Davies, Chemist, Treorchy W. R. Williams, Chemist, Medical Hall, Tylorstown; J. P. Lewis, Chemist, Medical Hall. Ynyshir. GREY HAIR permanently and speedily restored to its original colour by using HARRISON'S HAIR COLOUR RESTORER. It is not a dye, but by natural me na acts as a rrstorative. Contains nothing njurious, and is beneficial to the growth and beauty of the Hair. In bottles, price Is. 6d. (postage 3d. extra). Manu acturer:—G. W. HARRISON, Hair Specialist. Read- ing- Agentfor Tonypandy: Emrvs Richards, The Dun aven Pharmacy Pentre: David George, Chemist. B801-86. Telegrams—"Mackerel, Swansea." Corporation Telephone—350 P. MOLYNEUX, Ltd., Steam Trawler Owners & Smack Managers, and Fish Merchants, 120, HIGH STREET, SWANSEA. Special attention paid to customers for Headless Fish for Frying Write for Quotations 3470 D. McNEIL, 46, Robert Street, CARDIFF, Gives Best Prices for all kinds of Old Metal, Rags, and Rabbit Skins. Bores-Thesiger Street, CARDIFF. Nat. Tel. 210X1 Telegrams-" Concerted, Cardiff." Established 1844, Government Contractora. BRADSHAW & SON, ASPHALTE PAVING CONTRACTORS, etc. Contractors to the Cardiff, Barry, Glamorgan, Monmouth Educa- tion Committees, and other Public bodies. Special Quotations and Extended Terms of main tenance for Public Schools, Playgrounds, etc. Office and Works, Dumballs Road, CARDIFF. Nat. Tel. 2185. LIGHT PORTABLE"RAILWAYST"T?P WAGONS, SWITCHES, TURN- TABLES, AND CONTRACTORS' PLANT OF ALL DESCRIPTION. LARGEST STOCK IN WALES & WESTERN COUNTRIES FRANK MUNN, Dumballs Road, CARDIFF. Nat. Tel 1190. Telegrams." Munn, Cardiff." 4702 THE WONDERFUL MACHINE WITH THE HUMAN VOICE! jMI Natural Tone. No Scratching JPHf Voice [_• >v Would you like to hear it? A perfect machine complete with handsome polished cabi- Jlf net, floral horn, sapphire „ ,^Jnf sound-oox, and 3 double sided IjlF —M records, 35s., carriage paid. Satisfaction guaranteed or ijgflj money returned. Write for lists CHAS. KINSHOTT, Original Talking Machine Depot, 98, St. Mary Street, CARDIFF. 4735 SHOP SUN BLINDS. We are the only makers in South Wales who devote ENTIRE attention to the ahove classs of blinds, ) Prices on Application. J. MASON & Co., Crown Blind Works Wyeverne Road, CARDIFF. Nat. Tel. 04571. 2 Those who want to make their Gardening Profitable should buy their Garden & Flower e:, Seeds from T. DAVIES, Chemist and Seedsman, The Bridge* Phapmacyl Porth. 4303 Public Notices. Rhondda Urban District Council. EDUCATION COMMITTEE. TENDERS are invited for the Supply JL of Five Suits of Uniform with Caps, together with Leggings and Mackintoshes, similar to those now worn by the Atten- dance Officers. Sealed Tenders, accompanied by samples of cloth, &c., with prices plainly marked thereon, must be sent to the undersigned not later than Tuesday, March 30th. The Council do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender, and reserve to themselves the, right to accept the whole or any part of any Tender. T. W. BERRY, Director of Education. Council Offices, Pentre, Rhondda, March 17th, 1900. 4752 .Private Street Works Act, 1892. IN THE MATTER of the PRIVATE STREET WORKS resolved to be exe- cuted by the RHONDDA URBAN DIS- TRICT COUNCIL in a certain Street known as Brewery Terrace, situate at Pontygwaith, in the District of the said Council. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Court of Summary Jurisdiction sit- ting at the Police Court, Ton-Pentre, in the County of Glamorgan, has appointed Monday, the 5th day of April, 1909, at 10 o'clock a.m., at the Police Court, Ton- Pentre, aforesaid, for the purpose of hearing and determining the matter of all objections made to the carrying out of the above-mentioned works by the said Council. Dated this 18th day of March, 1909. W. P. NICHOLAS, 4750 Clerk of the said Council. Private Street Works Act, 1892. IN THE MATTER of the PRIVATE STREET WORKS resolved to be exe- cuted by the RHONDDA URBAN DIS- TRICT COUNCIL in certain Streets known as Bank Street, Belle Vue Street, and Hendre Terrace, situate at Penygraig, in the District of the said Council. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Court of Summary Jurisdiction sit- ting at the Police Court, Ton-Pentre, in the County of Glamorgan, has appointed Monday, the 5th day of April, 1909, at 10 o'clock a.m., at the Police Court, Ton- Pentre, aforesaid, for the purpose of hearing and determining the matter of all objections made to the cprying out of the above-mentioned works by the said Council. Dated this 18th day of March, 1909. W. P. NICHOLAS, 4749 Clerk of the said Council. Private Street Works Act, 1892. IN THE MATTER of the PRIVATE STREET WORKS resolved to be exe- cuted by the RHONDDA URBAN DIS- TRICT COUNCIL in a certain Street known as Bryn Terrace, Birchgrove, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Court of Summary Jurisdiction sit' ting at the Police Court, Ton-Pentre, in the County of Glamorgan, has appointed Monday, the 5th day of April, 1909, at 10 o'clock a.m., at the Police Court, Ton- Pentre, aforesaid, for the purpose of hearing and determining the matter of all objections made to the carrying out of the above-mentioned works by the said Council. DatecT this 18th day of March, 1909. W. P. NICHOLAS, 4748 Clerk of the said Council. Rhondda Urban District Council- PRIVATE STREET WORKS ACT, 1892, IS HEREBY GIVEN that at a Meeting of the Rhondda Urban District Council, held in the Council Chamber at Pentre, on the 12th day of March, 1909, the Surveyor submitted to the Council (a) Specifications of Private Street Works, with Plans and Sections; (b) Estimates of the probable expenses of the Works; and (c) Provisional Apportionments of the estimated expenses among the Premises liable to be charged therewith comp-risinv the particulars prescribed in Part I. of the Schedule to the Private Street Works Act, 1892, as respects Abertonllwyd Street, Hill Street, and Brynfedwen Street, situate at Treherbert, within the District of the said Council. And it was resolved That the said Specification, Plans, Sections Estimates, and Provisional Apportionments be and the same are. hereby approved." NOTICE is hereby further given that the approved Specifications, Plans, Sec- tions, Estimates, and Provisional Appor- tionments (or copies thereof certified by the Surveyor) will be kept deposited at. the Offices of the said Council, situate in I Llewellyn Street, Pentre, and be open during the office hours thereat to inspec- tion by the owners of the premises shewn as liable to be charged in the Provisional Apportionments for a period of One I Month from the 20th day of March, 1909, being the date of the first publication of this Notice, during which period any I person or persons affected thereby may, I in pursuance of Section Seven of the said Act, by written notice served on the Council, object to the proposals on any of the grounds in such Section specified. Dated this 20th day of March. 1909. W. P. NICHOLAS, 4751 Clerk to the Council. WINNING Numbers of Gwilym Young's tV Prize Drawing248, 3170, 4381, 297, 4610, 2257, 5773, 13, 3702, 5359, 1672, 2581, 381, 4045, 4850, 149, 5906, 4990, 4057, 2468, 4455, 3145, 3721, 4395, 5880, 787, 387, 2967, 758, 2554, 3724, 5604, 73, 3605, 326, 3840, 5911, 4664, 5930, 3610. Rhondda Intermediate School, Porth. Entrance Scholarship Examina- tions, 1909. THE following Scholarships are offered by the Governors to pupils from Elementary Schools, tenable for the year 1909-1910. These Scholarships may be renewed from year to year. 14 Scholarships are offered to boys, and 12 'to girls To the first boy, and the first girl in order of merit, £6 each. To the second boy and the second girl in order of merit, £5 each. To the third boy, and the third girl in order of merit, E-4 each. The remainder will be of the annual value of 93 each. The value of these Scholarships in certain eases may he augmented by such an amount as would cover the cost of rail or tram fare, and other incidental expenses. The examination will be divided into two parts, viz. :-Part I., which will take place on June 4th, 1909 and Part II., which will take place as soon as possible afterwards. The Syllabus of the Examination may be obtained from the undersigned or from the Headmaster. The names of all candidates must be sent to the Clerk of the Local County School Governors by the Head Teachers of their respective Schools, or by the Parents or Guardians of Candidates, not later than Friday, April 2nd, 1909, on Forms to be obtained on application, by letter or other- wise, to the Clerk, or to the Headmaster of the County School. Candidates must be under 13 years of age on August 1st, 1909. A Certificate of Birth must be forwarded for each Candidate at the same time as the entry Form, or in the absence of a Certificate a Statutory Declaration. Without the pro- duction of a Certificate or Statutory Declara- tion no Candidate will be allowed to sit at the Examination. Such Certificates and Statutory Declarations will be duly returned. W. T. DAVIES, 4745 Clerk to the Governors, Porth. OiI H. MARKS, BOOT MERCHANT, 91, Cemetery Road, Trealaw' Supplies Boots' and Shoes of every description at 1 s. Weekly or for Cash. Cheapest House in the Trade. Send P.C. and a Representative will call at any address. 4682 Fluf & Kalteilbach, Watchmakers, Jewellers and Silversmiths, 6, Hannah Street, PORTH, Ournew Shop Front is now replete with the finest dis- play of JEWELLERY, GOLD GUARDS and NECKLETS of high-class make and finish, in the now fashionable styles. A variety of PENDANTS in 9-ct. and 15-ct. gold. The latest Designs in GOLD BRACELETS and BANGLES, plain and engraved, set and unset, SPECIALITY •— Wedding I{eeper il1gs, Cem ings. Wedding Rings of exceptional width stocked in all sizes. A Present given with each Wedding Ring. W A Good Selection of Solid Silver and Silver-plated Articles in stock for Wedding Presents and Birthday Gifts. Repairs of every description. 4744 "Established over 25 Years. fT'UNHURT i/BYTHESHQCK/ g Messrs. E. MEREDITH & JOHN DAVIES jj S of 2, Town Hill, Swansea, tell of their Et experience on March 8th last when g sa blasting rock with high explosives H in Sindennin Colliery. They left a B jj Watch (one of PURSER'S) in a waist- g coat pocket six yards away, and returning after the explosion, ex- pecting to find it shattered to pieces- FOUND IT G0INC ALL RIGHT M and they conclude N "WE ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDING g B YOUR WATCHES HERE." H THAT WAS ONE OF 1 BimQrs'c FAMOUS I runocn « WATCHES ■ AfiD WHAT IS SAID OF THAT ONE fa iS SAID OF ALL BY THE THOUSANDS fg m WHO WEAR THEM DAILY. FOR g I STENGTH, ACCURACY, LASTING WEAR i I AND CHEAPNESS, THEY HAVE NO EQUAL |g 1 BETTER jYo ith's strong,reliable Nickel A/J| 11 I H WATCHES Watches. Worth 5/6 A/5» f| I BETTER Choice Solid Gold Diawond C/g g IS icutra c & Ruby Usually 10/6 *»/ jg| |g j7xl;a-. Ktron Four Bottle £ 3 i HALF D nner Cruets. Usually J/§ P j I USUAL so d at 8/6 gj I 1! PRiGES The Workman's stroi. Soiid^j ft /gj jfij J Silver Lever Watch. t&j'iz g, pi DOUBLE Handed from Father to Son. ||| If SAVINGS Finest Watch value of the dnv. ||| I FROM FACTORY B REST. A MONTH'S FREE jfe" TRIAL. ORDERS BY I'GST SENT EACH B i TH £ BRITiSH s WATCH'-MEM EEEjrf Cardiff—2, Queen St., St. John' Sq. Corner. m ^u Newport—25, High Street, p} Swansea—84, Oxford Street. if iiv ] T 1111 mmi HI nil ii in mi fl 7 ) Your Eyes are Your Wage i Earners. r- Anything short of perfect vision diminishes the earning powers. In these days I of rush and worry, good eyesight i~ an absolute necessity. It will probably be 8 money in your pocket to have them attended to now. w. p. CARYL, F.S.M C •« testing Specialist, I I 16, High Street, Arcade, CARDIFF. And 15, Union Street, Swansea. 16, High Street, Arcade, CARDIFF. And 15, Union Street, Swansea. LEAGUE OF pROGREbSIVE THOUGHT AND SOCIAL SERVICE. President: Rev. R. J. CAMPBELL, M.A. SOUTH WALES CONFERENCE, j^"EW rjlOWN H ALL,pONTYPRIDD Tuesday, April 6th, 1909. Monday, April 5th, CONFERENCE SERMON, at TABERNACLE CHAPEL, FERNDALE, 8 p.m. Preacher Rev. R. J. CAMPBELL. Tuesday, April 6th. 9 a.m., DEVOTIONAL MEETING-Mr. CAMPBELL Presiding. 10 a.m., LEAGUE SESSION—For Members Only. 12 p.m., CONFERENCE ON SOCIAL SUBJECTS: Chairman: Rev. R. J. CAMPBELL, M.A. I. Resolution on Women's Suffrage Mover: Mrs. DESPARD. Seconder Rev. ERIC DAVIES. II. Resolution on Unemployment Mover: Rev. GEORGE NEIGHBOUR. Seconder: Rev. E. R. DENNIS. 3 p.m., CONFERENCE ON PROGRESSIVE RELIGIOUS THOUGHT. Chairman: J. ALLANSON-PICTON, Esq., M.A., J.P. (Penmaenmawr). I. "The Meaning and Value of Comparative Religion Rev. J. PARK DAVIES, B.A., B.D. II. "The Sunday School on Modern Lines:" Rev. J. MORGAN JONES, M.A. III. "Divine Immanence:" Rev. E. W. LEWIS, M.A., B.D. 7.30 p.m., GREAT PUBLIC DEMONSTRATION. Chairman: Sir RICHARD STAPLEY, J.P. (London). Speakers Rev. K. J. CAMPBELL, M.A.; Countess RUSSELL Rev. T. RHONDDA WILLIAMS- Rev. G. T. SADLER, B.A., LL.B. Soloist Miss MAY CAMPBELL. Admission will be made the Evening Meeting by Free Ticket only, but there will be a limited number Reserved Seats at II-each. A Silver Collection will be made at the After- noon and Evening Meetings. For Tickets etc., apply W. T. OWEN (Organiser for Wales), 39, Cardiff Street, Treorchv* or to any of the Branch Secretaries. 4746 /'Clous COCOA China, Earthenware, and 6!d. Bazaar Goods.' Teas, 1/3; Breakfast, 2/ Plates, 4d. Dinner Plates, II; Fluted Teas, 1/3. All other Goods equally as Cheap. Send for particulars of our sample ZI Jrate. Shorthouse and Co., China and Earthenware Manufacturers, Chan- cery Lane, Longton, Staffordshire, or South Wales Warehouse, 39 and 41, Westgate Street, Cardiff (Opposite the General Po&t Office). Lists free. c21/89 SPRING 1909. Don't place your Order for the Spring until you inspect our stock of New Spring Goods. All the very latest Designs, Compare our prices :— £ s. d. Lierapnon Serge Suit (reg-d) from 1 17 6 to order Devressr" Tweed Suit (regd) 1 15 0 Cashmere Suitings (Marvellous value) 3 3 0 „ Gents' Frock Suit (Perfect Fit) 3 3 0 Smart and Up-to-date Trousers „ 0 10 6 Ladies Costumes (A Speciality) 3 3 0 All Cut by expert Cutters and made on the Premises. The only address in South Wales- G. C. DEAN "THE TAILOR," 85a, Taff Street, PONTYPRIDD (Next door to Boot's Cash Chemist). Troch Gwlad nag Argiwydd i"'¡I; EXCELSIOR BUILDINGS. DE WINTON STREET, TONYPANDY Telephone No. 77 .0. Tonypandy.


"The Moabitess