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Labour Topics,


Labour Topics, [From Our Labour Correspondent.] The scaremongers are at it again, and we are led to believe that our Navy supremacy is being undermined and that we are running the risk of our homes being invaded by the Germans. The one depressing feature of these scares, which the British public has been subject to so much recently, is that it tends to foster hatred amongst a section of both countries which is being ignored in these matters:, namely, the working classes. There is good reason for believing that the best feeling at present exists between the British and German workman, as evi- denced by the deputations of both coun- tries last year. The history of past wars conclusively .shows that they have not been brought about by the workers, but by those who seek to gain at the -expense of others. The greed of expansion of Empire has played its share in this con- nection. The Tariff Reform movement is but an incentive towards the same pur- pose. The manly protest of Mr. Arthur Henderson and Mr. Macpherson on behalf of the Labour Party was timely and wise, and should convince our German workers as to who are the real instigators of these movements. The Government will be well advised to take into their confidence the working classes, and not be carried away by the god Imperialism. Is it too much to expect the pulpit to make its voice heard upon this question, and thus save the nation from pursuing this maddening policy which must in- evitably lead to destruction? I hear a, good report of a meeting addressed by Prof. T. Levi on Land Reform." He commented strongly upon the housing conditions of the Rhondda. It is to be hoped that the four Coun- cillors who were present will consider his remarks upon what is undoubtedly a grave matter. Last year, this question was put in the front by the Labour can- didates. The Housing Acts have not been adopted by the Rhondda Council, although its neighbours—Pontypridd, Aberdare, and Merthyr—have. The power of property is still a, dominant force upon the Council, and it is for Labour to increase the little band already there to reap anything sub- stantial in the housing question. Statistics just issued show that during 1908 there were 1,136 fatal accidents in coal-mines, one death for every 230,000 tons raised. This is a heavy penalty which colliery workers are subject to and still one would imagine by the witnesses before the Royal Commission upon the Eight Hours that the coal-mine was a little paradise. It only goes to show how far removed are these people from the actual state in which working men are situated. Out of 176 pupil teachers leaving a training college last year, 74 are without permanent employment, and 54 have not even temporary posts. The teaching pro- fession, in face of these figures, does not look promising. The Education Depart- ment's orders last week to reduce the iiumber of scholars in classes will lead to efficiency and the taking on of more teachers. According to the Board of Trade reports just out, it appears that one hour's work in England buys lOd. worth of necessaries of life one hour's work in Germany 6-,1d. and France 5 3-5d. Tariff Reform, after that, is a misnomer.

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