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Britannic Assurance Company, Ltd. (Formerly called British Workman's and General). Established 1866. Chief Offices BROAD STREET CORNER, BIRMINGHAM. Extracts from the DIRECTOR'S REPORT for the year ending December 31st, 1908. Notwithstanding the prevailing depression in trade and a somewhat abnormal increase in claims, SUBSTANTIAL IMPROVEMENT is shewn in the Company's INCOME, FUNDS, and BUSINESS. The INCOME from all sources amounted to Rl,200,456, shewing an INCREASE for the year of £ 52,120. The ACCUMULATED FUNDS amounted to L2,192,107, shewing an INCREASE for the year of £ 200,627. CLAIMS.—The Total payments for the year amounted to C,569,210, inclusive of £ 142,939 paid under Maturing Endowment and Endowment Assurance Policies. The TOTAL AMOUNT paid by the Company to its Assurants in both Branches up to 31st December, 1908, was £ 6,370,468. The Annual Valuation has been made. by Mr. Thomas G. Ackland, F.I.A., the Company's Consulting Actuary. After making full provision for all increased liabili- ties, and applying tip wards of £ 100,000 in enhancing the stringency of the Valuation bases in both Branches, Mr. Ackland reports a net surplus of £ 44,071. Under his advice, the Directors declare the amount of £ 26,100 available for distribution amongst the participating Policyholders and Shareholders, thus again providing a ReVOCBiollaryBollus of 30s. per cent. for the year to all participating Policyholders in the Immediate Profit class, and making adequate provision for those in the Accumulated Profit class. S. J. PORT, Secretary. FREDK. T. JEFFERSON, Chairman. Gentlemen able to influence good business will find the Company's Agency terms very remunerative. Apply Local District Office. SuperintEmdent 119, Dunraven Street, Tonypandy: H. REES. 86, Bute Street, Treorchy: T. THOMAS. 1, Station Street, Porth: T. WILLIAMS. Market Square Chambers, Pontypridd: J. A. PRING. Inspector for South Wales and Moiimoutlishire:-T. DA VIES, 12, Green St., Neath.

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