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Britannic Assurance Co., Ltd. In the extracts from the directors' report to the above company for the past year, it will he found that the company is maintaining its prosperity and has added the satisfactory amount of £200,627 as the result of the, year's business to the accumulated funds, which have now reached the substantial figure of R2,192,107. The total income is shown as :E1,209,456 being an increase for the year of £52,120 over that of 1907. The annual valuation was made by Mr. T. G. Ackland, F.I.A., the consulting actuary, as a result of which the sum of tio0loco has been applied to further strengthen the bases' of the valuation in both branches, a net surplus of t44,071 has been disclosed, and the directors have declared the sum of JE26,100 divisible amongst the participating policy-holders and shareholders, which will enable a sum of 30s. per cent. to be allotted as a reversionary bonus for the year to all policy-holders participating, in the imme- diate profit class, and including adequate provision for policy-holders in the accumu- lated pront classes. The total amount of claims paid during the vear amounted to .6569,210, including ?142,939 paid under maturing endowment and endowment assurance policies. The total amount paid by the company to its assurants up to 31st December, 1908, was .€6,370,468. The report is very satisfactory and the figures set forth above are in themselves the best recommendation in favour of the Society. We understand there is an opening for additional agents in this district, and the local superintendents of the company, whose addresses will be found at the foot of the company's report which appears in another part of this issue, will be pleased to supply any farther information.


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