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Telephone P.O. I For ARTIFICIAL TEETH J. DAYIES-E7AWS, 3, High St., Treorehy Attendance Daily—Hours 10 a.m. to 8p.m. Thursdays, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Welsh and English Spoken. 4b4fe> r "¡:¡jl-o. ,ki If THE f| |,|SAU| By reason of the High Quality of our Goods and the Genuine Reductions made in Prices, our Sales are recognised as the Greatest Bargain Events of the year. Send for Catalogues of the Great Summer Sale (which is now on). It is full of Bargains in Drapery, Fashions and Furnishing Goods well -worth securing.- BEN EVANS & Go. LIMITED, SWANSE a. 4737 THE EMPIRE GUARANTEE And Insurance Corporation, Ltd Authorised Capital- 2500,000 Chief Office 247, West George St., Glasgow London Office: Empire House, 66 to 68, Fins- bury Pavement, E.C. Last Bonus to "With Profit" Policies 35/- per cent. FIRE, LIFE, ANNUITY, ACCIDENT, SICK- NESS, BURGLARY, PLATE GLASS, FIDELITY GUARANTEE, HORSE AND VEHICLE (Third Party), WORKMEN'S COMPENSATION, MOTOR CAR, CYCLE, and COUPON INSURANCE AT LOW RATES. PROSPECTUSES SENT ANYWHERE. gents, with connections, are offered Special Commission Terms. APPLICATIONS INVITED. A. ROBERTSON-OOWPER, J.P., General Manager. Free Insurance For Workers (MALE AND FEMALE), Who read the "Leader" ACCIDENT ASSURANCE for Workers specially guaranteed by the Empire Guarantee and Insurance Corporation, Limited. Authorised Capital, -2600,000. Chief Office: 247, West George Street, Glasgow. London Office: Empire House, 66 to 68, Finsbury Pavement, E.C. M20 Will be paid by the above Corporation to the Person whom the Corporation shall decide to be the next-of-kin of ANY WORKER (Male or Female) Over 14 and under 65 years of age, who may be killed as the result of an acci- dental injury sustained While engaged at his or her ordinary occupation in the UNITED KINGDOM, or who shall have been fatally injured thereby, should such accident be the direct, primary, and sole cause of death within twenty-eight days thereafter. PROVIDED, and it is of the essence of this Contract and a condition precedent to any liability on the part of the Cor- poration —(1) That the person so killed or fatally injured is the bona-fide owner of Twelve Coupons, bearing the date of each of the Twelve weeks immediately preceding the accident which resulted fatally; (2) That prior to the accident for which the claim is made, his or her usual signature and address shall have n written in ink or pencil in the spaces pro- vided below; (3) That written notice of death or injury be given to the Empire Guarantee and Insurance Corporation, Ltd., 247, West George Street, Glasgow, as soon as possible, but within Seven days of the accident; (4) That full particulars of the Accident, a copy of the Certificate of Registration of Death, and the Coupons under which the Claim is made be fur- nished by the person claiming, upon request or the same by the Corporation; ana (5) That Compensation will not be paid to the extent of more than IF M20 in respect of the death of any one holder of Coupons. In order to extend the Insurance Benefit to New Readers of THE RHONDDA LEADER, MAESTEG, GARW, AND OGMORE TELEGRAPH," the Corporation will pay as in respect of Three duly signed Coupons for the Three consecutive weeks imme- diately preceding the date of the acci- dent, or mio in respect of Six duly signed Coupons for the Six consecutive weeks immediately preceding the date of the accident, sub- ject always to the limits, terms and con- ditions above-mentioned. Signature Address .I Saturday, July 17, 1909. CERTAIN CURE FOR HARD AND SOFT CORNS PAINLESS AND HARMLESS. In Bottes, Price I}. by Post, 1/1 from the Proprietors— D, MOHOnLI4 & CO. (Late J. Mundy), Chemist, 1, HIGH STREET CARDIFF., IT IS TIME TO TAKE D&VIES' Tic Mixture When you suffer from TIC, NEURALGIA & FACEACHE. TRY IT! 1,1 h PER BOTTLE. Prepared and sold by T. DAVIES Pharmaceutical Chemist, PORTH, Agent for Mid.Rhondda- JNO. DAVIES, Chemist 14, Dunraven Street, TONYPANDY. ——I——BBW^ For WATCHES, CLOCKS and 1 JEWELLERY go to I J. NOVINSKY Watchmaker, Jeweller & Optician. IMP* Wedding Rings and Gold Chains a Speciality. 105, DUNRAVEN STREET, (liloriah Chapel,/) TONYPANDY Trams stop close to Door. 4817 m ARTIFICIAL LEGS m Light Weight, Strong. Comfortable. Ml HANDS. A R Ip-a S. m. m HI Artificial Eyes from 7/6 w g CRUTCHES, LEG IR0N8 &c. |g Makers of the ^#0 STEELLESS EASIFIlr I TRUSS, (Illustrated list (R.L.) free) Nat. Tel-1282 Ml ALLEN PEARCE, Ml 23, Charles Street, ||| (Off Queen Street), CARDIFF 4596 CTvTJ oVt <7To JWx) cfTv) WILLIAMS' (PONTARDAWE) WORM LOZENGES. For over Fifty Years this highly valuable Remedy has met with the greatest success. The effect upon Weak, Delicate Children (often given up as incurable), is like Magic. Getting rid of his tormenting pests by taking these lozenges, the thin, pale-faced, inanimate Child be- comes strong, healthy, and lively, the pride, instead of the anxiety of his guardians. Sir,—I have for some tin-e used your Anthelmintic or Worm Lozenges in my family, and find them a very speedy and, efficacious cure for ascearides, and their agreeable and convenient form Is agreat recommendation for children.—W. HUTCHINSON, Vicar of Howdon." Sold at 9id, 13Jd, and 2s 9d per box, by local Chemists or for 14 or 34 stamps from J. Davies, Chemist, 30, High Street, Swansea. A list of testimonials, symptoms, &c., on application. 4201 HOWELL WILLIAMS & SON, Undertakers & Funeral Furnishers -m- 1 Funerals completely famished in the best style, and a reasonable charges. Proprietors of Shelibiers, Open Closed and Glass-sided Hearses, Mourning and Wedding Coaches. Brakes, etc. Every requisite for Funerals kept on the premises. William Street, Yetrad Rhondda P.O. Teletlhoo 59 298 COAL! COAL! Best Steam Coal delivered to any address £ 1 per ton. Half Ton, 10/6. Charles Roderick, 5, Victoria Street, TREALAW. vOAL YARD—Behind Hopkin Morgan's Bake- house, Trealaw. 4665 IDEAKIN'SI WONDERFUL FEVERM AND INFLAMMATION REMEDIES & PILLS M will immediately arrest the course of I |g the disease and prevent dangerous |1 H complications. Their antiseptic heal- II H| ing and life-giving properties, have g|| f|| proved for many years a boon, and 9 jH blessing to thousands of sufferers. II S REMEMBER I DEAKIN'S Pain and M Disease Killers go to the source of disease H| || —inflamed tissue—and cure it. 19 Hj PrIces 1;1 and 2j3, of all Chemists and Stores. J9 fig li3or2J6tiom Uie sole proprietors and Inventors K S G. DEAKIN & HUGHES. ■ I THE INFLAMMATION REMEDIES CO., ■ BLAEN AVON, MON. — SHOP SUN BLINDS. I We are the only makers in South Wales who de ,ote ENTIRE attention to the ahove disss of blind;, Prices on Application. J. MASON & Co Crown Blind Works Wyeverne Road, CARDIFF. Nat. Tel. 04571. 4672 SUN BLINDS FOR Before ordering-, Shopkeepers should write for Samples and Prices to the Manufacturers. Morgan & Richardson, Ltd. 20, Womanby Street, CARDIFF. Nat. Tel 326. Telegrams Tarpaulins. Cardifi. -1786 InTST l I 4 JJQ What Still Suffering P Why don't you go to JAMES' 42, Charles St., Cardiff, and learn the benefits to be derived from taking Radiant Heat, Turkish and Electric Baths. They are the best and most convenient baths in South Wales. Open daily for ladies and J j gentlemen. 3968 | Taff iErated Water Co. CLARENCE STORES, PONTYPBIDD BREWERS OF STONE GINGER BEER, HOP BITTERS, &c., &c. &W- MANUFACTURERS OF CORDIALS WHOLESALE PRICES ONLY. W. BANFIELD. Prove Your Eyes I BY CONSULTING C. F. WALTERS, F.S.M.C., F T O., Qualified Sight-Testing Optician (Holder of the highest Diplomas possible to obtain as a Sight- Teeting Optician). Note Address- Oxford Street, S VST ANBE A, (Nearly Opposite National Schools). Branch-49a, COMMERCIAL STREET, ABERDARE. 48 Motor Accessories & Spare Parts-All Makes. M Camel, Stanley and ^vaS!S^k jBffim Double & Treble 4$s5mP Twist Motor Horns. Piston, Rings, Cylinders. Accumulators and Magnetos. 4 Carburettors & Handle w Bar Controls. Send your requirements and we will quote. J. BOULD, LTD., 138, City Road, CARDIFF. Important Notice To Shopkeepers and Others. -+- J. E. Comley & Sons, CloseL to the 1 23, Moira Terrace ( Inffrmary J) CARDIFF, Istke best house for Toys, Glass, China, Vases, Earthenware, Haberdashery, Stationery, Hardware, Holloware, etc. Largest Importers of Fancy Goods in South Wales and West of England. -+- Show Rooms open daily. Business Hours, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturdays 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Nat. Tel. 01193. Wholesale Only Established 1880. 4868 Dr. Barker's Pills FOR FEMALES. The best remedy for Aenemia, Giddiness, Nervousness, Depression, Hysteria, and all similar disorders peculiar to ladies. Full directions with each box, 113 and 2/9 post free. A better medicine cannot be obtained. 0- THE BARKER MEDICINE Co. WHOESALE AGENT: VV. JIEMWILMB, m.SP.S. Dispensing Chemist, 92, Llewellyn St., PENTRE, Glam FERNDALE GENERAL JJ OSPITAL AND "JGYE JNFIRMARY Patients admitted fiee on recommendation of the Governors. 2094 Son. Sec.-HENRY DA VIES

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