Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

11 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



Every Woman Allowed to Vote BEVAN & Co., Ltd., Taff St., Pontypridd rlALES LARGEST HOUSE FURNISHERS. Boon to Mothers, MOTHERS ARE WARNED against giving their babies medecinea which weaken their systems and stultify their growth. But don't try to stop their Painful Cries by forcing them with food. Their cries indicate ailments which can be rapidly relieved and cured by JONES' Red Drops I THE HEALTHFUL REMEDY FOR Wind, Gripes, Convulsions. and all kindred infantile complaints. ø- One dose decides its unique value, I ensures healthful babies, and enables Mothers to have quiet days and restful nights. Keep a Bottle Handy. 1/1 £ per bottle 2 To be had from the following Agents- Pontypridd-from all Chemists. Porth-Mr. D. W. Davies, Ohemist. Porth-Messrs. Davies Brothers, Chemists. Porth-T. Davies, Bridge Pharmacy. Tonypandy-J. Davies, Chemist, Dunraven St. Tonypandy—Mr. Emrys Richards, Ohemist, Penygraig-Mr. Lloyd, Chemist. Llwynypia—Mr. J. W. Richards, Chemist. Ystrad—Mr. S. S. James, Royal Stores. Ystrad-Mr. David George, Chemist, Treorchy-Mr. Prothero, Chemist. Treorchy-Mr. Davies, Chemist. Treherbert-Mr. Evans, Ohemist. Ferndale-Mr. Burgess, Chemist. Ynyshir-Mr. Lewis, Chemist. and from Chemists all over South Wales. Tylorstown-Mr. Williams, Ohemist., If you fail to get it send 1/3 Stamps to the Proprietors for a bottle, post free. JONES & SONS, Manufacturing Chemists, LLANIDLOES, MONT. 4587 Tis now time you saw about having that NEW PIANO We shall be very pleased to see you about it. We should like to show you our Stock of Newest Designs, by the \Vorld-renowned Makers BECHSTEIN, BROADWOOD, BLUTHNER, CHIEDMAYER, STECK, NEUMEYER, WALDEMAR. The Orchestrelle PIANOLA Co., &c. For whom we are the sole and exclusive Agents for Cardiff and District. We also Stock Pianos by ERARD, BRINS- MEAD, COLLARD, PLEYEL, STEIN- WAY, IBACH, &c., &c. ORGANS by MASON and HAMLIN, DOMINION, &c., &c. JPX AM OS From 15 Guineas or 10s. 6d. MONTHLY. R. J. EEATH & Sons 70, Taff Street, Pontypridd 76, Queen Street, Cardiff; PORT TALBOT AND PENARTH. a.t. Tel. Pontypridd, 21, Cardiff, 2199. 1500 £ && fcflfJKBBKK -J* Wr- JNFB PJRB 9C22? Iff ARTIFICIAL LEGS |J| Surgical Baots, Deformity Steels, Hands, Arms. m ARTIFICIAL EVES -from 7/6. CRU rcHes, LEG IRONS. &C. SMA djfig Makers of the 2r| £ 3TEELLE3S EASIFI R TRUSS, LADY ATTKSDAST. Ladies' Abdominal arid Surgical Belts, fWo Trusses Djmea Belti and Belt Corsets, o"s^ Elastic Stockings. Knee Caps, SiiiP B tck Supports and Shou der Braces. 2?^ LIST FBBB. REPAIRS Nat. Tel-12S2 Ijf ALLEN PEARCE, & id 23, Charles Street, (Off Queen Street), CARDIFF W B002 M p nPb Tfrt> vb mi '^tvfAIN CURE FOR HARD ANC SOFT CORNS PAINLESS AND HARMfES3. ln Bottes, Price 1/- by Pos- 1/1 from the Proprietors— b. MORGHN as CO. (Late J. Mundy), Chemist, 1, HIGH STREET CARDIFF., — HENRY DAVIES & SON, 23, Ynysgau, Ystrad-Rhondda, COMPLETE UMD £ RTAKERST FUNERAL FURNISHERS, AND POSTING MASTERS, Posting at M)derate Charges. Qaerals completely fllrnisled in blie best style. and at reasolabe charges. ^oprietors of sp'eniid ^lass-s ed Hearst, Shellibere, &c. Mourning OoMJhes and <-very coovenien e in connection with Funera -i kept "n the pr mi ses. WEOOiNG CJACHcS, BRA <tS, &c. i,P-0. Teleplotie—19 Pe ,tre 4948



B-S Porth Police Court.

-._-Tonypandy Result


Mid-Rhontida Orpheus Glee…

The Nightingale.

" Peers or People."

Family Freed from Disease.