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For ARTIFICIAL TEETH J. DAVIES-EVANS, 3, High St., Treorchy Attendance Daily—Hours s 10 a.nn. to 8 p.m. Thursdays, lOa.m. to 1 p.m. Wei sh and English Spoken. 4645 r Eucapine A New and Effectual Remedy FOR COLDS IN THE HEAD, NASAL CATARRH, Hay Fever, n uenza BY INHALATION. On the first sympton inhale EUCAPINE and ward off any bad Colds or Influenza that may attack you. Keek EUCAPINE in your pocket. HAVE IT HANDY. 1 Od. per bottle, only from W. OSWAL DAVIES, Dispensing Chemist and Pharmaceutist 15, The Arcade, Pontypridd. 4969 COAL! COAL! Best Steam Coal delivered to any address £1 per ton. Half Ton, 10/6. Charles Roderick, 5, Victoria Stieet, TREALAW. COAL YARD-Behind Hopkin Morgan's Bake- house, Trealaw. 4665 FERNDALE GENERAL JJOSPITAL AND EYE JNFIRMARY Patients admitted fiee on recommendation of the Governors. 9094 Son. Sec -HENRY DAVIES Public Benefit Boot Company, 35, Pandy Square, TONPANDY. GIVEN AWAY FREE To every Customer on all goods of the value of 2/6 A NICKEL SILVER TRAY DURING CHRISTMAS WEEK! 19 Support Local Industry And Wear only FARMER'S Home-Made Working Boots 9/11 nd 10/1 1 Made by our own Workmen on the Premises. We also have a select stock of Boots, Shoes, and Slippers, by noted Makers at popular prices. Up-to-Date Repairs a Speciality. W. H. FARMER 6 & 7, De Winton Street, Tonypandy. Established 1871 « 5195 Builder & Contractor, ■ Claude P. Oliver 9, Oliver Terrace, TREFOREST. NJBSEBSBBsS Enquiries Solicited and Estimate given. First-class Properties for Sale at Lowest Prices. CHINA and EARTHENWARE For Shopkeepers and Hawkers. The Best and Cheapest House in the Trade is W. Webb, Pottery Show Rooms, HAVELOCK ST. (off Wcstgato St.), CARDIFF. Beware of Imitators who copy our prices and pack you seconds unsaleable rubbish 4892 FOR FLAGS, BANNERS. DECORATIONS for Halls, etc. Lettered Flags for Advertising a Speciality. Call at F. P. DYMOND & Co., 26, Wyndham Arcade, CARDIFF. NAT. TEL 1900 5069 ROLLER SKATES By all the leading American & Englisn Makers, from 1/11 to 30/- NORTON'S Cycle Depot, 126, Queen Street, CARDIFF. 5065 For ILLUMINATED PRESENTATION ADDRESSES From £2 2s to 420, apply to Evans & Short, Printers "Leader" Works, Tonypandy. 49 Tarpaulin, Cart Covers, HORSE CLOTHS, COAL BAGS & FEED SACKS Send for Price List to Morgan and Richardson, MANUFACTURERS, 20, Womanby Street, CARDIFF. 5004 Read This. Important News for You. Why go to Pontypridd ahd elsewhere for Coupon Photo- graphs, where you can get the same in value and price n you own town. The well-known Rhondda Photo- graphers have started to do the following highly glazed Photographs, viz: 12 Cabinets, 5/6 12 C.D.V., 2/9 6 Cabinets, 3/- 6 C.D,V., 1/6 Post Cards, 3/6 Enlargements, from 3/- Be sure you go to the right place. P.S.-Will the public kicdiy note our Studio is not on the bridge near the station. Note our only addreS3- HARRISON & EYANS, Lower Tonypandy. ENTRANCE—Through 0. S. EVANS', Ironmonger, and at Eleanor Street. 4 What Still Suffering P Why don't you go to JAMES' 42, Charles St., Cardiff, and learn the benefits to be derived from taking Radiant Heat, Turkish and Electric Baths. They are the best and most convenient baths in South Wales. Open daily for ladies and gentlemen. 3968 WILLIAMS' (PONTARDAWE) WORM LOZENGES. For over Fifty Years this highly valuable Remedy has met, with the greatest success. The effect upon Weak, Delicate Children (often given up as incurable), is like Magic. Getting rid of his tormenting pests by taking these lozenges, the thin, pale-faced, inanimate Child be comes strong, healthy, and lively, the pride, instead o the anxiety of his guardians. "Sir,—I have for some tin-e used your Anthelmintic or Worm Lozenges in my family, and find them a very speedy and efficacious cure for ascearides, and their agreeable and convenient form Is agreat recommendation for children.—W. HUTCHINSON, Vicar of HowdOn." Sold at 9Jd, 13 Jd, and 2s 9d per box, by local Chemists or for 14 or 34 stamps from J. Davies, Chemist, 30, High Street, Swansea. A list of testimonials, symptoms, &c., on application 4201 HOWELL WILLIAMS & SON, Undertakers & Funeral Furnishers, Funerals completely tarnished in the best style, and a reasonable charges. Proprietors of Shelibiers, Open Closed and Glass-sided Hearses, Mourning and Wedding Coaches, Brakes etc. Every requisite for Funerals kept pn the premises. William Street, Vatrad Rhondda P.O. Telephone 69. 298 Important Notice To Shopkeepers and Others. J. E. Oomley & Sons, 23, Molra Terrace R;1), CARDIFF, I&the best house for Toys, Glass, China, Vases, Earthenware, Haberdashery, Stationery, Hardware, Hoi low are, etc Largest Importers of Fancy Goods in South Wales and West of England. Z5 -+- Show Rooms open daily. Business Hours, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturdays 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Nat. Tel. 01193. Wholesale Only Established 1880. 4868 Taff Ætated Water Co. CLARENCE STOKES, PONTYPRIDD. BREWERS OF STONE GINGER BEER, HOP BITTERS, &c., &c. WP" MANUFACTURERS OF CORDIALS WHOLESALE PRICES ONLY. W. BANFIELD. A GREAT WEIGHT I Will be lifted from the minds of HH those requiring IMS s. d. ■ Which will be lent to any amount at H§39 LOW INTEREST on HH| "Diamonds, Gold and Silver Watches, BBB Rings, Chains and Jewellery. HBHj Best Fire-proof and Burglar-resisting MB Safes for storage of valuables M O. FALLER Bj Jeweller, Clothier and Pawnbroker, HHB 34, Taff Street, PONTYPRIDD' 40, Hannah Street, PORTHi Esta 1889. i EAKI ONDERFUL FEVER AND INFLAMMATION (REMEDIES & PILLS ■ will immediately arrest the course of I '■ the disease and prevent dangerous I ■ complications. Their antiseptic heal- I ■ ing and life-giving properties, have I ■ proved for many years a booh and fi ■ blessing to thousands of sufferers, fi B REMEMBER I DEAKIN'S Pain and M « Disease Killers go to the source of disease ■ ;H —inflamed tissue—and cure it. H H Prices 1/li and 2/3, of all Chemists and Stores. |H H 1/3 or2,6from the sole proprietors and inventors jB m G. DEAKIN & HUGHES. H H THE INFLAMMATION REMEDIES CO., ■ BLAENAVONj MON. R. FREEDMAN & SO Pawnbrokers & General Dealers, DUNRAVEN ST., TONYPANDY. -+- If about to present yourself or friends with anything in the form of Jewellery, etc. Give a Call at the Old Firm FREEDMANS TONYPANDY, Where you can make your choice from the most substantial stock of Good Class Gold and Silver Jewellery, to be seen in the Rhondda. OW Quality and Value Unequalled elsewhere No imitation Rolled, Filled or so-called Gold kept in stock. 5096 Prof. Folia's Herbal Remedies will cure all diseases and skin eruptions, whether constitutional or acquired. Advice Free at his Consulting Room, 279, But Street, Cardiff. 5012 Eyerything for I MEN'S WEAR Up-to-date. H METFORD BROS. fpfil High-Class Tailors, i^ls Gent's Mercers, and Practical Hatters, Wellington House, Dunraven Street TONYPANDY. Gentlemen's Ties, Collars, Shirts, Hosiery, Felt Hats, Caps, and Gloves. The largest assortment in Tonypandy suitable for Xmas Presents. f U p-to-d»te Laundry Work We employ in our Laundry not only skilled hands"whose work never varies in quality but the most up-to-date and efficient machinery for ironing and finishing shirts and collars, etc, A postcard from you will get a price list from us. Inspection of our Laundry invited. Pontypridd Steam Laundry Pwllgwaun, Pontypridd. 5063 W TO SUFFERERS FROMO Skin & Blood Diseases For cleansing the blood of all impurities, from whatever cause arising, there is no other medicine just as good as Clarke's Blood Mixture—that's why in so many cases of Eczema, Scrofula, Scurvy, Bad Legs, Abscesses, Ulcers, Tumours, Boils, Pimples, Blotches, Sores and Eruptions, Piles, Glandular Swellings, Blood Poison, Rheuma- tism, Gout, &C., it has effected truly remarkable cures where all other treatments have failed. Clarke's Blood Mixture has over 45 years' reputation, and the proprietors solicit all sufferers to give it a trial to test its value. The Editor of the" FAMILY DOCTOR writes We have seen hosts of letters bearing testimony to the truly wonderful cures effected by Clarke's Blood Mixture. It is the finest Blood Purifier that Science and Medical Skill have brought to light, and we can with the utmost confidence recommend it to our subscribers and the public generally." B 0 d "I t 10 I HAS CURED THOUSANDS. | I WILL CURE yOU. J e Sold by all Chemists and Stores, 2/9 per bottle.

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