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FOR SALE. FOR sale, very cheap, Fish and Chip Range. JD Apply to D. Morgan, 174, Trealaw rd., Trealaw. cl 15/27 OR SA-LE-Two houses in Trealaw Road. J* Rental 30/- and 26/- respectively. Apply Box, 03, Rhondda Leader Office, Tony- pan dy. ADDERS. Ladders for builders, painters farmers, window cleaners, &c. exten- sion ladders always in stock also painter's steps, tressles, &c. Special offer to painters. Send for full particulars and price list.-3, Darran Street, Cathays, Cardiff. 5018 A" RTIFICIAL Legs, Arms, Surgical Appli- ances.—Visit South Wales periodically. List free.—J. Gillingham and Son, Chard, Som. C2:3/38 TO LET. FlJENISHED Apartments for one or two single gentlemen. Bath. &c Five minutes Tonypandv and Penygraig (G.W.R.) Stations. Apply Box 9, Leader Office. MUSICAL. For High-Class Ventriloquiai And MAGICAL Entertainments GIVEN BY Mr. F T. STUDD, the famous London Artiste, send to Mr. STUDD, Manager, OLYMPIA SKATING RINK, PENTRE. Entertainments lasting up toll hours. Moderate Fees. 5208 CHURCH AND CHAPEL ORGANS BUILT ON THE LATEST SYSTEMS. Tracker, Pneumatic, and Electro-Pneumatic, with per feet repetition, answering all requirements of the mos- fastidious players. Detached Keyboards a Speciality. TUNING, REPAIRS, RENOVATIONS, etc., etc. Wm. H. HARMSTON, Organ Builder, Nat. Tel. 91. PONTYPRIDD. 4815 PIANOS FOR SALE. zel9 Cash, Fine Walnut Piano, Best Action and Iron Frame, as new, fully warranted for ten years. Terms arranged. Waddington & Sons, Post Office Buildings, Porth. Banjo-Piano, the finest value ever offered. By using a third Pedal you can get beautiful Banj, Mando- line and Guitar effects, besides playing the Piano in the ordinary way. Before deciding to purchase you must hear this. Post office Buildings, Porth. M7 Cash, a Waddington Gold Medal Overstrung' Piano, Full Metal Frame, real Ivory Keys and Solid Walnut Case, This Instrument is only Shop Soiled and a Work of Art, Tone Superb, terms arranged. Wadding- ton & SOBS, Post Office Buildings, Porth. 17 Gns. Oash Rosewood Piano, practically new, only used a few months, terms arranged. Post Office Buildings. Porth. You are invited to write for our Illustrated Catalogues of Pianos and Organs, a call to inspect our Instruments is solicited before purchasing elsewhere to Waddington & Sons, Post Office Buildings, Porth, or City Road, Cardiff The Noted Farrand Organs are a Spec- iality. Write or call for our Illustrated Catalogues to Waddington & Sons, Post Office Buildings Porth, or City Road, Cardiff. 5083 MISCELLANEOUS DELICIOUS Fresh Kippers, direct from curing House, 6 lbs. box, carriage paid, cash, 2/- E. Pearson, 58, Park Grove, Hull. c121/39 N" IJRSE WILLIAMS' OVALOIDS for Ladies. Price 2/9 3/9 & 10/9 per Box post free, Send stamp for descriptive leaflet.—New Life Remedy Co., 59, Bute St., Treherbert. Grey Hair permanently and speedily restored to its original colour by using Harrison's Hair Colour Restorer. It is not a dye, but by natural means acts as a restorative. Contains nothing injurious, and is beneficial to the growth and beauty of the Hair, In bottles, price 1/6 (postage 3d. extra). Manufacturer:— G. W. HARRISON, Hair Specialist, Reading. Sold by Chemists. Agents-for Tonypandy Emrys Richards, The Dunraven Pharmacy. Pentre: David George, Chemist. B975/41 SAFEST, cheapest and best to gain health and strength O are Culpeper's O.K. Remedial Herbs, specially pre- pared for stomach and kidney troubles. Three 6d. packets for ls.-Ped Williams, Herbalist, Treorchy. Agents wanted. 5021 DVICE FREE for Stamp.—Mrs A Stewart, Lady Specialist.—Address 9, Guinea-street, Bristol. cl22/39 IMPORTANT TO MOTHERS. Every Mother who values the health and cleanliness of her child should use HARRISON'S Reliable" NURSERY POMADE. One application kills all Nits and Vermin, beautifies and strengthens the Hair. In tins 4!d. and 9d., postage Id. George W. Harrison, Chemist, Reading. Sold by Chemists. Agents, Emrys Richards, Chemist, "Coedymeibion, Tonypandy; D. E. Davies, Chemist, Treorchy W. R. Williams, Chemist, "Medical Hall, Tylorstown; J. P Lewis Chemist, Medical Hall, Ynyshir. c81 /7 MONEY, yOU CAN JJORRQW Direct from the Actual Lender- MR. PHILIP MORRIS, 80, TAFF-STREET, PONTYPRIDD, Manager of the South Wales Loan and Finance Co., ANY SUM FROM 25 TO £ 1,000 Upon your own Promissory Note and Re-pay to suit your circumstances. No sureties required. Lowest interest charged. Strict privacy observed in all transactions. Call or write in Confidence to- PHILIP MORRIS, at the above address. Applications from all parts receive prompt attention. MONEY. rpHE OLD-ESTABLISHED PROVINCIAL UNION BANK continues to lend immense sums daily, from .£10 to P,5, 000, on Note of Hand Alone, or other Security, at a few hours' notice, to all classes in any part of England and Wales, repayable by easy instalments. No good application is ever refused. All communications strictly private. Moderate Interest. Special rates for short periods. The largest, best known, and most honourably conducted Business in the Kingdom. Thousands of our regular customers have expressed their entire satisfaction in repeated transactions with us. If desired, one of our Officials will attend at your residence at once with Cash, and carry out the advance THERE AND THEN. Call, or write (in confidence), to the MANAGER, MR. STANLEY DOWDING, 1, QUBBN SQUARK, BRISTOL; £ s. d. A MOST MONEY U \J LENT. O Best Prices GIVEN On any article of value, at lowest interest in the district. Note our only Address- H. CARDASH, Jeweller, Pawnbroker, & Clothier, 37, DUNRAYEN STREET, TONYPANDY (Opposite Library) Safes for Storage of Valuables. Special con- tracts strictly confidential. Great Redemption of Pledges weekly. All sold below cost. 5054 INVENTIONS. HUGO Lester, Patent Expert, Inventors' Supply Depot, 32, Queen Street, Cardiff, does all business in patents for inventors in South Wales. Call or write. 5074 INSPECTOR OF MINES. I PRIVATE LESSONS BY POST. TV/TINE Managers' Exams. Scholarships and Associate- ship in Mining, etc. Candidates prepared. Miner- alogy, Geology. Coal and Metal Mining, Placer and Hydraulic Mining, Ore Dressing, Milling, Mining, Mining Mathematics, Electricity, and Surveying. Certificates awarded. Write for Syllabus.—The Cambrian Mining School, Glanffrwd, Porth. Glam. cl20/38 It will pay you to buy from J. H. DYER, LATE MANAGER FOR THE SCHOLASTIC TRADING COMPANY (CARDIFF). NEW YEAR PRESENTS. Fountain Pens from 10/6 to 30/- Writing Desks from 5/6 to 15/- Writing Cases from 1/6 to 21/- Gents' Pocket Rooks and Letter Cases, Purses and Writing Albums. Children's Annuals, Picture & Story Books. Playing Cards, 9d., 1/ 1/6, 2/- Packet. Diaries and Almanacs for 1910. NEW YEAR CARDS-Xmmense Variety. Discount 3d. in the 1/- off Books not Nett. JPasrk Flail Swildings, 95, Queen St., CARDIFF. Orders by post receive personal attention, 5160 SALES BY AUCTION. Preliminary Announcement. MR. WILLIAM MORGAN will offer for Sale by Public Auction at the Dun- raven Hotel, Tonypandy, on Tuesday, the 18th January, 1910, at 7 o'clock p.m., Three Shops & Dwelling Houses in the respective occupations of Messrs. Gregory, Thomas, and Moses, the premises being of the net annual letting value of jE135, and held under a lease at the exceedingly low ground rent of F,4 2s. 6d. p.a. The premises are are situate immediately opposite the Trealaw Railway Station, and the Judge's Hall, and are in close proximity to the new Naval Colliery. For further particulars see bills, or apply to the Auctioneer, at his offices, Lloyds Bank Chambers, Tonypandy, or to Richard Hill- Male, Solicitor, Pandy Square, Tonypandy. 003 PUBLIC NOTICES. Rhondda Urban:District.. N PURSUANCES of the Provisions of of the Borough Funds Act, 1872, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a Special Meeting of the Rhondda Urban District Council will be held in the Council Chamber, at Pentre, on Friday, the 14th day of January, 1910, at 3.20 o'clock in the afternoon, to take into consideration and determine upon the expediency of confirming the propriety of promoting the Bill intituled A Bill to authorise the Rhondda Urban District "Council to construct additional Tram- ways; to make Street Improvements; "to confer upon the Council further "powers for the better local government and improvement of the district; and for other purposes," which Eas been deposited in Parliament pursuant to the Resolution of the Council passed at a Meeting held on the tenth day of Decem- ber, 1909. Dated this 30th day of December, 1909. W. P. NICHOLAS, MOSES THOMAS Accountantant, Certified Bailiff and Insurance Agent Of Maesyrhaf, TYLORSTOWN, ALSO ATTENDS AT The Glamorgan Restaurant, Penygraig Is prepared to Collect Rents at a low Commission. Distance no object. Tel. No. 14 National, Ferndale, 5765 OLYMPIA SKATING RINK PENTRE. GRAND FANCY DRESS CARNIVAL New Year's Eve. i A Pageant on Wheels. SEVEN Valuable Prizes. Don't Miss It. SECURE YOUR TICKETS NOW. Doors open at 7-30, SKATING at 8 o'clock. Skate the Old Year Out alld the New One In. -Õ'è .4.L..ilj;? "Trech Gwla tt nag Arglwytld." EXCELSIOR BUI LOIN (S. DE WINTON STREET, TONYPANDY Telephone No. 77 P.O. Tonypandy.

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