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FOR SALE. FOR SALE, by private treaty with imme- diate possession, newly erected house in Penmaen Street, Mount Pleasant, Porth, con- taining 4 bedrooms, bath, lavatory, h. &,c., 3 rooms on ground floor, and usual offices. Price, etc., apply—Jones, Auctioneer, Fern- ■lale. C168/47 HOUSES, HOUSES. 26 Houses in course JLJL of erection for Sale, behind the New School, Cemetery Road, Trealaw. For parti- culars, apply Jones, 316, Brithweunydd Road, Trealaw. e49149 FOR SALE, well-built corner house Shop, 4, North Road, Pontypridd. Particulars Mr. William Thomas, Brook House, Bailey Street, Ton-Pentre. c/41616 LADDERS. Ladders for build crs, painters farmers, window cleaners, &c. exten- sion ladders always in stock also painter's steps, tressles, &c. Special offer to painters. Send for full particulars and price list.—3, Darran Street, Cathays, Cardiff. 5018 T WAREHOUSE PRICES, latest novelties for blouses and dresses, new flaxicord, linens, zephyrs, crepes, eliantungas. patterns free.—Dress Warehouse, Darlington. c 140/58 LADIES The LIZARD striped suitings and costume coatings, 3/11 the dress length, carriage paid. Patterns free. -Praison's Dress Warehouse, Leeds. cl40/58 DOUBLE Fronted Shop for Sale in good position in Tonypandy. Bargain to iiiim ediate purchaser. Write, Box C170/47. TO LET. To LET. Semi-detached Villa, newly JL erected at Vicarage Road, Penygraig. Perfect sanitary arrangements on modern lines, bath, etc., delightfully situated, low rental to suitable tenant. Apply—183, Kenry Street, Tonypandy. C171/47 WANTED. HOUSE wanted immediately in Trealaw. Moderate rent. Write Box 73, H Rhondda Leader" Office, Tonypandy. 173/47 WANTED to purchase two houses, corner house and adjoining house, with plenty of back ground, in Kenry-street or Primroses-treet, "A," c,'o Leader Office, Tonypandy. 218 HOLIDAY RESORTS. SEASIDE ABERAVON. RHONDDA RESTAURANT, Opposite Victoria Lake (boating). Dinners and Teas. Schools and Parties catered for. Good accomodation for Cyclists, terms moderate. D. JENKINS, Proprietor. 252 Beach Cliff estatlrant, i Promenade, PENARTH, For High Class Luncheons and Teas. Re- freshments and Catering at Moderate Prices. R. MERITT, Proprietress. 251 PORTHCAWL. SEND FOR OFFICIAL ILLUSTRATED GUIDE Post free-Ball, Treco," Porthca.vl. e166/67 A BERAVON BEACH.—Alexandra Rest- aurant. Large Dinin« Rooms suitable for School Parties. Good beds, dinners, teas, at moderate charges. For particulars, apply L. Friend. cl63/57 A Home from Home. Moderate Terms.—Bed and Breakfast, 2/6. Parties of two of" more taken at reduced terms. Welsh spoken. Splendid Accommo- dation EVANS, GROVE PARK RESTAURANT 88, High Street, WESTON-SUPER-MARE 187 TORQUAY. Comfortable furnished JL apartments, two sitting rooms, two bedrooms, with or without board, near trams and beach.—Walker, 7, Mount Herrron, Torquay. C156/52 MUSICAL. CHURCH AND CHAPEL ORGANS BUILT ON THE LATEST SYSTEMS, Tracker, Pneumatic, and Electro-Pneumatic, with per ect repetition, answering all requirements of the mos fastidious players. Detached Keyboards a Speciality. TUNING, REPAIRS, RENOVATIONS, e c etc. Wm. H. HARMSTON, Organ Builder Nat. Tel. 81. PONTYPRIDD. 214 MEDICAL NURSE King, maternity nurse and certified midwife, by Examination, 17, Hendrecafn Road, Penygraig, open for engagements. c150¡ó2 PIANOS FOR SALE. iel7 10s. Od. Fine Walnut Piano, Best Action and Iron Frame, as new, fully warranted for ten years. Terms arranged. Waddington & Sons, Post Office Buildings, Forth. £ 10 10s. Springfield Organ in Solid Walnut; Two ets of Reeds, 10 Stops, Knee Swells, und all the latest improvements, as New and fully warranted for Ten Years, terms arranged. Waddington & Sons, Post Office Buildings, Porth. £ 27 Cash, a Waddington Gold Medal 11 Overstrun Piano, Full fetaJ Frame, real Ivory Keys and Solid Walnut Case. This Instrument is only Shop Soiled and a Work of Art, Tone Superb, terms arranged. Wadding- ton & Sons, Post Office Buildings, Porth. £6 69. Cash, Walnut Piano by good maker, suit Learner: also Harmonium 2 Guineas, and one 4 Guinsas. You are invited to write for our Ululated Catalogues Of Pianos and Organs, a call to inspect our Instruments is solicited before purchasing elsewhere to Waddington Sons, Post Office Buildings, Porth, or City Road, Cardiff The Noted Farrand Organs are a Spec- iality. Write or call for our Ill ustrated Catalogues to Waddington & Sons, Post Office Buildings Porth, or City Road, Cardiff. 5i)gg INVENTIONS. HUGO Lester, Patent Expert, Inventors' Supply [Depot, 9, Park Place, Car din, does all business in patents for inventorsm South Wales. Call or write. 185 MISCELLANEOUS IMPORTANT TO MOTHERS. Every Mother who values the health and cleanliness of her child should use HARRISON'S II Reliable" NURSERY POMADE. One application kills all Nits and Vermin, beautifies and strengthens the Hair. In tins 4. and 9d., postage Id. George W. Harrison, Chemist, Reading. Sold by Chemists. Agents, Emrys Richards Chemist, Coedymeituon, Tonypandy; D. E. Davies, Chemist, Treorchy W. R. Williams, Chemist, Medical Hall, Tylorstown; J. P Lewis Chemist, Medical Hall, Ynyshir. c81/ WALLPAPERS from ljd. per roll. Any quantity, large or small. Wholesale Prices. Stock exceeds 250,000 rolls—all classes. Write for patterns, stating class required. (Dept. 108.) Barnett Wallpaper Co., Ltd., Knott Mill, Manchester. cl33/57 URSE WILLIAMS' OVALOIDS for Ladies. Price 2/9 3/9 & 10/9 per Box post free, Send stamp for descriptive leaflet.—New Life Remedy Co 59, Bute St., Treherbert. Grey Hair permanently and speedily restored to its original colour by using Harrison's Hair Colour Restorer. It is not a dye, but by natural means acts as a restorative. Contains nothing injurious, and is beneficial to the growth and beauty of the Hair. In bottles, price 1/6 (postage 3d. extra). Manufacturer:— G. W. HARRISON, Hair Specialist, Beading. Sold by Chemists. Agents—for Tonypandy: Emrys Richards, The Dunraven Pharmacy. Pentre: David George, Chemist, B975/4 C AFEST, cheapest and best to gain health and strength k-' are Culpeper's O.K. Remedial Herbs, specially pre- pared for stomach and kidney troubles. Three 6d. paokets for le.-Ped Williams, Herbalist, Treorchy. Agents wanted. 5021 ADVICE FREE for Stamp.—Mrs Stewart, Lady Specialist.—Address 9, Guinea-street, Bristol. el55/52 9, Guinea-street, Bristol. c155/52 AE. TRIMNELL, the Cardiff Herbalist, Moira Terrace, Cardiff. Sent free on application, The Trucure Herbal Book. Note the address. c48J59 MONEY. rjlHE OLD-ESTABLISHED PROVINCIAL UNION BANK continues to lend immense sums daily, from £ 10 to k5,000, on Note of Hand Alone, or other Security, at a few hours' notice, to all classes in any part of England and Wales, repayable by easy instalments. No good application is ever refused. All communications strictly private. Moderate Interest. Special rates for short periods. The largest, best known, and most honourably conducted Business in the Kingdom. Thousands of our regular customers have expressed their entire satisfaction in repeated transactions with us. If desired, one of our Officials will attend at vour residence at once with Cash, and carrv out the advance THERE AND THEN. Call, or write (Yb confidence), to the MANAOBR. MR. STANLEY DOWDING, t, QUEEN SQTJARR, BRISTOL. ME. WM. LLOYD makes IMMEDIATE Ifi. ADVANCES in Sums of 1:10 to 910,000 to those in temporary need of cash. No. security or bondsmen required. Note of hand only. Repayments monthly <r quarterly. Gentlemen engaged in professions, or in business, or holding positions of trust, can rely upon strictest confidence being observed. Every transaction carefully explained before completion. Courtesy, tact, and honourable treatment assured. Cash sent by post if urgent.—Apply, William Lloyd, 4, Church Street, Cardiff. Nat. Tel., 20. 187 MOST MONEY LENT. £ s. do BEST PRICES GIVEN on any article of value, at lowest interest in the district. Note our only Address- H. C AROASH, Jeweller, Pawnbroker & Clothier, 37, Danraven Street, TONYPANDY (Opposite Library). Safes for Storage of Valuables. Special con- tracts strictly confidential. Great Redemption of Pledges weekly. All sold below cost. 048 SEND POSTCARD TO MR. H. M. Salnsbury, 93, TAFF ST., PONTYPRIDD, And Branches, the well-known Maker of Artificial TEETH Teeth taken out PAINLESSLY And an extended System of Payments if desired. 124, Tylacelyn Road, Penygraig. Visits Tonypandy Twice a Week. 241 SALES BY AUCTION. MESSRS. TOMKINS, & CHADWICK'S SALES'. FERN DALE. MESSRS. TOM KINS & CHADWICK, will offer for sale at the Femdale Hotel, Ferndale, Friday, May 27th, at 7 o'clock in the evening, all those valuable Four Leasehold Dwelling Houses known as 70 to 73, Railway Terrace (formerly known as 25 and 28 Taif street), Ferndale, producing a gross rental of jE58 10s. per annum subject to a ground rent of £ 2 10s. 4d. on the lot. Landlord paying rates. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneers, Abergavenny, or to Frank Lewis, Esq., Solicitor, Newport. 258 PUBLIC NOTICES. I THOMAS LLEWELLYN, 8, Tynycae Place, Penygraig, hereby give notice that I will not be responsible for any debt or debts contracted by my wife, Martha Llewellyn. Dated this 17th day of May, 1910. (Signed), THOMAS LLEWELLYN, 3, Tynycae Place, Penygraig. Witness-DD. DAVIES. ''° ° I EDWARD GARLAND, of 3, Court Terrace, Tonypandy, herewith give notice that I will not be responsible for any debts incurred by my wife, Mary Sophia Garland, on and after this date, May 18th, 1910. J (Signed), EDWARD GARLAND. "Trech Gw/ad nag Argtwy dd. EXCELSIOR BUILDINGS. DE WINTON STREET, TONYPAND Telephone No. 77 P.O. Tonypandy.






This is an actual fact.

! Ferndale.



Mr. George Leyton at the Hippodrome.

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