Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

11 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



BE PREPARED for the Cold Weather By Ordering a satisfactory Heating Apparatus from HAMPTON & Co., HEATING SPECIALISTS, Tel.-P.0.656. OXFORD LANE, CITY ROAD, CARDIFF. FOR SALE. ARY'S long clothes, complete outfit, ready ( for immediate wear 21/- Money re- funded willingly if not approved of.—Mrs Williams. 7, Hannah Street, Porth. 214;81 WALLPAPKKS from ltW. per roll. Any W quantity, large or small. Wholesale Prices. Stock exceeds 250,000 rolls-all classes. Write for patterns, stating class required, (Dept. 108.) Barnett Wallpaper Co. Ltd., Knott Mill, Manchester. c252/92 Tt/T ORGAN BROS., Victoria Works, Ponty- ''jM- pridd, Cash Buyers of all waste materials (old rubber, metals, clips, etc.). 285/82 OUSE FOR SALE, situate in Pentre, jLl seven laige rooms with pantry, bath (hot and cold) and extra w.c. Address "A.B." Rhondda Leader Office, Tonypandy. 439 WANTED. VityANTED to rent or buy a house in W Waun Court or neighbourhood. Write, Box 16, Leader" Oflice, Tonypandy. c2l6i8O EDUCATIONAL. INES' Inspectorate, &c., Colliery JJLL Managers' Exam's.—Postal lessons. Mining, surveying, electricity, mining mathe- matics.—Write for Syllabuses, "Cambrian Mining School," Porth. 273/79 MUSICAL. WADDINGTON & SONS, Ltd. The Old Firm, Post Office Buildings, Porth. HAT happy hours your family might have, if you bought them a Wadding- ton & Sons' Piano. HUNDREDS of Homes this Christmas JLL will be made bright and happy by Father buying a Waddington & Sons' Piano. I ?I HftN if other homes$an be made bright and happy, wliy not jours V when Waddington <& Sons, Ltd., are offering the following bargains. ,t 9 8 Payable 10/6 monthly, dUA-1 10 This is a real good sound Piano, a rich full tone and all the latest im. provements. Warranted ten years. Tuned for one year. Liberal discount for cash. ~I tfV*' PayabIe 11/6 monthly, ,0 1U a line Piano in walnut case, all the latest improvements. Don't be persuaded to go elsewhere until you have seen this instrument. Warranted ten years, tuned for one year.. Liberal discount for cash. A CASH. Good American Organ, very <55241: little used. See this, its a gem for the money. ADDINGTON & Sons, Ltd., Post Office Buildings, Porth. 525 1 ET your Pianofortes Tuned before the r holidays by an experienced tuner; terms, 3f6.-Send post card to E. J. Griffiths, Pianoforte Tuner, 2, Old Farm Road, Porth. 293/78 WAITED Powerful Soprano (Welsh pre- ferred) to join Quartette, Music Halls; experience unnecessary.—Apply stating parti- culars, Williams, 5, Alexander Street, Neath. 295/78 !a m lm Miss May John, R.A.M. SOPRANO (Double Medallist), open to accept engagements for Oratorio, Ballad and Miscellaneous Concerts.—Apply, Brynawelon," Mount Pleasant, Porth. c276/79 Ernest Ceorge Cove, Assistant Master, also Scout' and Fluellen Welsh Pageant, late of Messrs. William Mollison's and Ian Maclaren's Shakespearean Companies, is prepared to accept engagements during coming season. A repertoire of nearly one hundred recitations, classical and modern, humorous, dramatic and character. Dramatic Societies organised for production of Shakes- pearean and Welsh plays, will undertake entire stage direction and advise on scenery, costumes, etc., or superintend initial and final rehearsals of Welsh and English plays, children's operettas, etc. Private tuition given to ministers, public speakers and reciters in Elocution, Gesture and Deportment. For terms, Press nodces, etc., apply 24, Herbert Street, Treorchv. ALEX. M. THOMAS (AP TYDFIL), Professor of the Violin, Diplomee Leipzig Conservatoire, Germany Pupil of Hans Sitt, Arno Hilf, and Senor Arboa, London) Has a few Vacancies for Pupils. Recent Examiiaation Successes.— 2 Licentiates, College of Violinists. 5 Associates (with honours) do. 2 Seniors, Trinity College, London. 8 Graduates, College of Violinists. For terms apply, Cartrefle," Maindy Croft, Ton, Pentre. 33 CHURCH AND CHAPEL ORGANS BUILT ON THE LATEST SYSTEMS, Tracker, Pneumatic, and Electro-Pneumatic, with per set rPDetition, answering all requirements of the mos fastidious, players. Detached Keyboards a Speciality. TUNING, REPAIRS, RENOVATIONS, e c etc. Wm. H. HARMSTON, Organ Builder Nat. Tel. 91. PONTYPRIDD. 214 MISCELLANEOUS ARTIFICIAL LEGS, Surgical Boots, De- JETL formity Steels, Hands, Arms, Crutches, "Steelless Easifit" Truss. Lady Attendant. Ladies, Abdominal Belts, Trusses, Domen Belts and Belt Corsets. Elastic Stockings. Nat Tel. 1282. Allen Pierce, 23, Charles St., (off Queen Street), Cardiff. 428 MONEY. THE OLD-ESTABLISHED PROVINCIAL UNION BANK continues to lend immense sums daily, from leio to A5,000, on Note of Hand Alone, or other Security, at a few hours' notice, to aU classes in any part of England and Wales, repayable by easy instalments. No good application is ever refused. All communications strictly private. Moderate Interest. Special rates for short periods. The largest, best known, and most honourably conducted Business in the Kingdom. Thousands of our regular customers have expressed their entire satisfaction in repeated transactions with us. If desired, one of our Officials will attend at your residence at! once with Cash, and carry out the advance THERE AND.THEN. Call, or write (in confidence), to the MANAGBR M&. STANLEY DOWDING, 1, QUBKN gquAKK, BRISTOL. "č- "t: LuuUh BAKING PoSl ■Um9E Genuine only in packet* and tina I | bearing the well-laiovfp LabeL 1 IMPORTANT TO MOTHERS. ¡ Every Mother who values the health and cleanliness of her child should use HARRISON'S Reliable" NURSERY POMADE. One application kills all Nits and Vermin, beautifies and strengthens the Hair. In tins 4M. and 9d., postage Id. George W. Harrison, Chemist, Reading. Sold bv Chemists. Agents, Emrys Richards Chemist, Coedymeibion, Tonypandy; D. E. Davies, Chemist, Treorchy W. R. Williams, Chemist, Medical Hall. Tylorstown; J. P Lewis Chemist, Medical Hall, Ynyshir. c.218/29 ADVICE FPLEE for Stamp.—Mrs. steward Lady Specialist.—Address, 9, Guinea Street, Bristol. 66/782 JJUTIES ON LAND VAL-U, ES. (Finance (1909-10) Act, 1910.) Persons desirous of assistance in filling up Land Tax forms should apply to E. T. Davies & Co., Licensed Valuers, Victoria Chambers (next door to Post Office), Pentre. 426 E. DAVIES, Auctioneer, Accountant, House and Estat e Agent, MAESYRHAF, TYLORSTOWN. Nat. Tel. No. 14 Ferndale. Properties Negotiated. Mortgages Arranged. Valuations made. Rents Collected. Distance no object. 353 INVENTIONS. HUGO Lester, Patent Expert, Inventors' Supply Depot, 9, Park Place, Cardiff, does all business in patents for inventors in South Wales. Call or write. 47 OWMAMAN, ABERDARE. flnnual Coilap jiospiial Eisteddfod WHIT-TUESDAY, 1911. Adjudica tsrs- Music: D. C. WILLIAMS, Esq., Muc. Bac.: E. T, DAVIFIS, Esq., F.R.C.O. Literature DYFNALLT. ITEMS. Male Voice.—" Walpurga (Hegar). Prizes, £ 25 and £ 10 Mixed Oiioral. The Lord is my Shepherd" (S. Davies). Prize, £ 20. Juvenile Choirs.—"Awn i Chwareuyn yr Eira" (P. Edwards). Prizes, R-8, £ 3, and Y-1. Action Song.-PrizeA, f;3, L2, and Ll. Boys' Choir.—Prizes, £ 3 and £ 1. Brass Bands (Class B). Ambulance. —Prize. £ 6 6s. Ode.—Prize, £2 2s. and a Chair. Elegy.- Prize, £11s. Quartette.—Prize, P,3 3s. Duett.—Prize, £ 2 2s., and a Guinea each for the Solos-Vocal and Instrumental. Also very substanM.) rrizes for Recitations, Transla- tion, Essay, Englyn, Penillion Singing, Brush Drawing, Photography, &c. Programmes, post free, 21d., to be had from the Secreta,ries-A. W. HUMPHREYS, Godreaman. Aberdare. DAVID REES, Llwydcoed House, Godreaman, Aberdare. N.B.-A splendid G.W.R. Car Service will run between Aberdare and Cwmaman. 518 LLANBRADACH Fourth Annual Eisteddfod and Competitive Concert, Easter Tuesday, April 18, 1911. Male Voice Choir, "Martyrs of Arena" £ 20 0 0 Juvenile Choir, To-day and To-morrow" (Morella C. James) £6 0 0 Solos, 41 Is. Od,; Duett, Ll 10s. Od.; Double Quartette, 43 Os. Od.; Pianoforte Solos and Recitations. Competitive Goncert. Champion Solo (own selection), Silver Cup value 42 2s. and tl Is in cash Champion English Recitation (own selection), Silver Cup valu e £ 2 2s. and £1 Is. in cash. Champion Welsh Recitation (own selection), Silver Cup value Z9, 2s. and iel 1 s. in cash. Programmes Id. each, post free lid., to be obtained from the Hon. Sec., JAMES EVANS, Glen View Llanbradach. 515 SCHOLASTIC B OOK I JQEPOT J. H. DYEP LATE MANAGER FOR THE SCHOLASTIC TRADING COMPANY (CARDIFF). Account Books from 6d. upwards. Office Files 1/- each, 10/6 per dozen. Diaries for 1911. Blue Black Ink, 1/- size for 9d. Graph Copiers from 2/6 each. Wedding Cards and Xmas Greeting Cards, Specimen Books now ready, PENS. INK. PAPER. DISCOUNT 3d. IN THE 1/- OFF BOOKS NOT NETT .+-: pARK HALL BUILDINGS, 95, QUEEN STREET, CARDIFF. 491 J. KINSTLEY Watchmaker and Jeweller TONYPANDY. Established 1874. GREAT SALE NOW ON! Watches, Clocks, Silver & Electro- Plate Jewellery GBpO! of all kind. Engage, Keeper, & Wed- jjpl' ding Rings, Brooches, Earrings, Lockets, Neck- lets, Photo Pendants, Bracelets. Good, and Very Cheap, in Great Variety. Special Show in the Fancy Goods Department Of best and most useful Presents for Christmas and New Year. Ladies and Gents' Dressing Cases, Cigar, Cigarette and Jewel Cases. A fine selection of Pipes, Pouches, Purses Good Toys and Dolls at tremendously low prices. 441 Rhondda. and Swansea Bay Railway, -+' PASSENGER TRAIN ARRANGEMENTS CHRISTMAS. 1910. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 23rd.—Market Tickets will be issued to Port Talbot (Aberavon Station), Neath, find Swansea. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 24th.-Ex- cursion Tickets vvMil be issued to New- castle Jfimlyn, Cardigan, AiluKYSTWYTH and other stations 111 West Wales via Triton Ferry trom Tatt Vale and Rhondda and (Swansea liay Railway Stations, and a SPECI-AL, THROUGH TKAIJN from PONTYPRIDD and other T.V.R. and R. & S.B. tttiolls will be run via Court Wart Junction to Llanolly, CARMAR- THEN. and all .stations oeyond, with Thfougti Coaches to ABEil i:ST W'YTil. In connection with this Special Train a Road Motor Car will run trom Lainpeter I to Aberayron and from Llandyssil to New Wuay. The 11 p.m. Market Train from Swan- sea will be extended to Treherbert. The G.W.R. Down, Train due to leave Briton jj'erry at 4.ù4 p.m. will convey passengers for stations between Carmar- xjien ana .Newcastle Jfcimivn. The G.W.R. Down Train due to leave Port Talbot at p.m. will convey passengers lor ail stations between Swan- .sea; and Carmarthen, except Carmarthen Junction. MARKET TICKETS. will be issued to PORT TALBOT (Aberavon Station;), iNHiA'TH and S W AN SEA, and the usual Saturday Service of Trains will be run. CHRISTMAS. MORNING, DECEMBER 25th.— £ *ov the convenience of SHOP ASSISTANTS AND OTHERS a SPECIAL uttiAiiN will leave at 12.30 a.m. (Sunday morning, after the arrival ol tue 'iaif Vale train due at Treherbert at 12.19 a.m.) for all stations to owansea. There will be no connec- tion for iNeath. This train will form a connection with a. SPECIAL G.W.R. DOWN TRAIN which will be due to leave Briton Jb'erry at 2 a.m. Connecting trains off the latter will run on the undermentioned Branch -Liiies.- Llanelly to Brynamman and Llan- dovery, Carmarthen to NEWCASTLE EMLYN and ABERYSTWYTH. Whitlancl to Cardigan. Whitland to Pembroke Dock. Clynderwen to jiVishguard and Good- wick (via Rosebush). Johnston to Milford Haven. There will also be Motor Car connec- tions from Llandyssil to New Quay, Laitpeter to Aberayron., and from Car- marthen to Llanstephan. SUNDAY, DECEMBER 25th (CHRIST- MAS DAY).—The usual Sunday Service of Trains will run. MONDAY, DECEMBER 26th (BOXING DAY).—The Saturday Service of Trains (with certain exceptions) will run, and the 11 p.m. train from Swansea will be extended to Treherbert. A Special Passenger Train will leave Treherbert at 11.25 a.m. for Swansea., calling at all intermediate stations. TICKETS will be issued to PORT TALBOT (Aberavon Station) NEATH and SWANSEA. } TUESDAY, DECEMBER 27th.—The Saturday Service of Trains (with certain exceptions) will run, and the 11 p.m. train from Swansea will be extended to Treherbert. EXCURSION TICKETS, will be issued to PORT TALBOT (Aberavon Station), NEATH and SWANSEA. For particulars of times, conditions, and further information see bills, which may be obtained at the Booking Offices. JOHN DAVID, Swansea, General Manager. December 18th, 1910. 523 Public Notices. Rhondda Urban District. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that at a Special Meeting of the Rhondda Urban District Council, Cctlled in pur- suance of the Borough Funds Acts, 1872 and 1903, and held on Friday, the 9th day of December, 1910, the following resolutions were passed by an absolute majority of the whole number of the said Council (namely): — I.-Tha,t the Council do make applica- tion in the next Session of "Parliament for an Act for effecting all or some of the following objects and purposes, namely: (1) To extend the period for the con- struction of authorised waterworks and to empower the Council to con- struct new waterworks and to pur- chase lands in connection therewith. (2) To authorise the Council to acquire certain pieces of land as sites for the erection of refuse destructors and also for the construction of a station or stations for generating electrical energy in connection with the Council's proposed electric lighting undertaking and to con- struct an approach road to one of such sites. (3) To empower the Council to take a supply of electrical energy in bulk for the purposes of their proposed electric lighting, ndertaking from the Rhondda Tramways Company, Limited. (4) To authorise the Council to provide and let for hire electric lines and other fittings and to undertake the free wiring of houses for electric lighting and other purposes. (5) To authorise the conveyance of the refuse of the district on the existing and authorised Tramways within the district. (6) To confirm, if necessary, the lease by the Council to the Rhondda Tramways Company, Limited, of the generating station authorised by the Rhondda Urban District Council (Tramways. &c.) Act. 1902. (7) To provide for the levelling and sewering of new streets before the erection of buildings. (8) To empower the Council to borrow money for any of the purposes of the Bill and to ratify expenditure already made upon the waterworks of the Council. (9) To confer on the Council all such powers, rights and privileges in refer- ence to the aforesaid matters as may be considered expedient. 2.-That the costs, charges and ex- penses of or in relation to the said appli- cation be paid by the Council and charged on the District Fund and General District Rate or other the public funds or rates under the control of the Council. Dated this 12th day of December, 1910. W. P. NICHOLAS, Clerk to the Council. Rhondda Urban District. XN PURSUANCE of the provisions of the Borough Funds Act, 1S72, Notice is here- by given that a Special Meeting of the Rhondda Urban District Council will beld in the Council Chamber at I'entre in the said District, on Friday, the Gtli day of January, District, on Friday, the Gtli day of January, 1911, at ;» o'clock in the Afternoon, to take into consideration and determine upon the expediency of confirming the propriety of promoting the Bill, intituled A Bill to "anthorise the Rhondda Urban District Council to construct additional Waterworks and to confer further powers upon the "Council in regard to their Water Under- staking and the supply of Electricity and "for other purposes" which has been (le- posited in Parliament pursuant to the 1 Resolution of the Council passed at a Meeting held on the ninth day of December, 1910. Dated this 24th day of December, 1910. W. P. NICHOLAS, 524 Clerk to the Council. MOLESKIN Competition. Prizes value Twelve Guineas. Half a million skins wanted. Also wanted Cat, Otter, Badger, Haie and Rabbit Skins. Top prices paid. Write Watson & Co., 49, Gt. Queen Street, Ivingsway, London, W.C. 506 If Treoh Gwiad nag Aralwydd." EXCELSIOR SUM LKM MGS- DE WINTON STREET, TONYPANDY Telephone No. 77 P.O. Tonypandy. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 24, 1910. V V V V V V1' .,¡: ')( ,x' yX" '/y( v > X>. XV, XX A X >. XA XX X> X X FX XX xx X X X We wish all our readers a I Merry Yule-tide "ell x k V1' V1* V "-v-' xx x/ v• xx v V '■"•><* xx xx xx xx xx Xx A x >i xx xx x x x


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