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Notes and News. 4


Notes and News. 4 What about the penal Budget," now that the Lords are anxious to adopt it ? Judging by the recent articles in some London Tory journals, Mr. William O'Brien is a veritable saint, and could not do any- thing wrong. What was their opinion of this Irish leader some twenty years ago ? Because he has sprung from a humble origin, Mr. Lloyd George, according to some of the opposition papers, cannot do a single gentlemanly act, and as for telling the truth, that is impossible for him. Carmen Sylva," the Queen of Roumania, is to pay a visit to Wales next summer, and has expressed a desire to be present at the Welsh Eisteddfod, at Carmarthen. Whilst staying in Wales, it is thought that she will be the guest of the Marquis of Bute. Sir J. Hills Johnes, of Dolaucothi, is to be presented with the freedom of the borough of Carmarthen. Since he has resided in Wales, Sir James Hills Johnes has taken an active part in all public movements, and is a popular squire in the famous Vale of Cothi. Miss Amy Evans, the celebrated Welsh soprano, has been engaged for the coming Royal Opera Season at Covent Garden She will appear as Woglinde" in the opera Gotterdamnerung," which will be sung in German. Young Liberals in South Wales are to be thoroughly organised, and it is announced that Mr. Mond, the wealthy M.P. for Swansea, has promised an institution for the League of Young Liberals at Swansea, an experi- ment that will cost him at least £ 6,000. Mr. John Howell, of Liverpool, recently secured, at an auction in London, a copy of Salesbury's Welsh Testament-the first copy of the Scripture translated into the Welsh tongue. There are but very few copies in existence, and the one secured by Mr. Howell is in a splendid condition. Salesbury's Testament was published in London in 1567. Sir S. T. Evans had a splendid reception in Aberystwyth last Saturday, when he addressed the College students. His career has been a remarkably brilliant one. He is proud of his alma Inatcr-Aber- ystwyth University College. A CELT correspondent, who had a good opportunity of seeing the South Wales countryside these last few days, was struck with the abundance of blossom on the fruit trees. This presages a heavy fruit crop this summer. Within the last few months large numbeis of Welsh people have emigrated tof Canada. The Welsh make excellent settlers. Merthyr is to have a garden city." This ancient town has shown great municipal and social enterprise within the last few years. By defeating Newport, Neath have now become the Welsh Football champions. The London Welsh, by the way, defeated Neath —and by no mere fluke either. The greatest political event in South Wales these last few weeks has been the extraordinary growth of the League of Young Liberals. The idea has caught on wonderfully. New branches are springing up everywhere, and the enthusiasm is most marked. The League of Young Liberals is going to make its mark in future elections. Cathays Park, Cardiff, is becoming the architectural show place of not only South Wales, but the West of England. A beau- tiful City Hall, Law Courts and University College have already been built there, and a splendid war memorial and statues to Viscount Tredegar, John Cory, and Judge Gwilym Williams erected. The new County Council Offices are being built, and in the near future the Welsh National Museum will be erected there. When finally completed, Cathays Park will be a fine place. Country Life," a high class weekly, recently contained the following interesting note in reference to Mr. Milsom Rees, a popular London Welshman and a native of Neath :—" The many people who go to Oovent Garden to enjoy the Opera are pro- bably dependent for their pleasure to a degree they do not properly appreciate on Mr. Milsom Rees. It is he who looks after these most tender and valuable things, the larynxes of the opera singers, and indeed he is the friend and adviser of most of the great singers of to-day. He is, needless to say, one of the leading authorities on any- thing connected with the throat department of the Margaret Street Hospital for Con- sumption. As his name implies, he is a