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Vigilant's" Post Bag. As I receive so many letters with enquiries, &c., relating to the local football world, and a personal reply in each case is out of the ques- tion, I have (Jecided to open. a Post Bag column, in which replies that are given, will, I hope, be of interest to. my readers in general. Cormorant (Llandudno).—No, you are wrong. En Avant is not a Frenchman, as you imply from his nom-de-plume. He is an Englishman, with a very good smathering of Welsh, lives in Bangor, and is well known for his dry, and at times caustic, humour. J. R." (Denbigh).—To my mind, the best equipped football ground in the North Wales Coast League is at Pwllheli. The opinion of the Aston Villa Reserves when they played the locals of that town when on an Eastertide tour, confirms by impression. Roman. (Penrhynsid-e).—Fred W. Jones, of Llandudno, is an inch or two, I am not sure, over six feet in height. Gwilym (Trefriw).—Yes, Lei Blackwall has played goal for Llanrwst. He is over six feet in height, and very nimble. A good crick- eter as well. One of the very best goalies thai the Roosters ever had was Benn Hayes. Pel Droed (Conway).—I do not mind you taking exception to the opinion 1 have of Johnnie Williams, of Llandudno, when I say he is the best centre-forward, all things considered, on the Coast. Everyone, naturally, has a right to their opinion, and whilst allowing you to. dis- agree with me, I still stick to. mine. Rooster (Bettws-y-'Coed).—I think Dick Evans, who played so well for Llanrwst some seasons ago, is somewhere between Festiniog and Bala. Nugget (Abergele).—I agree with you that Colwyn Bay has not been, the same team since Tom McCa-nn, has not been playing with the Gulls. Possibly, you are not aware that it is simply on account, unfortunately, of indifferent health that the ever-faithful Tom is not seen xti the Bay ranks, and not through any disagree- ment with his club. Thompson (Colwyn Bay).-Tom Edwards, Conway's League representative is a miner by trade, and a native of Holywell. He has been a prominent player with the team of the last- named place. Williams (Holywell).—Both Tommy Owen (Clock) and Arnold Jones, the famous right wing of the erstwhile Llandudno, Swifts, are dead. "Tom Jones (Junction).-LI.andudno Swifts beat Bangor City at St. Asapih many years ago in the final for the- North Wales Coast Cup by fiv-e goals to one. It was a sensational victory, four of the five goals for Llandudno being netted in a very few minutes. Will Arridge was Bangor's goalkeeper on that day. Marsh (Colwyn) wants to know why 1 give the Coast teams bird names. Well, why do we eat geese at Christmas? I was of opinion since we had Canaries in Carnarvon since we can remember, and Jackdaws in Conway, it would be as well to give all the Leaguers a name from the feathered tribe. -See J. J." (Rhyl).—Sammy Brookes, the little Welsh international, is a native of Llandudno. "Angy" Knight, the famous centre-half of Llandudno, is now in South Africa, and a mem- ber of the Cape Mounted Rifles. Gwilym (Beaumaris).—Mr E. Ll. Wil- liams, the League Secretary, held the same post previous to this season.. He has always been an -enthusiast of the game. Griffiths (Glan Conway).-The only way to deal with persons that defy payment for coming to see a match is to prosecute, and that with the utmost rigour of the law." Such persons should recive no quarter. Taffy (Menai Bridge).—I agree with you that the loss of Beaumaris in the League circle means a loss Off good gates to many clubs that need replenished exchequers. "Tattler" (Deganwy).—If your young brother has made such wonderful s,trides as a centre-forward in so short a time, one trembles to think what he may turn out to be in a few yecal's. You do. not say whether he is lengthy of foot. 2. Cannot say. Try Searchlight," Abergele. He is a good judge on that point. Chwareuwr (Llarnidtidno,).-Yoi- should have the courage to sign your own name to your letter, although 1 adlmire the way you address me as Vigilant Esq." You have not read mv remarks anent the Llandudno Reserves in the right spirit. 'What I mean to imply is that Llandudno supporters of the Reserves will expect a win, and they ought to have it-at whose expense, it matters not-in Llandudno." Th-isl means that Llandudno must win, no mat- ter whait team is beaten, by fair means, of course. No one wishes it otherwise unless he has taken leave of his senses, so that your senti- mental assumption as to, what I meant is alto- gether wrong. Why not write- to the referee. and state what your impressions are of him. I am sure he will look at the size of his hat when vou allege that he's suffering from a swelled head through my "ibraggirngJ him so much. Why not try refereeing yourself?

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