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New Station at Llandudno Junction.!


New Station at Llandudno Junction. As has already' been reported in our columns, the old Llandudno Junction was closed on Monday last. In its stead has been erected a handsome and commo- dious new station, situated about 400 yards nearer Chester, and which was opened without ceremony on Monday morning. It is hoped that it wjll do away with a good deal of the inconveniences and drawbacks of the old one, and greatly facilitate passenger traffic, especially m summer-time, when it is really enormous. The new station should meet the requirements of the district for many years to come. In addition to pur- chasing land on each side of the railway for the additional accommodation, the company had also to take in over a quarter of a mile of the main road from Llandudno to Colwyn Bay, and in lieu thereof had to make a new road a little to the north of the old one. Near to the east end of this road is the ap- proach to the station, and in addition, there are footpaths leading from the road to the front of the station. At the end of the approach is the station yard, and from this yard the booking office is entered. The parcels office is in the same block of building. After booking, passengers ascend by a wide and easy staircase to a long and roomy foot- bridge, which crosses from one side of the station to the other, and from which wide and easy staircases communicate with the various platforms. Alongside of this bridge is another for luggage only, with hydraulic lifts to each platform, and also one at the entrance. The platforms on each side of the main line are each 60 feet wide, and 720 feet long. At the south-east end, the platform is divided by a bay for the Bettws- y-coed trains, and at the north-west end by a similar bay for the Llandudno traffic. In addition to the main lines and bays referred to, there are two new loop lines on each side of the new station for through traffic. Owing to the nature of the site, a large portion of the platforms are formed with steel joists, resting on brick walls, and arched over between the joists, and on the top of these is cement concrete and cement paving. The other portfon of the platforms are paved with cement flags. The station buildings on each side of the main line provide necessary offices, waiting and refreshment rooms, tbc., the latter beipg beautifully titted up with marble-topped counters, with fancy tiled dadoes round the walls. The whole of the buildings are built of red Ruabon brick, with blue brick plinths, and moulded brick and terra-cotta cornices, arches, string courses, &c., all made at the contractors' works. They present a very neat appearance, the colours harmonising nicely. The station rooting is supported on light steel stancions, with moulded bases, caps, and neckings, on the top of which are lattice girders and brackets, supporting cantilever beams. The station buildings, platforms, and, roofing all follow the curve of the railway, and as the painting of the stancions, girqers, and woodwork is picked out of pretty colours, the general effect is very pleasing. As before mentioned, the site was a very troublesome one, the ground being very soft. and washed over by the tide. This involved a vast amount of work in the foundations, very little of which is to be seen now. It was .lso necessary to construct a large culvert 6 feet 6 inches high, and 6 feet wide, to carry off the water of a brook which ran through the middle of the site. This had to be cut through under the main line and sidings, and carried into the river Conway. The safe running of the trains had also to be provided for while this was being done, and although a great deal of the work is naturally cloae to the lines of rails, and also under and over the railway, it is gratifying to firid that not a single accident of any kind happened to the traffic. Con- sequent upon the altered position of the station, it was necessary to make a new branch line to joi, the Bettws-y-coed line, about a mile from e station. This, and the widening of thft? Mne,J|was done by the company's own jfrel. jrae worfc was com- menced about/ tw-|]ve| mnonthSi ago, and considering ite exteiw a he difficult nature of the site, it is consi er Siat its completion has been rapid, In if a whe, twelve months ago, there feodd » muddy swamp, there now stands, co plete every respect, one of the finest ^no|larges^t^a,tions on the company's system in, 1401-til les. One of the principal advantages of tte new station will be the doing aw of the standing of the trains across the level crossing, as was too often a necessity under the old arrangement. The contractors for the work were Messrs. Monk and Newell, Bootle, Liverpool, their engineer and manager being Mr. Newell Mr. J. Birrell being clerk of the works on behalf of the railway company.


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