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LA^SDOWOT HOXJSE° SCHOOL. PrincipalsMisses MATTHEWS and STANDRING. Auiflted by an Efficient Staff of Resident and Certificated Teachers and Visiting Masters. PUPILS are very successfully prepared for the Cambridge, R.A.M., and other Local i. Examinations. Adjoining the above in York-road, new premises hare beem built for the LLANDUDNO KINDER- GARTEN, TECHNICAL AND ART SCHOOLS, AND'SWEDISH GYMNASIUM. ZjiXiilLlfDUOIffO COLLEGE. THIS School guarantees a thoroughly sound Education and prepares boys for the Universities JL for the Professions, or for Commercial Pursuits. Numerous Successes in the Competitive Kxarr..nations' PRINCIPALS: MR. GEO. WEBB (Resident;, AND MR. J BAYLEY. Assisted by the following Resident Teacher" A. WATSON. B.A., Cambridge. W. HARRISON, Undergraduate, London University and an efficient Staff of Visiting Masters. Domestic Arrangements under the direction of Mrs. WEBB. 0 Preparatory Department and Kindergarten for Young Boys. -A.X.TJ3ST SCHOOL, MOLB. BOARDERS Received in Headmaster's House. Pre-Mvylfa Hall. Charming Country Situation. Dairy Farm D attached. Park for Cricket and Football. Gardens with Lawn Tenais Courts. Pupils from this School have been very successful at London Matriculation. "Welsh University Scholarship and other Examinations. In sach of the Cambridge Local Examinations of the last six years, this Scheol passed a greater nnmber than any other School in Wales and Monmouth. Twentv-one pupils were successful in 11"!J-J-. twenty ie If' Prospectus on application to-We LLOYD PARRY, B.A., Head Master I —^uji—— ».- y ■■■■ -_n GOGARTH ABBEY SCHOOL, LL.A..N'o-r:J3N'O. Thorough Education with Home Care and Comfort for Boys (7 to 14), Sons of Gentlemen. Resident French and English Mistresses and Visiting1 Masters. For Special Terms for Weekly Boarders, s-ce Prospectus, for which aoflv to the i'nucipal, Mrs. MELROSS THOMSON. an i Tan mi mil iii n IIIIIIIIMIII i ii "■■■' T :E E H. X "W E IS, Y 144, UPPED. MOSTYN STREET, LLANDUDNO, (LATE HAmLEYs) All kinds ef Landaus, Wagonettes. Broughams, Phaetons, Pony Traps, Tandems, and Saddle Horses for Hire, by Hour, Day, Week or Month. LESSONS QTVEN IN RIDING AND DRIVING EC. J ■*— HTIT ■, Ppoppletov. | RICHMOND'S LIBRARY. SPECIAIi WINTER TERMS INCLUDING NEWEST BOOKS: OCTOBER TO DECEMBER, OR JAN. '98 TO MARCH '98, ONE SHILLING EACH QUARTER. SINGLE NOVEL 2d. PER WEEK. Sub Post Office, 5, Mostyn Street, Llandudno, OVER 1000 OF THE BEST UP-TO-DATE NOVELS by Core'.]i. Maxwell Grey, Sarah Grand, Annie S. Swan, R. D. Blackmore, Stanley Weyman, Curtis Yorke, Baring Gould, Jessie Fothergill, Conan Doyle, W. E. Norris, Marion Crawford, Rosa N. Carey, Thos. Hardy, Geo. Meredith, R. L. Stephenson, Ian Maclnren, &c. ^—bbw—waer—s—aawm R. DHC- BROWN, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Corrj, Flour, Grocery, Confectionery and Provision Dealer, 42, MADOC STREET, LLANDUDNO. R. H. B has especially prepared Corn for long-running Horses. Also Fresh Elgs Guaranteed Home- cured Hams and Bacon. EDWIN WILLIAMS & SON. BUTCHERS, No- 9 and 10 Sta'), Market Hall, LLANDUDNO- KNE PICKLED TONGUES ALWAYS ON HAND. ALL ORDERS PUNCTUALLY ATTENDED TO. GEORGE E. TIMMS, FAMILY BUTCHER 107, MOSTYN STREET OPPOSITE THE CLOCK iii^LwmrDiiro CHOICE SUPPLY OF BEEF, MUTTON, &c. THE LLANDUDNO COCOA HOUSE AND TEMPERANCE HOTEL, 66, MOSTYN STREET. RESTAURANTS AND DISIXG ROOMS. DINNERS DAILY 12 to PARTIES CATERED FOR. GOOD ACCOMMODATION FOR CYCLISTS AND TOURISTS. BATHROOMS, 4c. REEVES-HUGHES. uTTm ii ■ ■■■■■■ inmiirn r. n..■.■■■■Tmiiira in liTTF" ——— Ijla.irdia.diio. ALBERT HOTEL, ■- JVC^-JDOO STREET, Under Entirely New Managemertt. D. G. ROBERTS, Proprietor. JOSEPH WILEY & SON, GLASS, CHINA & EARTHENWARE MERCHANTS WAREHOUSE: 145, Kostya St., I T T A NT^TTT^'NTO SHOW ROOMS: 91, Kostya St., > LllJiill ±J U U1N U. PRICES FOR HOTEL AND HOUSEHOLD GLASS Especially Quoted and Samples Supplied. A Large Variety of Patten* La DINNER, TEA, BREAKFAST, DESSERT, TOILET AND DEJEUNER SERVICES. Coalport, Staffordshire, and Derbyshire Ware. Also Ornamental Glass Suitable for Presents. WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. EÿltI\1'S FÙI: ALL BILIOUS AND NERVOUS DISORDERS, AS Sick Headache, Constipation, Weak Stcsaash, Impaired Digestion, Disordered Ler & Female Ailments. Prepared only by the Proprietor, THOMAS BKI CFIA* St. Helens, Lancashire, in Î)Qxt,. 1.s. ld. and 28 9d each, with full direoibsu* » bold. yrorywhere. £ 1 LLANDUDNO COUNTY SCHOOL. The School is in connection with the University of Wales and is maintained by the Councy. Chairman of the Governing Body J. ALLANSON PJCTOX, Esq., J.P., formerly M.P. for Leicester. Heanmaster: J. ARCHER THOMSON, M.A., Clare College, Cambridge, Exhibitioner and Classical Ilonoursman. Assistant-Masters J. 0. CHARTER. B.A.. Siduev College, Cambridge, Scholar and Mathematical Honoursmanj R. E. JONES, i,.A (Int.), London University W. R. GRIFFITH, Lecturer in University College of N. Wales. liOARDKRS RECEIVED IN HEADMASTER'S HOI'S*. GIRLS' SCHOOL: Senior-Mistress—Miss K. SCOTT, B.A., Sterne Scholar of Trinity College, Dabliji. FOR THE BEST SELECTION OF WELSH MUTTON, GO TO ROBERTS BROTHERS, PURVEYORS or MEM.AW, QUEEN'S BUILDINGS, LLANDUDNO iSB 1, CASTLE BUILDINGS, DEGANWY. CHOICEST SUPPLY OF ENGLISH BEEF. HOTELS AND FAMILIES CATERED FOR Personal attention given to Business. GEORGE ROBERTS & BROTHER, SCULPTORS, CARVERS and GENERAL MASONS, RUABON WORKS, H.LJ^l^lDTTIDItSrO, Fonts, Pulpits and all Kinds of Church Work. MONUMENTS IN GRANITE, MARBLE & STONE. ESTIMATES AND DESIGNS FREE. 5E £ -FCCS>XXEJ IGGORVCRAA. by RICHARD JONES, House and Sign Painter AND GENERAL DECORATOR. Workshop: REAR OF 6, NEVILL CRESCENT. w-m HUGH EDWARDS, Painter, Paper-hanger, Crainer, Sign-writer alld Decorator, CROYDON VILLA, CHAPEL STREET. An Orders Pxua.ctiua.ll3r Attended to. DAVID ELLIS, JOINER, BUILDER & CONTRACTOR, ISLWYN, TRINITY STREET. Estimates given for all kinds of Work in the Building Trade. Works: REAR OF HARTLEYS STABLES. CHARGES for ADVERTISING PRIcr; Per Per Government and Parliamentary Notices ) Line. loch and Prospectuses ",f Public Companies ( In. 10s. Chancery and Legal Notices, Sales of ) Property, &c J od. 5s. Sales of Stock or Furniture, Trade No- ) tices, Eisteddfodau, Literary Meet- ( ings of local character, Personal an- < 3d. 2s. nouncements, &c. J Special positions. Contract. Small Prepaid Advertistments. The following is our Scale for small prepaid adver- tisements (all run on, no display lines), under the classes of WANTED, TO BE LET, FOR SALE BY PRIVATE CONTRACT APARTMENTS, LOST or FOUND:— Insertions. One Two Three Not exceeding 15 words li; Od Is 9d 2s d 20 „ Is 3d 2s 3d 8s Od 25 Is 6d 2s 9d 3s 9d 30" ls 9d 3s Od 4s 3d 40 2s 3d 4s Od 5s Gd No Advertisement booked under 2s. 6d. Copies of the paper will be charged extra, and it must be distinctly understood that no advertisements can be booked at these prices. The number of insertions re- quired must also be ordered and paid for at the same tune VT LADI E S! T ADIES REQUIRING ASSISTANCE and RELIEF L in all F KM ALE AILMENTS. IRREGULARI- TIES, SUPPRESSIONS, and OBSTRUCTIONS, can obtain the most valuable information whereby difficul- ties are overcome, no mntter how Obstinate or Long- standing. THIS EXTRAORDINARY MEDICINE has met with immense success in THOUSANDS OF CASES alter all others had failed. Read these ex- tracts from Testimonials:— MEX/;OI:O'. Dear Madam,—Kindly send me a bottle of your medicine and pills. I have tried them before on one occasion they put me right WITH Fon: DOSKS AFTER SIXTKKN WEEKS, and another time ONK Dosii j)ii) MK GOOD.—Mrs. L.T. N EWC.VSTI.K-ON-T v N- K Dear Madam,—My case was a very obstinate one of KIIJIITKKX WKKKS, but with perseverance and your good advice I am happy to say I got relief.—Mrs. M.J Yoick. Dear Mrs. Dasmail.—I received the medicine and pills safely. The last I had proved effectual after FIVK MONTHS' Sl'L'l'KKSSIO^ AN I-) TY.Nlrs. A.B. The above, and thousands of similar Testimonials, guaranteed Genuine USUKK A PK.NAI.TY OF £1000. Abandon not hope; here you ivill find a GeHuine SPECIALITY and CURE. Failure impossible. Send stamped addressed envelope for particulars. A. DAS.UAII,, Box 455, Langdale House, Walt ham stow. London.

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