Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

5 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



LOCAL NEWS. SUNSHINE RECORD. —The total number of hours recorded for week eliding July 20th was 66 hours 36 minutes. LIST OF rEQUIE,E,,MENTS.-L,ist of minor reparirs, etc., and requisites for :St. George's, Bodafon, and St. Beuno's Church Schools, were presented to a 1Ylelejng of the managers on Monday and ordered to be forwarded to the Carnarvonshire County Committee to be dealt with. A SHORT POLICE-COURT.—Proceedings at Llandudno Police Court en Monday were of very brief duration, the count opening at 10 30 and closing at 10 55. The foHowing magis- trates were present, Mr Henry Kneeshaiw -(chairm,an), Dr. Pilchard, Mr J. O. Thomas, Mr Wm. Bevan, Mr Robert Roberts, and Mr Hugh Owen. A POPULAR LECTURER.—The Rev. Tbss. Waugih,, of Southport, preached two remarkable sermons on Sunday last at St. John's English Wesleyan Chapel, to crowded congregations. On Monday evening the reverend gentleman delivered a most interesting and helpfuil lec- ture having regard to the s-o-called New Theology. "If Jesus Christ were only a. Man" was the subject of the, discourse, in which he, dealt exhaustively with what he. termed the fallacies of the so-called new creed. A VIRAGO.-Sarah Wiiliaims, of Bryn Orme, can not be described as exactly an amiable woman to live with, for an the. 11th inst. P.C. 33 found her drunk and scratching her hus- band's face in Back Caroline Street, and it was with the utmost difficulty he persuaded her to go hcxme.At the LlandUidnJo fortnightly police Icourt, Mrs Wiilliams was fined 5s. and costs, this being her fourth appearance. In stating the case the constable' stated: that the drinking bout had lasted over a. week. "A YOUNG DANSEUSE.Tihe. diminutive grand-daughter of Mr Richard Roberts, Royal Pish Store, Jeanniie Roberts, aged 7 years, en- tered into a dancing competition, open to chil- dren up to 12 years of age, held in connection with a garden fete at Colwyn Bay on Saturday last, and was successful in carrying off the first prize, a silver-mounted cut glass seent bottle. By far and away the smallest competitor, "Jeannie" had thoroughly mastered the in- tricacies of the Spanish dance, specially de- signed and taught her by the Misses Roberts, Huyton, of May-day celebrations fame, and the decision of the judges in her favour was a dis- tinctly popular one. SCHOOL APPOINTMENT.—It was unani- mously resolved that Miss Maggie Lloyd, Penrhyn Bay, be appointed to a vacancy at Bodafon School (Staff,, under Art.ide 50. Miss Lloyd had excellent references from the Rev. -Gwynfryn Jones and Mr T. W. Griffith, and was also well-known to the headmaster, Mr Stevens. It wias also stated that inquiries respecting Miss Humphreys, whose application was considered at the last meeting of the managers, were quite1 satisfactory, and she was unaniiinously appointed to another vacancy in the teaching staff of the isame school. THE ALLEGATIONS AGAINST AN ATTENDANCE OFFICE,R.-At a meeting of the L-lanrdudno Provided School Managers on Mon- day evening, presided over by the Rev. Ll. R. Hughes, rector, a letter was read from Mr J. R. Jones, (attendance officer for Llandudno dis- trict, informing the managers that he couSd only reply to the statements of Miss Bamford through the County Committee.—A copy of the courteous letter sent to the officelI having been relad, it was unanimously resolved to. refer the whole matter to the County Authority. TIHE NORTH WALES GOLF CLUB.—The monthly medal competition, was held on Satur- day last, and Mr Henderson, who holds the. Amateur record foir the course (71), playing a. 'stelaidy game .throughout, tied for first place with Mr Oaklshotit, with a return of 78. Mr Henderson's card 77-1-78, Mr Oakshott's card 92—14—78. Other returns were:—Mr E. A. Neeile 83, Mr1 A. Halstead 83, Mr Percy Walker 84, Mr Laurie Jones 84. The prospects for the season's play are exceptionally good and the, greens and course have. never been, seen to better advantage,. In the replayed tie Mr Hen- derson beat Mr Oakshott 4 up and 2 to play. INCORRIGIBLE INFANTS.—The misde- meanours of two little, boys, whose united ages amount to no more than ten years, are troubling the Lilandudno Church School Man- agers. A miontth ago it was stated that they had broken windows at Bodafcn .School, and that their parents had promised to pay for repair- ing of the damage, and had punished the, lads. On Saturday last two more planes of glass, were broken, and after the whole of the school children had denied iaall knowledge of the affair the same two infant ajccfased each other of throwing the stones which broke the. windows. Mr Stevens, the headmaster, visited the parents, but was received in anything but an amicable manner, and finally beat a retreat.— At a managers' meeting on Monday he asked what course he should take. The education icamimlittee would not permit him to inflict cor- poral punishment on infants, and the parents rt,A,cl no control over them. In fact they were two little teTroTs.-M-r John Owen said that in a similar case at the. Warren School the ,ciounty secretary had been asked to write to the parents and demand an apology and pay for the damages, in default of which legal proceed- ngs would be taken. That letter proved effi- cacious, and he moved that the example be followed.-MT Conway seconded, and the. re- solution. was unanimously agreed to. LANSDOWNE HOUSE SCHOOL.—In addi- tion to the certificates gained this yelar in the College of Preceptors and the Cambridge local examinations in the recent examinations of the Royal Drawing Society, Miss Hornsby has .gained honours .certificates in Divisions 4, 5, ô; Miss M. Squirrel in 1, 2; Miss H. Poggi in 4, 6; Miss G. Jones in 1; Miss G. Hodgson in 5, and Miss A. Slack passed in 1. Of the 10 .entries all passed, 9 with honours. Miss D. Done has .also gained the Teacher-Artist certi- ficate of the Royal Drawing Societty with first- [class honours in divisions 1, 2, 3 and second dlass honours in division 4. These: candidates have a,11 been prepared by Miss Dowddng, the resident art mistress. In the recent local examinations of the Associated Board of the Royal Academy cif Music and the Royal College of Music Miss A. Poggi has gained certificates in the Intermediate Grad.e, for pianoforte play- ing and music theory, and Miss C. Morris has gained the certificate for the Advanced Gr^de, together with a special certificate.

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