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LLANDUDNO ADVERTISER. I AND LIST OF VISITORS. I CHARGES FOR ADVERTISING. I COUNTY, Municipal, Poor Law, Joint Stock, I Legal and other Public Notices, Contracts, I Tenders, eta, 6cL per line each insertion. I BUSINESS Advertisements as per scale below. I SPECIAL Positions per contract. I SALES by Auction, Entertainments, Sermons, I Trade Notices, Eisteddfodau, etc., 3d. per I line, or 2s. 6d. per inch displayed. I SMALL PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. I HOUSES, Shops, Apartments, etc., To Let or I Wanted; Articles Lost, Found, or for Private I Sale; Servants or Situations, etc., Wanted. I Insertion. I One Two Three. I Not exceeding 15 woTds Is Od Is 9d 2s 3d I 20 „ Is 3d 2s 3d 3 Od I „ 25 Is 6d 2s 9d 3s 6d I „ 30 Is 9d 3s Od 4s 3d I 40 2s 3d 4s Od 5s 6d I BIRTHS and Deaths are charged Is. Marriages, I 2a. No Advertisement booked under 2s. 6d. I BUSINESS ADVERTISEMENTS. I DOUBLE Column.—One insertion 3s. per I inch; 4 insertons 2s. 6d. per inch; 8 2s. 3d.; 13 I Bs. 26 Is. 6d.; 52 Is. 3d. I SINGLE Column.—One insertion 2s. per I inch; 4 insertions Is. 8d.; 8 Is. 6d.; 13 Is. 4d.; I 26 Is.; 52 lOd. I A DISCOUNT of 10 per cent. allowed on pre- I payment for continuous Advertisements. I ALL communications and payments by I oheques or postal orders should be addressed to I the Proprietors, Messrs. EDGE & MOY. Market I Street, Llandudno. I Llandudno Pier Co, Ltd, I Secretary Mr. SAMUEL B I SEASON 1908. I The Pier Company's Popular Concerts. I Morning it 11, Evening at 7-45. I GRAND ORCHESTRA. I Augmented to 40 perfc rmers. I Conductor- I Mr. Arthur W. Payne, F.R.A.M. I For the Extension Concerts commencing on I Sunday, Sept. 27th, the Conductor will be I Mr. Walter Haigh. I Artistes. I October 1st to 4th— I Mr Joseph Cheetham, Tenor I October 5th to 8th—Miss I M. Constance Wilkinson, Soprano I October 9th to llth— I Miss Lucy Nuttall, Contralto I Tickets for the Series—First Seats, 6s.; I Second Seats, 4s. Weekly Tickets 3s. 6d. and I 2s.:6d. Including admission to the Pier. PIER THEATRE I VARIETIES, LLANDUBNO. I Manager S. HUGHES, Junr. It.* I DAILY at 3 and t's P..m. I ROYAL AMERICAN I US I O C3 C2) I Monday next, October 5th,and during the I week- I Baby's Playmate. I Motherly Pram. I Depilatory Powder. I And 10,000 other Pictures. I SATURDAY AFTERNOON, I SPECIAL TREAT- FOR SCijOOl CHILDREN. H Prizes for Boys and Girls I Admission, 6d. and Is. Saturday After- I noon, 3d. and 2d. ■ *■' JYifi¡t_ I Care for your I I Eyes now. I I After testing, we supply 11 I Glasses which correct the I defects and preserve the g8 I sight. Let us make your Bg I sight good, easy and safe. as V" v V' V' V' I FRANK N. MERGER, F.S.M.C ■ Fellow of the Worshipful Guild of Spectacle ■ Makers and Holder of the Guild's Diploma ■ for Proficiency in Sight Testing I 101, Mostyq Street, Llandudno, I HAVE YOJKORNS ? I lemove them in Three Days by I using I -A-MHEHBtXC-A-lXr I Dora. Silk I (Ph. J. Form 772) I Price 6d. per box. H i Prepared by I riate N. Horniblow I M.P.S. I Dispensing and Photographic I Chemist, I 4, Queen's Buildings, Llaqdudqo. I Telephone No. 104. ■ -ah Nicol Memorial Hospital, Trinitj ■ Street,. Hon. secretarv. Miss Felton ■ fal National Lifeboat Instituton ■ Branch Hon. Secretary, Rev. Join ■ Raymond. If you would be graceful learn to skate. HIPPODROME, LLANDUDNO. Entirely re-constructed at a cost of 93000. C. P. CRAWFORD, General Manager. HIGH-CLASS ROLLER SKA TING MILITARY BAND. COOLED BY ICE AFTERNOON TEAS. BREEZES. FREE TUITION. PRIVATE GARAGE AMERICAN SODA WATER BAR. THREE SESSIONS DAILY. MORNING SESSION -10-30 to 12-30. Admission Free. Skates Is. AFTERNOON SESSION—2-0 to 5-0. Admission 6d. Skates Is. Ladies ad- mitted Free at Afternoon Session if they purchase a skate ticket. EVENING SESSION-7 30 to 10-30 Admission Is Skates Is. Cloak Room Free at all Sessions. A Season Book good for 30 admissions and 30 skates will be sold for 22. We charge you just the same for the use of skating surface whether you use our skates or your own. Trick and Fancy Skating Every Wednesday and Saturday at 9.30 = Tea & Refreshment Rooms AT THE RINK. AFTERNOON TEAS A SPECIALITY. Chocolates, Cakes and Mineral Waters. ROBERT TWEEDELL, Proprietor. The Llandudno Coachingand Carriage Company, Ltd. rgi COACH TOURS FROM LLANDUDNO All Coaches start from the St George's and J Queen's Hotels. GRAND LOOP TOUR. The Prince of Wales leaves daily at 9-45 a.m. for 56 miles drive. Fare 12s BETTWS-Y-COED-The "Old Times" leaves daily at 10 a.m. Fare 7s. PENMAENMA WR.-The "Wonder" leaves daily 10 a.m. and 2-30 p.m. Fare 4s COLWYN BAY.—The "Express" leaves daily at 10 30 a.m., and 2-30 p.m. Fare 2s. 6d. BODNANT HALL & GARDENS-The "Rocket'' leaves every Tuesday and Saturday at 2-30 p.m Fare 4s. ABER—Coaches leave every Wednesday and Friday at 11 a.m. Fare 5s NEW SHORT LOOP via Talycafn, Monday and r Thursday, at 2-30 p,m. Fare 4s. SUPERIOR PRIVATE COACHES, RUBBER- TYRED CARRIAGES, WAGGONETTES, DOG-CARTS, PONY TRAPS, SADDLE HORSES ON HIRE. Booking Offices—The Coach Office, Queen's Hotel Gardens, Clonmel Street, and at the Pier Gates. Telephone No. 9. ( It Rests With You The return of Wintry Weather means c c a return of Coughs, Colds and other hard weather troubles. r Security against Pulmonary troubles P ar against serious after-effects can be > obtained by regular doses of v AIM j which is a truly palatable combination c of Refined Cod Liver Oil and Hypo- J £ phosphites of Lime and Soda, bound T J together with Carrageen or Irish Moss. < H It is nutritive, stimulating and in- J vigorating—good for lung and body C building, good for making good the j < ravages of lung troubles. l 3 In Bottles Is., Zs. <&. 3s. 9d. s By prst 1. 3d., 2s 4d., an 4s. 2d. J ) J. Winter & Co., ) M.P.S., Dispensing Chemists, i MOSTYN ST. & MOSTYN AVENUE' LLANDUDNO. A Telephone—Mostyn Street, 40. £ Craigydon, 40a. NO C REDID. NO DISCOUNT. NO AGENTS. Such Terms enable anyone to bn the BEST and the CHEAPEST Black Diamonds AT ROOK BOTTOM PRICES, As Agents' Commission and the margin for bad debts which must inevitably be charged by all firms giving credit are saved. The Charbury Coal Co.'s HOUSEHOLD BLOCK COAL, VERY HOT BURNING, MAKES NO CINDER, is supplied DIRECT FROM THE MINES Carriage Paid in truck loads of 6 to 10 tons to LLANDUDNO Station at, 17/3 per ton. As the Market may advance any moment, Orders should be sent at once to secure this low figure. White Crystal Petroleum 120 deg. fire test, 7d. per gallon, carriage paid,n about 40 gallon returnable casks. Charlbrry Coal and Petroleum Co., 23, HAMILTON ROAD, READING. Telegrams-FUEL, READING. GREETHAM & SON, AUCTIONEERS, LIVERPOOL & LLANDUDNO GOGARTH YILLA, MAELGWYN RD. Settlement within twenty-four hours, of sale END OF SEASON SALE NOW ON. NO REASONABLE OFFER REFUSED. p Of LIVERPOOL, tP FINE ART DEALERS AND ANTIQUARIANS, The Fine Art Gallery, GLODDAETH ST. LLANDUDNO Inspection Invited, r~ Carnarvonshire Education Committee. LLOYD STREET SCHOOL. Evening Classes Session 1908-9. The Education Committee propose establish- ing Evening Classes during the ensuing ses- sion in the following subjects, provided a sufficient number of students axe, registered: — ARITHMETIC, including MENSURATION, SHORTHAND, BOOKKEEPING, ENGLISH COMPOSITION, WELSH, & DRESSMAKING. Classes meet for two- evenings (Monday and Thursday) per week, beginning Thursday, October 1st, 1908, at 7 p.m. Fee for the whole course 2s. 6d. (returnable to those students who make 75 per cent. (three fourths) of their attendances. DAVID THOMAS, Assistant Secretary. Education Offices, Carnarvon, Sept. 23rd, 1908. Prince's Theatre, LLANDUDNO. Lessee and Manager J. RITSON Telephone 94. MONDAY, TUESDAY, and WEDNES- DAY, Oct- 5th, 6th and 7th— THE LOVE OF A WOMAN. Box Office at Theatre 10 to 10. Doors open 7-30, Commence at 8. Seats may be booked at Wagstaff's 89, Mostyn Street and all the Principal Hotsls. Prices of Admission. Orchestra Stalls and Dress Circle, 3s Pit Stalls and Side Circle, 2s Balcony Is. 6d Pit, Is. Early doors 6d extra. _4_ B Natural Beauty S Is more fascinating than that If which depends for its charm upon (3 art. Carnation J 1 is a preparation which will improve || your complexion and keep it in || good condition. Itsapplication calls H for little trouble, it is quite free 9 from grease, and is quite the nicest H toilet cream you can use. li Price 6d. and Is. per pot. | Free by post, ^d. and Is. 3d. ■ 2 Prepared only by H Frank N. Mercer I PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMIST, fj| 101, Nlcstyij Si, Llandudno. B Telephone No. 41. ■ !r<!it1l< l HIGH GLASS GROCERY, PROVISIONS & BAKERY ESTABLISHMENTS. H. & J. OWEN, The Up-to-Date Grocers, LLANDUDNO, DEGANWY & fPENRHYNSIDE. I -:0:- COME ONCE- that's all we ask. The Quality of the Groceries you buy will draw you back again. Telephones: 21, Llandudno. 16, Conway. LLANDUDNO HYDROPATHIC NEVILL CRESCENT. ESTABLISHED 1860. Registered for Telegrams,— "TJ|E HYDRO. TURKISH and other Baths OPEN TO VISITORS FROM 7 A.M. TO 6 P.M. DAILY (EXCEPT SUNDAYS). WiNTER TARRIFF, including Tunrish Russian and Warm Baths, 8s. per day. Llandudno Sanatorium and Convalescent Home for Women, Vaughan Street. Matron, Miss Finnemore. National Incorporated Association for the Reclamation of Destitute, Waif Chil- dren (Dr. Barnardo's Home), Roden Villa, Trinity Square. £ ANDSOWNE JJOUSE SCHOOL AND K INDERGARTEN, ABBEY ROAD, LLANDUDNO. Principal, Miss Raw. Successor to Misses Matthews and Standring Prospectuses on Application FRON, CHURCH WALKS, LLANDUDNO. Private Boarding and Day School for Girls with class for Little Boys. Individual attention given to backward or delicate children. Principals: THE MISSES MOXON. MR. CHARLES T. DEE,F.R,C.O. (Organist, Holy Trinity Church), Receives Pupils for Organ, Piano, Harmony and Counterpoint. BRONWENDON, ROUMANIA CRESCENT, CRAIG-Y-DON. -.J Craigside Hydro, 5 LLANDUDNO CHARMING RESIDENCE. LUXURIOUS BATHS Turkish, Russian, and Electric). TENNIS. Golf Links near. Evening Entertainments RALPH E- MUNRO, Manager. LLANDUDNO URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. Private Street Improvement: Back Caroline Street (between Caroline Street and St. Mary's Road) and Back Cross Road (between Caroline Street and St. Mary's Road. TO CONTRACTORS AND OTHERS. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Council intend to enter into a Con- tract for the carrying out of certain works of Road Construction, Drainage, Light- ing, etc. in Back Caroline Street (between Caroline Street and St. Mary's Road) and Back Gross Road (between Caroline Street and St. Mary's Road) Llandudno, and they hereby invite Tenders for the carry- ing out of such work. Plan and Specification may be seen and Quantities and Form of Tender obtained, with all other particulars1, upon applica- tion at the Office of Mr E. Paley Stephen- son, Engineer and Surveyor to the Coun- cil; Town Hall., Llandudno. 'The Cbuncil do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. Tenders endorsed "Private Streets" to be sent in to the undersigned, on or be- fore Wednesday the 7th day of October, 1908. (Signed) ALFRED CONOLLY, Clerk to the Council. Town Hall, Llandudno. 29th September, 1908. APOLOGY. To Messrs. Woodall Minshall Thomas and Co., Proprietors of the Gossiping Guide to Wales, Oswestry and Wrexham. I EVAN WILLIAMS! of Market Place, Bangor, North Wales, Printer, express my regret that I have, inadvertently printed in a guide book published by me an article expressly contributed to The Gossiping Guide to Wales without your permission and without any acknowledge- ment AND I undertake (1) To at once withdraw from sale or circulation all copies of my guide containing such article and (2) To abstain in future from pub- lishing any extracts from the Gos- siping Guide to Wales or any other publication belonging to you with- out your express written permission (3) You to be at liberty to publish this apology at my expense And I agree tio, pay your costs in the. matter. Dated this 23rd day of Sept. 1908 EVAN WILLIAMS. Miscellaneous. A Want Ad. brings the World's markets to your home. APARTMENTS TO LET, Craigydon, for lady and gentleman, or two friends. Beautifully situated. Near tram. Private family.—Address, L.G.SL, "Advertiser" Office, Llandudno. Consult Madame Rose, from Manches- ter, Genuine Clairvoyante and Palmist. Gives reliable advice on Life's affairs, with special features. Can now be con- sulted at Thompson's Post Card Gallery, South Parade, Llandudno. CANARIES.—For Sale well-bred Norwich Canaries. This year's birds.—Apply, Bron Wendon, Church Walks, Llandudno. EXPEIRIENCED MAID wanted at once, I private house, Llandudno; family two. East View, Great Orme's Road, near tram terminus, Conway Shore. IMPORTANT TO MOTHERS.—Every Mother who values the Health and Clean- liness of her child should use HAR- RISON'S 'RELIABLE!' NURSERY POMADE. One application kills all Nits and Vermin, beautifies and strength- ens the Hair. In tins 4d. and 9d. 2 Postage Id. Geo. W. Harrison, Chemist, Reading. Sold by Chemists. Agent for Llandudno:—J. Winter, 3, Mostyn Street; Deganwy, H. Rogers Jones. ALL THE YEAR ROUND.—Liodlgings fox single young men. Comfortable sitting room, reasonable terms. Ttrams pass the door.— Apply, "D," "Advertiser" and "Pilot" Office.. APARTMENTS.—(Permanent oar otherwise). Bath. Terms moderate.-Apply, Ty Aildro, Hill Terrace, Llandudno. BARGAIN.—Gent's Latest Pattern 1908 Coventry Cycle as new, not soiled, fitted with two latest pattern Crabbe roller lever, rim brakes, ball bearing, free wheel, clincher tyres, plated and enamelled centre wheels, line frame and guards, also complete, with all accessories, including plated gas lamp. Cash wanted, lowest £4 2s. 6d. Great Bargain. Approval willingly.—C. House, St. Madge, Pitman Road, Weston-Super-Mare. INS URANCIE.-AVante,d Collector for Small Book in Deganwy, allsoO spare time agent for Llandudno and district.—Apply, J. W. Higham, Creeford, St. Mary's Road, Llandudno. INSURANCE MANAGER WANTED.—Manager wanted for Branch of Industrial Assurance Office in South Waleis. Applicants to have a knowledge of the Welsh language, and to state age, Insurance Record. References and salary expected.—No. 20, "Advertiser" and "Pilot" Office, Llandudno. NORTH PARADE.—Apartment House with all modern improvements to let as a going con- cern. Full particulars on application to Knox, Hassal Dodd, and Co., 36, Mostyn Street, Llandudno. YOUNG MAN, English, married, educated, resident Llandudno, having small income, seeks employment, any capacity, permanent or otherwise.—Address, W. A., "Pilot" Office, Llandudno, LLANDUDNO.-To, Builders, Investors and Tradesmen. Finely situated Building Site for Sale in Gloddaeth Street, one minute from Promenade, adapted for shops. Nominal Ground Rent, renewable Lease.—Apply, A. G. Pugh, Chartered Accountant, Llandudno. TO LET.—Rothbury House, Vaughan Street, Llandudno. 3 Entertaining Rooms, 12 Bed- rooms, Bathroom, Lift to 2nd floor, usual Kitchens.—Apply, Henderson and Hallmark, Solicitors, Llandudno. TO LET, for Winter, from 1st October, Small Furnished House low rent.—Apply, Claxton's Music Depot, or Bay View, Tygwyn Road. TO LET FURNISHED, Ptengwern House, Nonth Parade. WANTED.—Superior General, age 20-25. Plain cooking and cleanliness essential. Good re- ferences. Good wages.—Collier, Beaufort Avenue, Brooklands, Manchester. Will the person who picked up letter (address- ed Mrs Linnell, Gorseddfa, Clement Street), near Pier entrance., please post or return at once, as of importance to owner. WELL-FURNISHED HOUSE or ROOMS TO LET very moderate for the winter, 2 minutes from promenade.—Apply, P., "Advertiser" ,Office, LlandudniO,. WANTED.—General, age 17 to 19.—Apply, The Poplars, Carmen Sylva, Road, Llandudno. Carnarvonshire Education Committee. LLANDUDNO ART CLASSES Session 1908-9. Registered under Board of Education and Board of Examinrution for Eiducational Handwork. TIME: TABLE;. MONDAYS, to 9 p.m., Freehand, Model Light and Shade, Brushwork and Design Painting. WEDNESDAYS, 7 to 9 p.m., Geometrical and Mechanical drawing, Cardboard modelling. THURSDAYS, 7 to 9 p.m., Woodcarving3 Metal repoussee, etc. FRIDAYS, 7 to 9 p.m., Cilay modelling, Freehand Model Light and Shade Life Class. FEES, 2s. 6d. per subject for the entire session, October to May. The fees will be return- ed in full to all students making 75 per cent of the registered atendances. For any further information apply at the, Mostyn Art Gallery. J. HANMER HUTCHINGS, Headmaster. COMING EVENTS. Oct. 28.-Welsh Baptists' Annual Sale of Work. Nov. 3rd and 4th.—Annual Preaching Services at the Tabernacle. Nov. 12th to 23rd.—Annual Temperance Mis- sion at the Town Hall. Nov. II.-Caersalem Mission Annual Public Tea and Cantata at the Town Hall. The preacher was eloquent, the congrega- tion patient, and the discourse very long. A stranger entered and took a seat in a back pew. Presently he whiispered to the man, at his side, evidently one of the old members: "How long has he been preaching?" "Thirty or forty years, I think," answered the elderly man. "I don't know exactly." "I'll stay, then," said the stranger. "He must be nearly done."