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WOODLEY'S ( CENTRAL LIBRARY. I (in oor-aeo-tion with MUDIE'S), tHREE DOORS FROM THE CORNER Of NORTH PARADE. UPPER MOSTYN STREET, LLANDUDNO. Reduced Terms of Subscription from 7s. 6d. per annum. The following are a few of the Books now in Circulation:- Nest of Sparrowhawk B. Orczy Bella Donna R. Hichens The Paladin Vachell Lady of Blossholme R. Haggard Whose Breaketh an Hedge .Iota Three Judges H. Maxwell, ,The Caravaners .E. V. G. Garden Her Mother's Daughter .K. Tynan Great Road F. Gallon When We Marry L. Mortimer King's Mignon .B. Burton Nameless E'. M. Forbes The Ivory Box J. Strange Winter Stradella F. Marion Crawford Diamond Cut Poste .Egerton Castle The Havm .Eden Phillpotts Motor Maid 0. N. Williamson Fortunate Prisoner "Lvlax Pemberton A Queection of Quality .Albanese Tiaitor's Wooing lieaden Hill The Screen Vincent- Brown Phases of Marcella Capt. H. Curteis Cheat Lady Tron bridge ,The Score Lucas Malet Troubled Waters .Headon Hill Key of the Unknown R. N. Carey Last Lord, A. Vanley G. Maxwell Summer Wreath Campbell Praed House of Lies S. Warwi- • The One Moment .Lucas Clteve More Midsummer Madness .M. Roberts The Severn Affair G. Warden Rolf The Imprudent C. Travers Mollie -Devet-ill Cut,tis Yorke Set in Silver C. X. Williamson The Solitary Farm. Fergus Hum- e The Unlit Lamp .A Gissing The Lady in Grey Mrs Reynolds My Lady of Shadows. .Oxenham Where Billows Roll. Allen Raine Daphne .Humphrey Ward A Daughter of the Storm.F. Shaw Rose of the Wilderness. Crockatt Duke in Suburbs E. Wallace Holborn Hill C, Tearle I Money M. C. LeightoD The Long Arm .P. Oppenheim Teresa E. Zangwill The Royal End H. Harland A Fair Refugee M. Gerard Fraternity J. Gulsworthy The Prima Donna Marion Crawford Prisoners M. Cholmondley The Mystics K. C. Thurston Man from America .De La Past irt, Viper of Milace M. Bowen The Far Horizon Lucas MaUi The Gambler K. Thu-it in Fenwick's Career .Humphrey Wind Running Waters .A. E. Benita .Rider Haggard Saba Macdonald Rita Benita Rider Haggard A Lady of Rome Marion Crawford The Treasure of Heaven Marie Corelli Made in His Image -Guy Thorne i The Challoner E. T. Benson John Chilcote, M.P K. C. Thurston Capricious Caroine .F. L. Albanesi Double Harness .Anthony Hope Free Opinions Marie Corelli The Flute of Pan J. Oliver Hobbs The Last Hope H. S. Merriman PIANO PRACTICE ROOM. PIANOFORTES ON SALE AND HIRE Woodley's New Map of Llandudno and District. The Baby Is the Darling of the Home •Vr, tSfYL S".hr«nKab.e He AL% BOOKS Are the IDEAL for BABY. COMFORTABLE. DURABLE. UNSHRINKABLE. From Hosiers and Drapers everywhere. <7 any difficulty in proevriftg write-' "JASON" HOSIERY CO., LEICESTER. — — MERRYWEATHERS' I HAND FIRE PUMP Still the Simplest, Best, and Most Reliable FIRE EXTINGUISHER. 1 • Noihing to get out ot ortter. (f| 2. Nothing to corrode. 3- Nothing to explode. |f§~^ 2540 out of the 4199 sf I J'i London Fires were extin- I '—' guished in one year by these fcwmoso* Pumps. I CastlE Write or call— iII 63, LONG ACRE, W.O., LONDON. APARTMENTS Required.—Thousands of Londoners from the S.E. district are now prop-axing, bo spend their summer holidays at Llandudno and district. If you wish to let your apartments advertise them in the "Kentish Independent," whose chief office is at Wellington Street, Woolwicl Sixteen words, 6d.; three weeks, It. Specimen paper sent free on application. FURNISHED APARTMENTS.—Lon- doners to a very large number visit Llan- dudno each year, and those having apart- ments would quickly let by inserting a small advertisement in the "Eastern Mer- oury," 30 words for Is. or three times for 2s. This journal is the leading mid- weekly for suburban London and Essex. Address Proprietor, the "Eastern Mer- London. LLANDUDNO SANATORIUM & CON- VALESCENT HOME, FOR WOMEN, 5 CLONMEL STREET.—This Home it now open for the reception of Patients, Subscribers of, 21 Is. can nominate one patient for three weeks, at a cotft to the patient of 6s. per week,-Miss Finne- more. moom


H. M. STANLEY'S HOME. ,----.--

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