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Notes and News.


Notes and News. THE memory of St. David will be duly honoured at several Welsh festivals in London during the coming week. IT is rumoured that the Welsh Church Commission will resume its sittings on, or about, the 16th of March. SIR ALFRED THOMAS' dinner to the Welsh party at the Devonshire Club last Friday was a great success. It is well to add that the party was thoroughly united on this occasion. ALTHOUGH the Welsh M.P.'s are somewhat quiet these days their attendance at the House of Commons is fairly satisfactory. They all work hard, but as one of the silent ones remarked, We can't all be permitted to address the House every day." ACCORDING to the Star, the letters written by our correspondent Devonshire Cream at the time of the last County Council elec- tion, played an important part in securing the Dairymen's votes on behalf of the Moder- ates. Now, that the Moderates are about to betray their friends, the Star pertinently re- marks, We hope the Dairymen are pleased with their bargain." WELSHMEN are now taking to the dramatic profession. Mr. William Cove, of Treorky, and brother to the well-known vocalist, has joined the Ian Maclaren Dramatic Company, and has commenced in Lancashire this week. Mr. Cove is a first-class elocutionist, and a bright future is prophesied for him. A CORRESPONDENT writes: "In reference to your last week's note on the King of England's visit to a London Roman Catholic Church, I should be glad to know if he has ever been inside a Nonconformist Church, and, if so, when? Personally I do not think he has ever been. Perhaps some reader will enlighten me ? THE recent Parliamentary discussion on the proposed "Ecclesiastical Disorders" Bill created particular interest at Cardiff where such a Bill is badly required. In the Welsh Metropolis quite 80 per cent. of the Anglican Churches are highly Ritualistic, and need cleansing." THE motor cars which run between Aber- ayron and Aberystwyth have cut up the roads very badly, and there is a pretty general feeling that the G. W. Railway Com- pany, who own the cars, should be asked to make a contribution towards the cost of re- pairing the roads. This is only right and just, especially as the motor cars pay the company well. ———- THE theatre has a strange fascination for some people. Last week, for instance, The Merry Widow" was performed at Cardiff New Theatre, and so anxious were some people to make sure of a seat that they waited by the entrance hours before the door was opened To while away the tedium of waiting, these theatrical enthusiasts brought books to read and sandwiches to eat. Who ever heard of people waiting outside a church for even half an hour before the doors opened, in order to hear a special preacher these days ? THE spirit of religious intolerance still lingers. The Anglican Bishop of Llandaff is a broad Churchman, and showed it by presiding over an undenominational Plea- sant Sunday afternoon" service in Park Hall, Cardiff. This aroused the ire of some of the local High Church parsons, and on e of them described the Bishop's conduct as abominable." Alas! for the rarity of Christian charity. ———— ON Tuesday last a pretty wedding was solemnized at the Vineyard Congregational Church, Richmond, the contracting parties being Mr. Robert John Thomas, eldest son of William Thomas, Esq., J.P., Liverpool, and Miss Marie Burrows, the only daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Burrows, Paris. The Rev. Archibald Johnstone oiffciated, and Mr. W. Mellhuish Thomas acted the part of best man to his brother. A large number of friends witnessed the ceremony, and the happy pair were the recipients of a number of congratulatory messages as well as a valu- able and handsome collection of presents. MR. EVAN ROBERTS, the revivalist, is stay- ing in. the neighbourhood of Leicester, with his friends, Mr. and Mrs. Penn Lewis, and is much improved in health after his recent visit to Switzerland. According to the Rev. F. B. Meyer, Mr. Roberts will, before long, be able to take a prominent part in religious work in Wales and elsewhere. AN important Eisteddfod is to be held in connection with the English Baptist Church at Harlesden. The pastor of this Church is the Rev. Benjamin Thomas, a thorough- going Welshman, who hails from north Pembrokeshire and as he counts a number of ardent Welshmen among his flock, it is only natural that they should have one.