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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



MARRIAGE OF MISS VINCENT EVANS. One of the most popular and interesting events witnessed in London Welsh life in recent years was the wedding of Miss Gladys Annie Ellen Evans, the only daughter of Mr. E. Vincent Evans, to Mr. John Clark, of Annan, N.B., which took place at New Jewin Welsh Chapel on Tuesday last. The bride's father is so well known in London Welsh circles that a host of friends and admirers desired to shower their good wishes on the occasion of the marriage of his only daughter. The large edifice, which had been artistically decorated for the event, was filled to overflowing with a crowd of well wishers and the nuptial knot was tied by the Rev. J. E. Davies, M.A., assisted by the Rev. H. Elvet Lewis, M.A., and the Rev. J. Machreth Rees. As Mr. Vincent Evans is so ardent an Eisteddfodwr it was only fitting to secure the services of such eminent crown and chaired bards for such an event. The bride, who was given away by her father, was accompanied as bridesmaids by Miss Mabel Young (cousin), Miss Dorothy Jones (daughter of Dr. R. Jones, Blaenau Festiniog), and Miss Isabella Poth, of Wal- lington (cousin). Mr. Lewis Noel Vincent Evans acted as best man. The bride wore a Princess robe of ivory crepe meteore, trimmed with silver embroidery and lace, a veil, with wreath of orange blossoms and white heather, and carried a posy of lilies of the valley. The dresses worn by the brides- maids were Empire style of apple green tussore, trimmed with gold embroidery and with net yokes they had Leghorn hats with loops and ends of green ribbon, and their posies were of daffodils tied with green ribbons. As the congregation assembled, appropriate festal music was played on the organ by Mr. David Richards, A.R.C.O., and during the service the hymns, "0 perfect Love" and Lord, grant Thy servants, who implore," were sung. After the ceremony at the chapel, a recep- tion was held at the Trocadero, where about 300 guests were present, among whom were Lord Glantawe, the Hon. Elaine Jenkins, Sir Francis Edwards, M.P., and Lady Edwards, Sir Alfred Thomas, M.P., Mr. Timothy Davies, M P., and Mrs. Davies, Sir Clifford J. Cory, M.P., Mr. Ellis J. Griffith, M.P., and Mrs. Griffith, Mrs. Mary Davies Mrs. and Miss Lloyd George, Mr. Llewelyn Williams, M.P., and Mrs. Williams, Mr. T. H. W. Idris, M.P., Mr. Herbert Lewis, M.P., Mr. and Mrs. John Hinds, Mr. Prichard- Jones, D.L., Mr. and Mrs. J. Jay Williams, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Lewis. Sir Alfred Thomas, M.P., in a compli- mentary little speech, proposed the health of the bride and bridegroom, and wished them a long and prosperous life. In reply the bridegroom returned thanks to all the com- pany assembled. In the evening Mr. and Mrs. Clark left for Boscombe, where the honeymoon will be spent. The bride's going-away dress was of brown French cloth, tailor-made, with hat of brown Tazee straw, trimmed with brown ribbons and velvet. Among the very large number of wedding presents were the following Mrs. Ashurst-Morris and Miss Joan Ashurst-Morris, ivory hand-painted dance fan. Professor Anwyl, M.A Aberystwyth, the poems of Christina Rossetti The Archdruid of Wales (Dyfed), cyfarchiad. Sir David and Lady Brynmor-Jones, silver sugar dredgers Mrs Francis Brenton, of Ravenswood, silk embroidered parasol. Mr and Mrs. John Burrell, dessert coffee service. Mr. Roland Binet, solid silver salver. Mr. and Mrs. Bryson, New- castle-on-Tyne, embroidered cushion. Mrs. Clark and Family, Annan, household and bed linen. Chancery Lane Safe Deposit Staff, dining- room clock. Sir Clifford J. Cory, Bart., M.P., Llantarnam Abbey, gold hand-mirror. Mr. and Mrs. W Emsley Carr, travelling watch. Mr. and Mrs. Edmund R. Cleaton, fruit dishes, with cream jug and sugar basin. Mr and Mrs. A. Richardson Crees, Eastbourne, sauce cruet. Mr. and Mrs. Rohan Clensy (Miss Helen Mar), rose-water dish- old Sheffield. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Chalwin, oil and vinegar cruet. Mr. and Mrs. H. Spencer Cart- wright, Beautiful women in history and art." Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Daniel, works of George Borrow. Mr. and Mrs. T. Davies, London Road, barometer. Mrs. W. Cadwaladr Davies, piece of hand-made lace. Mr. John Duncan, J.P., cheque. Mr. David Duncan, J.P., bon-bon dish. The Rev. J E. and Mrs. Davies, New Jewin, case of silver fruit knives. Mr and Mrs. W. E. Davies, Beckenham, silver cream jug and sugar basin. Mr. R. O. Davies, J.P., and Mrs Davies, Grasgarth, pair Austrian vases. Madame Clara Novello-Davies, theatre bag. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Davies, silver rose bowl Miss Llewela Davies, copper egg-steamer. Mr and Mrs. Wm. Dunk, silver serviette rings. Mr. and Mrs. R. O. Davies, Blaenau Festiniog, travelling clock. Mr. Ellis W. Davies, M.P., and Mrs. Davies, Browning's works, complete edition Mr. and Mrs. Alfred T. Davies, Blackheath Park, oxy- dised silver preserve dish. Mr. Timothy Davies, M P., and Mrs. Timothy Davies, lace bed spread. Sir Francis Edwards, Bart., M.P., and Lady Edwards, cheque. Miss A. E. Edwards, Liverpool, bedroom tea service. Mrs. Amy Ellis, Forest Gate, afternoon tea cloth. Rev. J. Crowle Ellis, St Benets, Oxford bible. Dr. and Mrs. J. Gwenogvryn Evans, Llan- bedrog, silver flower vase. Mr. William Evans, O.B., and Mrs. Evans, bronze statuette by Moreau. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J. Evans, tortoiseshell comb, set brilliants. Mr. and Mrs. J. Owain Evans, cut glass rose bowl. Mrs. W. and Mr. W. L. Evans, Trawsfynydd, cheque. Mrs. Thomas Ellis, Aber- ystwyth, antique Dutch fruit spoons. Dr. and Mrs. Jameson Evans, Birmingham, silver candle- sticks. Mr. and Mrs. D. Emlyn Evans, Cemmes, silver spoon-warmer. Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Evans, Shooter's Hill, three-tier silver cake stand. Mr. and Mrs T. J.. Evans, Canonbury, afternoon tea cloth. Mr. and Mrs. Sackville Evans, Maida Vale, proof etching (Cox). Rev. John Hugh Edwards, pair of silver candlesticks. The Rev. Canon Edwards (Gwynedd), Aber Rectory, "Queen Victoria's letters," in morocco. Mr. and Mrs. James Edmundson, silver cake dish. Mr. and Mrs. Ereckson, Wimbledon, silver cake basket. Rev. John Fisher, B D., Cefn Rectory, Tennyson's poems. Mr and Mrs. J. W Foulkes-Jones, silver flower vases. Mr. John Francis, J P., D.L. and Mrs. Francis, Wallog, silver candlesticks. Mrs. Thomas Freeman, Ashley Gardens, mother-of pearl fan. Mr. Bryn Freeman, Reform Club, case of silver salt cellars. The Rt. Hon. Lord Glantawe and the Hon. Elaine Jenkins, pair of gold fruit spoons. Mr. and Mrs. John Griffiths, Islwyn, tortoiseshell and feather fan. Mr., Mrs Mr. Idwal and Miss Annie Griffith, Glanpwll, Doulton tea set. Mr. William George and Mrs. Philip Davies, Garthcelyn, hand-painted flower vase. Rev. P. Hughes Griffiths, case of silver tea spoons. Mr. R. A. Griffith (Elphin), silver serviette rings. Lady Hills-Johnes, Generai Sir J. Hills-Johnes, G.C B., V.C., and Mrs. Johnes, of Dolau Cothy, silver flower holders. Mr. and Mrs. John Hinds, Brynteg, silver soup tureen, entree and asparagus dishes. Miss Gwladys Hinds, silver pin tray. Mr. Thos. Hinds, Stonecutter Street, silver and glass claret jug. Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Hinds, Brook Cottage, silver entree dishes. Mr. Gwilym Hinds, Old Cavendish Street, silver tray and inkstands. Mr. Ben Harries, Oxford Street, real lace collar. Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Hall, Paper Buildings, a Worcester tea service Mr. and Mrs. F. Hopkinson, Sutton-on-Hill, parasol. Mr. and Mrs. Houghton, Kersal, oriental table. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hutcheson, Calcutta, French bronzes. Miss Hope, Harrogate, crochet covers. Mr. and Mrs. T. Francis Howell, Queensberry Terrace, silver photo- graph frame. Mr. Alfred H. Heath, Norwood, carriage clock. Mr. H. O. Hughes. Cefnmawr, silver card case. The Rev. G. H and Mrs. Havard, Canonbury Park, oil and vinegar cruet. Dr. H. Lewis Hughes, J.P., and Mrs. Lewis Hughes, Dowlais, afternoon tea table. Mr. William Hughes, Mincing Lane, cut glass claret jug. Mr. T. H. W. Idris, MP., and Mrs. Idris, silver drawing room tea set. Mr. W. Goscombe John, R.A., and Mrs. Goscombe John, Plaque, "Taliesin." Dr. and Mrs. Richard Jones, Isallt, Sheraton writing bureau. Mr. Arthur M. Jones, silver toast rack. Miss Dorothy and Master Gwynedd Jones, breakfast cruet. Mr. and Mrs. William Jones, Pendyffryn, carved oak tray. Professor and Mrs. W. Lewis-Jones, Bangor, two pictures, The Shepherdess" and "The Avenue." Rev. Dr. Hartwell Jones, Nutfield Rectory, carriage clock. Mrs. and Miss Jones, Nutfield Rectory, silver photograph frame. Mr. R. H. Jenkins, Finchley, silver flower vases. Mr. R. P. Jones, J.P., Bronmenai, glass and silver preserve stand. Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Jones, St. James's Square, case of silver sugar dredgers, salt and pepper castors. Mrs. and the Misses James, Sher- borne Lodge, sugar and cream stand. Mr. Edwin James, silver flower vases. Major E. R. and Mrs. Jones, Limoges coffee service, Mrs. Jarrett, Traws- fynydd, afternoon tea cloth. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Jones, Festiniog, preserve dishes. Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Jones, Addison Road, Brantome's Famous Women." Mr. L. D. Jones (Llew Tegid), Englyn- ion. Mrs. Jennie Jones, Trawsfynydd, embroidered table cloth. Mr. William Jones, M.P., cheque. Mr. T. D. Jones, Leighton House, Wordsworth's poems. Mr. and the Misses Jenkins, Hurlingham, brass inkstand. Mrs. Annie Jones, Eden View, serviettes. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Jones, Highgate, dinner gong. The Right Hon. D. Lloyd-George (Chancellor of the Exchequer), and Mrs. Lloyd-George, silver as- paragus dish. Mr. Herbert Lewis, M.P., and Mrs. Lewis, pieces of old Sheffield plate. Mr. and Mrs. John T. Lewis, Hadley Wood, complete dinner service. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd, of Rhaggatt, pair of antique liqueur bottles. Dr. and Mrs. H. Lloyd-Williams, Upper Wimpole street, case of silver tea spoons. Mr. and Mrs. W. Lewis, Ashton, bronze green Wahliss vase. Mr. Lewis Lloyd- John, Corwen, chiming bells on stand. Sir W Thomas Lewis, Bart., K.C.V O., cheque. Mr. John Morris, J.P., and Mrs. Morris, Liverpool, a case of silver-gilt ice spoons. Mr. T. E. Morris, LI.M., Temple, case of dessert spoons. Dr. and Mrs. Meeke and Miss Houghton, Anerley, afternoon tea cloth. Mr. and Mrs. McGlasson, Newbie Villa, silver flower centre. Miss Mum ford, Aberdeen Park, toilet covers. Mr. R., Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Morris, Trawsfynydd, pickle forks. Mrs. Mc Glasson, Lady's Place, Annan, silver serviette rings. Mrs. Moore, Barnwell, hand-painted table centre. Mr. and Mrs. Maengwyn-Davies, silver serviette rings. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Marshall, The Grange, silver mirror. Professor and Mrs. J. Morris-Jones, Caniadau," specially bound. Mr. S M. Mc.Rough, case of silver pepper castors. Mr. and Mrs. W. McGlasson, silver vase. Sir Hugh Owen, G.C.B., case of silver fruit knives and forks. Sir Isambard and Lady Owen, silver buttons, jewelled, made at the School of Handi- craft, Armstrong College, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Dr. Henry Owen, F.S.A., Poyston Mr. and Mrs. Owen Owen, Fitzjohn's Avenue, silver biscuit basket. Mr. and Mrs. O. Morgan Owen, Palace Court, glass and silver cake basket. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Owen, Cautley Avenue, silver serviette rings. Mr. ana Mrs. William Owen, Plasweunydd, cheque. Mr. John Owen (Assistant Land Commissioner), and Mrs. Owen, water colour. Mr. and Mrs. O. Owen, Swansea, silver flower stand. Mr. and Mr! W. 1:(. Owen, Liverpool, silver candlesticks. Mr. J. Prichard Jones, J.P., D.L., Newborougli, silver tea and coffee services. Colonel E. Pryce- Jones, Bryntirion, ivory and silver crumb scoop. Sir Pryce and Lady Pryce-Jones, Dolerw, case of silver fruit knives. Mr. Owen C. Philipps, M.P., and Mrs. Philipps, Amroth Castle, double china inkstand, hand-painted. Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Poth, Wallington, cheque. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Phillips, Haverfordwest, preserve and butter dishes. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Parry, Coetmor Hall case of silver "Apostle" tea spoons. Dr. Owen Pritchard, Gloucester Square, cheque. Dr. and Mrs. J. Williamson Pugh, Brighton, tortoiseshell and silver letter clip. Mr. and Mrs. Ellis fierce, Dolwyddelen, set of breakftst china. Mr. and Mrs. R. W. c'ritchard, case of silver tea spoons. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Price, Glunnersbury, sugar dredger. Mr. and Mrs. William Price, Cambridge Gardens, silver shell dish. Sir John and Laiy Rhys, Jesus College, case of ivory and silver fish knives and forks The Misses Rhys, Jesus College, case of silver salt cellars. Sir Herbert Roberts, Bart., M.P., and Lady Roberts, Bryngwenallt, Emerson's works (6 vols.). Sir Owen and Lady Roberts, Henley Park, silver cream jug. Dr. and Mrs. Fredk. Roberts, Harley Street, silver and sjlass butter dish. Dr. Roberts, J.P. (Lsallt), Plas Weuaydd, cheque. Mr. R. Arthur Roberts (Public Record Office), and Mrs. Roberts, Brussels lace doilits and covers. Mr. D. C. Roberts, J. P., and Miss S. Roberts, Aber- ystwyth, silver candlesticks. Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Roberts, Rhyl, silver chop dish. Miss Gwladys Noel Roberts, Rhyl, Tennyson's poems. Miss's Margie and Aeronwy Roberts, Rhyl, Wordsworth s poems. Dr. and Mrs. John Roberts, Llanberis, case of silver fruit knives Mrs. Cordelia Edw^rds- Rees and Miss K. Cordelia Rhys, cut glass sceiit bottles, engraved. Mrs. Annie Richardson, Teddington, silver toast rack. Miss Margret Richards, Trawsfynydd, silver lustre bowl. Miss Laura Roberts, Penybont, old china. Mrs. Catherine Roberts, Brynglas, old china. Mr. Henry Radcliffe, J.P., and Mrs. Radcliffe, Druid- stone; Miss Uwl clys Roberts, and Dr. D. J. Thomas, silver inkstand and candlesticks. Mr. and