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RHOS HERALD COUPON INSURANCE TICKET. Applicable only within United Kingdom. Specially re-insured with the General Accident Fire and Life Assurance Corporation* Limited Chief Offices-General Buildings, Perth, Scotland. ondon ( 9-10 King st, Cheapside, E.C. j Offices: ( 13 Pall Mall. S.W. F. NORIE MILLER, J.P., Genl. Manager, to whom, on behalf of the proprietors, Notice of Claims under the following conditions mubt be sent within seven days of Iteoident. jpT AA ON 8 HUN1 'RED POUNDS will be AvJ \J paid to the pext of kin of any person uHuaiiiiiaiiinmiH who is kil6d by an accident to the pasaouger train in the deceased < wafl travelling as a ticket bearing or paying passenger, or who shall have been fatally injured thereby, should death result within one calender month after such accident. Provid- ed that the person so killed or injured had upon his or her person this page, with his or her usual gignatuse, written prior to the accident, in the Bpaoe provided below, which, together with the giving of notice within seven days to the above Corporation, is the essence of this contract. This Insurance only applies to persons o ver 14 and under 65 years of age, and holds good for the garrent issue only. No person can recover under one Coupon Ticket n respect of the same risk. ffcgnatwe This Coupon must not be cut out, but left intact in the Rhos Herald %s that, being dated, forms the only evidence of its currency. 1i"I. GREAT BARGAIN HIGH-GRADE Gents' Bicycle, brand JLJL new, not soiled, two best roller le- ver rim brakes, ball bearing free wheel, atest 1909 pattern, best tyres, mudguards plated rims, coloured centres and lined frame. All accessories, lamp, etc. Will sacrifice for ^3 9" 6d worth double. Approval before cash sent.-F. J. HANDO, 6 Southbourne terr., Weston-super-Mare ESTABLISHED 1898. ASSISTANT INSPECTORS OF OF MINES. Mine Managers' Exams., Scholarships, and Associateship in MINING, &c,, Candidates prepared. Private Lessons hy Post. Geology, Min- ing, Engineering, Electricity and Survey- ing. Certificates awarded. Write for Syllabus. CAMBRIAN MINING SCHOOL, Glanffrwd, Porth, Glam. Parish of Rhosllanerchrugog. Notice as to Unemployment. THE PARISH COUNCIL desire to make it known that they are making inquiries on behalf of the County Council as to the number of Unemployed Work- men in the Parish. All persons out of work, including boys above school age are asked to give their names to Members of the Council, who will for that purpose attend NEXT WED- NESDAY, August 25th, between the hour of six and seven o'clock in the evening at one of the undermentioned places Council Schools, Bangor Road, Johns- town- National Schools, Hill Street, Rhos. Council Schools, Boys' Department, School Street, Rhos. Council Schools, Boys' Department, Ponkey. The Council by making these inquiries do not undertake to find employment for amy person or persons. J. TREVOR JONES, Clerk to the Parish Council. 53 Mountain Street, Rhos, Angust 19, 1909. VOICE PRODUCTION MR. POWELL EDWARDS BEGS to announce that he now gives lessons in VOICE PRODUCTION and SINGING. Terms moderate.—Apply MARKET STREET, RHOS. r IBALL'S AUCTION ROOM 9 Chester Street, Wvexham, fOpposite Messrs H & TJones' Corn Warehouse) BALES BY AUCTION Every MONDAY. Valuable Household Furniture of all descriptions. Urge Variety of Bedstft&ds, Bedding. Every necessity for HOUSEKEEPING Attend ihese SALES and save at lea* st- 3P per cent. A Magnificent Selection of Superior Furniture is always on hand, and Anything may be purchased by Private Treaty. G O O.D S S TO RED i eaview each day from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturdays 9 p. m. imiiMmji niniim—■ w«M ii [■■■mi nam 11 PUBLIC HALL, RHOS. —0— A GRANO Renearsal CONCERT Will be held by RHOS BETHLEHEM JUVENILE CHOIR On Wednesday, September 15, 09 >j;WØ,¡, Assisted by the following Miss Edith Davies, Wrexkam, The brilliant Soprano. Mr E. W. Bsllis, Bkos, The successful Tenor. Mr David Hayes, Buckley, Baritone, winner at numerous Eisteddfods Elocutionist, Mr Willie Griffiths, Prize winner at Corwea Eisteddfod. The Choir will render the competitive pieces at New Brighton Eisteddfod. «.—; Acc. Mr E EMLYN DAVIES, A. R e.o. Doors open at 7, to commence at 7-30. I Admission, is6d is 6d (limited number)

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