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EPITOME OF NEWS. ■ 0' M. K. Seip, Norwegian Minister of PuhHo Instruction, has died at Christiania. I' Fruit and blossom are to be seen side by side on an apple tree at Uffculine, Devon. ¡ Considerable progress has been made towards the completion of Truro Cathedral. Hackney Borough Council has taken out over 7,000 summonses against persons who have failed to pay their rates during the past quarter. Sir Percy Girouard, the new Governor of the African Protectorate, has arrived at Mombasa and been presented with an address by the city. M. Bleriot was entertained to dinner by the French colony in London at Prime's Restau- rant. Lieutenant the Hon. 11. Scarlett, Royal Horse Artillery, has been appointed aide-de- camp to Sir H. MaeGregor, Governor-elect of Queensland. Alderman Chas. Willis (Liberal) has accepted the unanimous invitation of the Rochester lown Council to become mayor for the fourth con- secutive year. A cricket match was played at Nottingham between 23 Crimean and Indian Mutiny veterans and 12 ladies- "When I called at a house to inquire about a slaim," said a canvasser at the Norwood Re- vision Court, "I saw a man who was at the wash-tub." ZepJiani&h Edwards, a Crimean veteran, has died at Litton, Somerset, at the age of 77. West Ham guardians decided to buy a boy scout's outfit for a ladhey had boarded out. The King has approved of the appointment of George Harry Biair Kenriek to be a King s Counsel.. Captain Charles Villiers Tbbetson, formerly of the 4th Royal Irish Dragoon Guards, has been appointed cons-able of Lancashire at a commencing salary of Xi,oo a year. Thomas Hurling-on, a Mexborough joiner, who was charged at Doncaster with atleiaptirg to coffiatic saicid, on dle day iixed for his wed- ding, was discharged. I As leaving work at Wythemoor ^-Colliery, West Cum'berland, John Gibson, a drifter, was fatally crushed between the .ascending cage and the wall. Harry Cooper, a costermongcr, was sentenced at the Old Bailey to two years' hard labour for stabbing a coloured comedian in Bed Lion- I street, London. At Dudley the foii-cdation-ston-P of a new high school for girls, to cost nearly £ 24,000, was laid by 1he Hon. Mrs. John Ward (nee Miss Whiic- law Reid). With a cargo of iron ore the steamship Woel- wich, of London, grounded in Fleetwood Har- bour. Tugs got her free, after wJbich she was docked. On Saturday, September 25111, the Lord Mayor of London will lay the foundation stone of the new building of St. Mary's Hospital for Women and Chlldrenat Plaistow. Arrangements are being made to approach the Middlesex County Council with a view to the introduction of halfpenny tram fares at Wood Green. An inmate of the London County CoTmcil Epileptic Colony., Epsom, has made his escape, I' and so far all attempts to find him have failed. At Somerton Ernest Seal, 19, labourer, of Compton Dundon, was sentenced to three I months' hard Labour for inaimin calf with a knife. g The British destroyer Zulu, when launched at Hebburn-on-Tyiie, crossed the river and collided I with the jetty, doing considerable damage. Mr. Gorlitz, of Wellington, New Zealand, I who sued Kubelik, the violinist, at Dunedin, for £ ;i,000 for faimre to fulfil a contract for an Australasias tour, was awarded £ 1,250 damages. As a result of a shortage of labourers, far- mers in Western Canada are offering 16s. a day and board for men to assist in the harvest. 1 • White Mr. Charles Robson, the Hampshire county cricketer, and his family were away his house, "The Rest," Southampton, was ran- sacked by burglars. Mr. George Cawston, hon. treasurer of Tun- bridge Wells Farmers' Club, was thrown out of a motor-car and killed in a collision with a van. Brighton Town Council have decided to ask for powers to acquire land at Holliitgbury Park to extend the nine-hole golf course to an eight course. British hop consumption, states the report of Messrs. Gascoyne and Co., hop merchants, Wor- cester, is about 550,000 ewt-, aiid this year's I crop is 225,000 cwt. | The Ontario Government's silver mine near Cobalt has been sold for 113,111 dollars. A royalty of 10 per cent, on the grols proceeds of ore sales is one of the conditions of the trans- action. action. Poplar guardians have decided to send a man I who is suffering from chronic rheumatism to the Royal Mineral Water Hospita at Bath to take a I course of treatment. Prince Edward of Wales hae returned to re- sume his studies at the Naval College, aoeom- panied by Mr. Spencer, the Lord Chamberlain's j son. ) Lieutenant Shackleton will distribute the prizes at the opening of tlie Middlesex Hospital j Medical School's winter session 011 October L j The Admiralty announces the promotion of Captain R. J. Johnston Stewart to the rank of rear-admiral, and the retirement of Rear- Admiral J. L. Marx. It has been suggested that railway officiate in Japan shall wear swords as a protest against the swords carried by Japanese policemen. I Through a subsidence of the roadway close to Holborn-circus, London, the wooden blocks bulged out in two places, forming a mound fix inches above the level of the road. Sir Douglas Powell, Major Du Maurier, and Dr. Lloyd and Mr. Beringer, the well-known musicians, are passengers on board the Norman, which has just sailed for England from Cape- 1 town. j- j Mr. Harriman's will has been made know-n. The late financier leaves everything to his wife. No restrictions are made, and there is no in- dication as to the value of the estate, which is j estimated at between 50 and 125 million dollars. At Sheerness a picket boat belonging to the battleship Implacable was seriously damaged is* collision with the Sheerness depot pinnace, which was doing the night rounds. Tu a wood known as Chazey Clamp, midway between Reading and Mapledurham, a. man was found with his throat cut. He died before the arri.alof the doctor and the police. At Kirkham a stylishly attired woman, named Lydia Mootague, was fined £ 10 and costs, upon two summonses charging her with pretending to tell fortunes by crystal gsxing. I







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