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n .< fl P ? I E J r t: Q) L U H L. Fou-^aifs AND TIIS J 'BRITISH' o Stylo Pens. z;-W- I k Absolutely Reliable, 22 Btst British Make. PRICKS FROM 1/6 up to 10/6 14 Carat Gold Nibs. Q) We stock them. f—| Call and see one. R. Mills & Sons HERALD OFFICE, RHOS. 'OI. ^fcW*FASHIONED Swiss Figure -Weather Houses, 2/6, 3/6, £ /», pott free.—Moody-Bell, Cheltenham. A/iBSAOIS PLANTS.—Earlier. 2/6; Red Pickling, 3/ BoVfittMm's Drumhead, 2/-—Danes, Potton, Beds. «*fT* BUY and Supply every variety of LIVE STOCK.— ff AvtexiWt 190, Shaftesbury-avenue, London. GIVEN AWAY. rW foar eijilling piece of MUSIC, 6 pajree, presented Ute ic> every reader of this paper.—Address, Music Jlgttti, 280. Caledonian-road, London. Enclose this adver- 4iioxeot fttsd one stamp for postage of Music. k —High-class Jobma ster's Stock.—On account A, ol exbeniing their motor hire department, Messrs. Ltd., feavc arranged to Sell by Auction, without ■gttervt, th«r «atire stock of 66 Very Superior Harness Horses Jttmttif ft and 6 years old. 15.3 to 16.2) carefully selected and y, seasoned. Also 75 Faahionable Carriages, many ^MUSf f4 new, 50 Sets of Harness, and Stable Sundries. &c., iBtftoMttoK' to their livery department. at White Horse Yard, jSRrfpptoQ-rcttwl, S.W., on Thursday, April 14, at 11.30. The ftttWli'M of bayers is specially drawn to this unusually excel- fJiHtstoeV. taady for the London season.—Catalogues of the j2aritaK«TO, W. & 8. Freeman, Aldridge's, St. Martin's-lane, TRAORDINARY VALUE.—24 Cabinet and 12 Photo J'gttesmdB, 9/6 lot. Half quantity 5/ Bend Photo Twigger, Photographer, Waxwick. "i æmJI" "*KrATEWB £ >Q^ Soot Polish. Grand Prix Gold Medal, W ■apiitfrl ti Boyajl Palace, Belgium. Two tins (one black, ,pof!tp&id.1b.d-Geo. Brand & Co., Aberdeen, N.B. ri WB OLD DR. JACOB TOWNSENDS PJLLS ■; j are a British Remedy of 100 years' standing. 1 CHVE f Tiiey absolutely cure Indierestion and {liver Complaints. If you suffer f yftVtf jscnd us six stamps, when we will for- //« 1 | ward. Full Sized 1/14 Box for trial jP- £ *■ 1 fgm <j | per return post. tT^ | T £ A Dean, Steele & Co Nottingham. y •• <iV « /%MB FENNY for Eifrht Large Breakfast Caps of th* rl/ jbs«tbl<»na«d INDIAN and CEYLON TEA. Send 3d, IMWIIM: eostage and packing, for free samples.—TAYI/O Ft,'a f oa. 84, NEW NORTH ROAD, LONDON. and Female, wanted. SIGHT TESTING AT HOME. r» mVALlDB and elderly people unable to travel, Lizara* yjvdbwtuster provides means of getting accurately fltt«4 Spectacles. Full particulars on application. OPTICIAN, 251, High Holbom, LONDON, W.C. /yy*OE«ONBS and Haeords, any make, Is. per ww*.— yiirttolarg, Mureeo Bridge-street, Manchester. tramvAxo, wily Powder for ranoving extraneous 1L mm Artificial Teeth. Poet fwid Is.—F. Lyon, t-rcw. LrmdaD. lovely doeothy gelt curb bracelet, Ij fHOTO PENDANT and CHAIN, ONT5 MTZPAJZ MMZR* J-JM. post free. LADIES' KETUC8S OX? '^BlB6''wAStoft,*s.lfd. Erceptional value. Munejr returned L., Briar bank, Thetford. ^UUMF OSEUtSE, Øb. pails 28 &l.t cwt. casks 8L SuapII WORKS, OQHISBRO'. JULlitV CIICCCD from that Oough ? There is no need If f durrcn wlMtover. Dr. Jenner's LoMjjres wiU ^HrttWr a*0p it.—Free samplafMia Jooea, dheaoiat, fimuna- manfa. 4^ .— N J Makert to HP XlL Jl WHXthoWng. iPU" CONCENTRATED ^rcocoA sa? ^nghAoooat omjIMI omaksttbsi ftlBaajBPCT Qoca.!«»., Caa—n «jnaiayhaia. IS 0HLY FORM OF ADVERTISING THAT DOES HOT COST YOU ANYTHING. A PVTOTZBING TAPE replaces string and advertises yfeur A Including Printing, it is not more exii«nt«rve is much neater, and the invaluable advMtise- it is much neater, and the invaluable advMtise- mgti to tiuKOTore practically FREE. We will send you 6,000 printed with any advertisement, for 2J.,I-. ,érd and Price List past free on mentioning paper. 4 MS. CO., 28, Falcon Square, LONDON, EX. JM* "■ » Mending Hapness A Belts | 9R JHBL_ younelf is qutic simple If yon use U i^jMBIFORMTED RIVETS. I tn ^r,nrh Wrtl<.c Simply drfvC @ Price List on applica




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