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LOCAL ELECTION RESULTS. OFFTCT A.T, UBFFAR. CA.NTMO AT^S \1 ALL RILVJINCF l'il LiL. p tDh: place a :Vi;.u;u.y inst lor the election of District Councillors for Rhos, Pant, and Ponkey wards and for the election of Parish Councillors for Pant ward. The booths were open frrrn 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. in each ward. RHOS WARD. The election in Rhos ward attracted considerable interest. The candidates, Mr Samuel Roberts, and Dr D. J. Wil- liams were both new men, Mr Roberts be- ing the nominee of the miners, and Dr D. J. Williams being an independent con- testant. The workers were early astir, and a large number had registered their t, Z" vote by the dinner-hour. Mr J. Trevor Jones was the presiding officer at the poll. The result wes declared a little before nine-o'clock on Monday evening as fol- lows Mr Samuel Roberts 323 Dr D. J. Williams i&7 Mr Roberts' majority 156 I Mr Roberts is to be congratulated upon I Z! Mr Roberts is to be congratulated upon the victory he has achieved, and upon the handsome majority of 156 out of a total of 490 votes. Mr Roberts, we believe, will make a servicable member of the District Council. He has had much ex- perience of Council and Committee work, having been a member of the Parish Council for many years, and a prominent member of the local miners' committee. He has always taken a deep interest in local affairs, and it is largely due to his insistence that the District Council took over a large number of old Rhos streets. We are sure Mr Roberts will keep a steady eye upon the interests of Rhos ratepayers at Wrexham, and that he will do all in his power to press forward the claims of Rhos. PANT WARD, The contest in Pant was felt to be a very keen one. One the one hand there was the chosen of the Liberal Association, Mr J. Ty silio Jones, and on the other, the old member, Mr M. Kyffin. The ward includes a large number of voters from Johnstown, and extends into Rhos as far as Brook-street. The voting was rather slow in the morning, but improved towards evening. Both candidates were hopeful of success, and busied themselves to improve their chances as much as pos- sible. The presiding officer was Mr Elias Z-1 Jones. The result of the poll was declared as loliows Mr J. Tysilio jones 218 Mr Morris Kyffin 178 1 40 The news of Mi' { Tysiiio Jones' victory toy the substnm'ni ma gin of 40 votes soon spread through tlis neighbourhood, iitid to mOtny it cune -ts a surprise. It was thought the c aices of Mr Kylfin were distincdy althou-h con- fidence in him ha J been a ¡¡We shaken ov- er the recent chaplain question at Wrex- ham. Mr Kyffin, although he has been defeated, deserves the thanks of the elec- tors for the services he his rendered in the past. If he h is not alwnys voted as the majority of the eletors would have him, he has at le4-t been an able and forceful member, and an ever willing list- ener to the needs of the poor on the Board of Guardiin*. Mr J. Tysilio jones, the new member should make a most useful representative. He is a practical man of business, and possesses knowledge that should stand iiim in good stead on the District Coun- cil. A man of shrewdness and determina- tion is always an asset on a Board or Council, and in Mr Jones, Paac ward has a capable member. In the past he has been rather quiet in public affairs, but he explains that it was owing to the exigen- cies of business rather than the absence of interest, that prevented him taking a hand in local government. A large rate- payer himself, we may hopefully expect Mr Jones to keep a wary eye on the ex- penditure. PONKEY WARD. There were three candidates for two seats in Ponkey. the new candidate being Mr Joseph Griffiths, Chapel-street. The two other candidates were Mr David Davies and Mr Watkin Jones, both of whom were old members of the Council. Mr Joseph Griffiths and Mr David Davies -were nominated by the Rhos Liberal As- sociation, and Mr Watkin Jones upon consideration, decided to endeavour to re- tain his seat. Mr David Davies was oti- so the miners' candidate. The three candidates had been busy during the week pressing their respective claims upon the electors From the first the electors felt that the seat of Mr David Davies was quite safe. and that the fight would be waged around the seats of the other two candidates. Mr Watkin Jones' claim was old and tried service faithful attendance ripe experience and a knowledge of District Conncil matters. As a counter claim, Mr Griffiths sought the support of the electors on the plea of youth, energy, enthusiasm. Backing his, claim with action, Mr Griffiths worked like a Trojan, and superintended a most thorough canvas. t- '1 the two presiding officers being Mr K. i'. "'1' J. Fid0-.0" Souyp.fe, Thf result "was declared as follows :— Mr Joseph Griffiths 428 Mr David Davies 1.. 1. 373 Mr Watkin Jcncs 335 Thus Mr Griffiths scored a signal suc- cess, with a majority of 55 over the sec- ond. and of 93 over the third candidate. Mr David Davies' majority over the los- ing" candidate was 38. Whilst congratulating the two success- ful candidates, we must not forget to acknowledge the long and valuable ser- vices Mr Watkin Jones has rendered on the District Council and Board of Guard- ians. He has attended faithfully and to the best of his ability he has looked after the interests of the electors. The suc- cessful candidates, we hope, will not allow the refrigerating atmosphere of the Dis- trict Council to damp their ardour or cool their enthusiasm. Many matters of vital importance will come before their atten- tion during the next three years, and we look to them to voice our interests, and to urge our claims. PARISH COUNCIL ELECTION. PANT WARD. The election of Parish Councillors for Pant ward took place on Monday. There were five candidates for four seats. The result was as follows Mr C. Morgan 240 Mr Ted J ius 211 Mr Jos Charles 177 Mr Jos Price 143 Mr Richard Evans 114 From the result it will be seen that the candidate who demanded a poll at the ward meeting, has been defeated. We are pleased to notice that the veteran from Johnstown has headed the poll. Mr Morgan has been a member of the Coun- cil from the first, and holds the record I for faithful attendance. t






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