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===== =—„—=. Jl I I,, '1- .'C: 'r; -C.=, .A A LARGE AND VARIED STOOK OF 10XED STATIONERY ALWA,-Y:S ON BAND, N32A«sbY BOXED, A_N AT PBI0ES TO SUIT EVERYBGDt Boxem v-& 6cU and, 1/- HourníDg Hot Pap .nd. Paperaa. Eavelop.JI;lctting Pap:I\) '^EEtEi BES1? Id PACKET OF STATIONERY IN THE DISTRIC-T. MEMO T30()E8, AOOOtrN EOOKS, DAY BOOKS LEDGERS, &o., in eat variety. E. MILLS AND SONS, Iprisltrs, Siatiewrs, oghstlltrst HUbisagtitts, tfc ■ HERALD OFFICE, EHOS I ,111 11 r 1 J. ,&iJulla"ÎDf 1:11 -'iJJillj i£':iI_U i8"W 1 ago IVIII -■ ..1,1, S I, IF, |,|IWl»y ■l—l —■——w— r !o.B r 1.i1I l i I' If Business is fall, that is the time to advertise. Advertising will torn the j dullness of to-day into the brisk trade of to-morrow. If business is good, that y ft is the time to advertise. Surely every merehant wishes business to good, > and advertising is- an assurance of this. matter how much business a | n J merchant is doisg, he should not be averse to seeing it become better. Good j advertising will ac -fimplish this. The man who has had energy enough to j work u» a good trade usually has the ambition to wish to see it grow and j *'> I grow. Then he should use more and better advertising. j 'p -_w J T IU IS A..L — .1 8.L ..m_- iiiiimiii h. Tr"—rrr §