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KT1 a? ^4 j^i « L/fJ ? t irf'J L'• THE ■j 'NLPTUNE'j :H Fottatain Pern ¡ ¡" L;,Ot/i 5-J. t, I r 1 ihD i'ti £ j -R IT I Stylo Pern. | *•■ j Absolutely Reliable, j Best British Make. J 1 i Cj fHICKS fROM g* 1/6 up to 10/6 i U "I-trat Gold N-iba. I Q,) We stock them. I <—) Call and see one. I ¡- I i:I R. Mills & Sons HERALD OFFICE, RHOS. (iHJNA AND EARTHENWARE.—Good assorted Crates. V Best ¡''1 trade. g'1J«Nnteed, Cataluffu" fi-ee jivral Victoria Pottery. Victoria-square, Hanley, Staff. MA.RVELLOUS VALUE.—Strong round Leather Laces, 18 in., 1/ 22 ;n., 1/6; 21 in., 1/11: ar.d 27 in., 2/11 pxu.* pairs.—Jaqucs, Leather Factory, Leicester. j Tft MOLE CATCHERS OR THOSE IT MAY I CONCERN. WX we still buying Mote Skins. Full Winter Fur and Clean Pelts, 18/- per 100 Spotted Pelts, 10/6-1-2 0 per Cwh on the Nail), Stamps for parcels allowed for.— reM, British Fur and Skin Company, 205, Cambridge- w.t. London, E. I rjOOUS ON CREDIT anywhere, Everything stipplied. Scire u **Bt».—Credit SuppIy_W*rchouse, Exchange-Mdgg.. Norwich. TlUflSST ASPARAGUS, 2/6 120, carriage paid. Cash with I ■* {>r^gr—Alford, Korthwich House, Evesham. XQSRLING SILVER BURT of the late KING, and one of 0 ftUitKN ALEXANDRA (weight and ng». of half-crown aitoe). Price of the two Busts, 8/6, postage 3d.—Brnnskill, JfrMwIfar. Chfitenham. ~m BLOUSES TO FIRST 250 APPLICANTS. Rmt> v- for farria^re, etc.. and we will send, wfthont extra | ahsnre, a Silk. Delainettr or La«e Bl«use bv return. BP T-OU DO NOT RRCKIVK A BLOUSE. YOUR 1, MffCRNED WITHOUT REDUCITOK. Orders frw special %M&«Mu>ot he taker: at 1/ Earn f ?0 bv provfnp that this » aot fcnraine.—REVEY MANUFACTURING CO., 33, Vireiaia street, GUfWVW. This Advertisement mntj rmt crprtcnr again. This Advertisement mnj t iint crprtcnr again. __m §WBf7IAL LINKS.—Tried TCBES, S-oz. weight, piantn- tesd 18 months, Duulop Valve, 3/«. PKDALf? made by &« Hannfa^turinfr Co., pitranfeed 2/6 per pair. leomwel*o CeUutoid" MUDGUARDS, 2/6 per pair.- feNwfttfl, Cycle Maker, Cheltenham. INDIGESTION lithe primary ojiiirp of moat of the ills to which we are sub- I to*. WMELPTON'3 VCCETABLE PURIFYINQ *JU.S arouse the wtomaeh to action. Headache flies Biliousness, Kidney T>iso"Mer*, and Skin Complaints •"T'«apr-wir. I Ask for WHELPTON'S PURIFYING PILLS, tad remember there is NO PUL "JUST AS GOOD." Is. 1 id. of all Chemists. Wft"by Post, 14 stamps. 4, Ciane-oourt, Fleet-st., Loalon. mmmsm CONSTANT USER SAYS SCOLE, Norfolk. XVl Gentlemen.-For years I took a class of Malt Liquor before dinner to ereate an appetite, as I was a poor idpr, Some months ago I beard of your Extract for makiug Beer. I <ave it a trial and have ever since used it as a substitute for the other, and the result is most satisfactory. After being bottled a few day it is as bright and sparkles like bottled Ale. Since taking it I have been free from the cruel pains of Indigestion. from which I had suffered a lonC time. Now instead of going to the "public-house" in the evening for my usual glass, I smoke my pipe at home, drink my Herb Beverage and enjoy it. go to bed and sleep soundly. I have recommended I to many others, who ba-ve tried it with like results. Your afent here thought I ought to give I a testimonial. I am, Sirs, yours truly. J.W. 'I A bottle makes 8 gallons. Sold everywhere. simple bottle post free 8 s'amps. KEWBALL Ii MASON, Nottingham. J to Beeome a BARRISTKR without Interfering with JH jawsent occupation. Tuition by Correspondence fee Students speciality.—Apply, stamped address, AHEtta, <» Hareottrt-buildings, Inner Temple, London. 1 L-IRSTIVAI of .)J. ljun^i t SANATORIUM FOR CONSUMPTIVES.—Men only, 30«. pei- wsk.—Dean Head, Horst'orth, Yorks. HOfeJERY BARGAINS. -TAdif-,s' Seamless Black Caakk. tMM 14 Doublewear" Stockings. Three pairs 2/6, worth Twchaae direct.—Joseph Park, Southpsrt. £ 2L1»1AKD L1GH18 c Tnplete, latest hand painted whit# t'pftlg. all sizes.—HoitneH. Mamh-iane. Preston. 1Et5D. PRIZE-WINNINC SO UTiONS. Also. F& "Answers Doubles," Tit- Hit-. Dittoes," Ac., &c by actual winner of £ 150 in "Aiiswer* April 2nd. Full partttiaSars, with Two Prize So!utu>n.s. for Is. and stamped -Geo. Wall, 6. Wharfdale-road, King's Cross, I Safcilnw. Mention paper. NOW READY. ffiiVSQSrS1): Br Dr. A. T. SCH0F1ELD. i~. ua'l crown Svo. 1'- n«t. } 23be WutmiwUr GItt says: A dagglarly wise I and able book." WW* for Spring Cuta/of* of New Thought Ptythic matt Occult Publications, mad Rider's Mind and Body Naedbooks. ¡ IK,.RTDEli & SOX. Ltd.. Itit. Aldersgate Street, I I London. K.C. ——II ——— T,IL -Good POULTITY.F.A TOCK, APPLIANCES. '0 tl()D, 4b a,-re, G"d'lpiice. enclosed grounds. %JM»J»<;1» situated. Rent — Howard, Kennerleigh J Amazng Cure for I 1) \) *"wv»w>afism. Trial treatment, send :2 for fi/6 '[ fctfe e»i«f rwjng 2 larjre of KmhroeatinB. special Apr>liTT>;y>. a^<l valuable Diet and Masfttg'e Pan- ^hlea—17, I^ondon. S.E. P*if^»nt—C»> b_-recei»«id ialeealitik III "hie, ?s week!—R- in-ry-road. Dulwich. ME SUSSBX- GROUND GArs. l/f per cwt SMSLWX FATTENING MEAL, 81- ft twi. WT FEED, !< per cvt. Caigh wftb order. ISrtABD A BON, Bkmm. UNs, HATFIELD. iUSSJUC.







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