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RHOS TOWN TALK It is said That Wrexham is experiencing bad trade. A nightingale has been heard at The Gwastad, Wrexham. Has the state of trade anything to do with the discovery of the songster ? That another supposed nightingale has been heard at Caergwrle. Upon investi- gating the case it was found that the bird was a blind throstle, who could not tell the difference between night and day That no sooner has the terror inspired by the passing of the Earth through the Comet's tail subsided, than another terri- fying rumour of the end of the world is rumoured. That a good deal of mischief is done in Rhos by the circulation of journals and pamphlets, containing alarming reports of the end of the world. That when a group of Rhos young men were endeavouring to catch a glimpse of the Comet some time ago, a passer by was appealed to, to give his decision as to the whereabouts of the Comet. One of the group pointed to Jupiter, and the other to something no one but himself could see. The gentleman appealed to, however, begged to be excused settling the point on the ground that he was a stranger to these parts That several trees in the Llwyn and Pentrebychau have been twisted by the recent lightning. That the matter of the streets of Rhos appears with unfailing regularity upon the agenda of the District Council. That it is not too soon to expect our new Councillors to begin upon their pro- gramme at the District Council. That it is to be hoped they will not let a single opportunity slip of raising the grievances they have spoken of before they were elected. That once more the dusty season is up- on us. But where, Oh where is the pro- mised watering cart ? That very likely the matter will be rais- ed by some enterprising and intrepid Councillor towards the end of September. That it will be discussed until the winter comes, and then will peacefully slumher.' And so on, and so on, and so on, until new councillors are elected. 1 hen the whole rigmarole is gravely and with becoming dignity gone through again That a Gilbert-Sullivan opera is simply not in it' as compared with our proceed- ings at Rhos. That once more the Parish Council Fire Hose has been called upon to put a j fire out, I That it has proved itself to be more than a toy, although it cannot be depend- ed upon to put out a serious fire. The pressure of water from the hydrants is not strong enough to make the Hose as serviceable and valuable as it might be. That the bowling clubs of the district are now in full swing. The first prize in one local handicap is a pig, That the members of the Rhos Bowl- ing Club played Chester on Wednesday last, at Chester. The return match will be played at Rhos in about a month. That it would be a very desirable thing if the Young Liberal League could secure a bowling green for the summer months. As a recreation it would be a pleasant alternative to billiards. » On Tuesday, a man was summoned at Wrexham. for poaching. It transpired in Court that the wrong man had been charged, and complainant had to pay him a fee of a guinea. That the workmen of New Broughton Colliery are still on strike, with no im- mediate prospect of a settlement. That the Mountain Rights question is a very long time being settled. Already the costs in conuection with it have amounted to a considerable sum. That Mr Sam Pritchard has resigned the captaincy of the local Fire Brigade, and Mr Harold Johnson asked to accept the appointment. That the big pool Ponkey, in sum- mer weather becomes very insanitary, owing to the stagnant state of the water, and the rotting of dead cats. That it is just such a place as this that helps to breed dangerous pestilences. A That steps should be taken at once to make the conditton of the pool less of a menace to the public health. Thar the Rhos Eisteddfod tent will this year De lighted by electric arcs.

Rhos' hint to Ruabon.


' . E5 Fine for Unjust Weightbridge

Mr J. R. Clynes M. P. at Johnstown.




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