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Lancashire Musical Victories.

Free Trade Meeting at Rhos.

The Denbigh Boroughs

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Sir—Would you please allow me a lit" tie space in your valuable paper to eebe the complaints put forth by Un Antodd- og re the Water Co in your last issue, I agree with him, and if I am net mistak- en, the Company have promised to notify the public whenever they intended stop- ping the water for any length of time. ft I am rightly informed it was impossible for them to give notice of'stopoage, last Sunday week,, as it was an accident thai- happened to a valve in Church-street, and of which the Company were unaware un tilthey became short of water at Johns- town. Now granting that that informa- tion is correct, they have enough to ac. count for. What about the previous* stoppages, the quality (?) of the water, especially in summer, and again the force (?) we have on our mains. Why, only the other week I had the opportunity ot watching our local Fire Brigade practis- ing on the Grango School, and lo and be- hold when the full force ot water was on, it would not rise above 2 fest from tbe:" nozzle Here we have a building which has cost the ratepayers ^"10,000, should an outbreak of fire occur, we have no means at all of battling with it. At the recent fire in School-street which I un- derstand could have been got under direct- ly if there was a force of water, they to wait if you please until the Co's meav ¡ stopped the water to Johnstown to have any volume of it at Rhos. Now I think the public ought to bestir themselves, be- cause such a state of things is a menace* to life and property. What about the safety of our business premises, out" places of worship, our schools with their thousands of little children, etc ? Surely the Company can better the present state of things, and if an ignoramus like my- self dare question without intruding UpOIf the sacred ground of management, Is would ask could'ot they doubie the force by connecting the two reservoirs to the mains, instead of one ? Could'nt they in their poverty, pinch themselves a little- more to let us have filtered water ? sure we'd promise them not to waste u drop of it. not even for a Watering Cart, for it seems the Cart has been lost some' between Wrexham and Rhos. AP SIOL

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