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THE MUNICIPAL OUTLOOK. Although the November elections are yet many weeks off, public interest in the pro- spective changes is awakening. As to the Mayoralty, nothing has up to the present been definitely decided, but so far as we can gather, there is a strong feeling both within and without the Town Council to cbnfer the honour on Mr. THOMAS SMITH. Outside the alder- manic ranks Mr. SMITH is now one of the oldest members of the Corporation. For well nigh twenty years he has given his services ungrudgingly in the public interest, and has worked hard and unostentatiously. In 1879 he was first returned for St. John's Ward, which he has represented uninterruptedly ever since. In 1884, it will be remembered, he filled the office of Sheriff with conspicuous success, and it is now time the highest honour in the gift of the Corporation should be bestowed in such a worthy quarter. The impression need not gain ground that it is the Town Council's blame that Mr. SMITH has not filled the chief civic chair before now. For several years past an attempt has been made to induce Mr. SMITH to accept the Mayoralty, but hitherto various circumstances have prevented his coming forward at the solicitation of his friends. Now, however we are glad to see Mr. SMITH in the best of health, and we feel sure we are echoing the unanimous wish of the Council as a body when we say that they would extend to him a most cordial welcome. We trust that in the near future we shall have the pleasure of announcing to the citizens that Mr. SMITH has been approached, and has given his consent. The Shrievalty appears to be an open question up to the present. It is almost too early to speculate upon the chances of the ward elections. Many unfore- seen events may occur before the 1st of November. On paper, however, the outlook seems to betoken a quiet time. From a party standpoint there is really nothing in the prospective changes one way or the other. The ten retiring Councillors are about equally divided in politics, a circumstance which generally makes for peace. In Boughton Ward the time-expired gentlemen are Messrs. CARTER (U) and J. MEADOWS FROST (U); in St. John's Messrs. WM. BROWN (R) and THOMAS SMITH (U.); in St. Mary's, Messrs. E. S. GILES (U.) and SAMUEL Moss (R.) in Trinity Messrs. J. G. FROST (R) and THOS. BROWNE (R); in St. Oswald's, Messrs. B. C. ROBERTS (U.) and WM. DENSON (I.) Mr. DENSON, it will be recollected, entered the Council in 1894 on a strictly non- party ticket. All these gentlemen may be con- fidently anticipated to stand for another term unless any unexpected circumstance should arise between now and the beginning of November: Those, therefore, who hoped for a lively time in the wards will in all probability be doomed to disappointment.



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