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Rhestrau Manwl, Canlyniadau a Chanllawiau

FASHIONABLE WEDDINGS. 1 MISS COGSWELL-MR. B. McMASTER. On Wednesday afternoon at the parish church of Wallasey the marriage took place of Mr. Bryce McM aster, only* son of the late Surgeon-Colonel McMaster, V.C., 78th High- landers, and Miss Eleanor Alice Cogswell, elder daughter of the Rev. Dr. Cogswell, rector of Wallasey and chaplain to the Bishop of Chester. The Lord Bishop of Chester (god- father of the bride) officiated, assisted by the Rev. Canon Gore. The bride was given away by her father. The bridegroom was attended by Capt. Davy, who acted as best man. The bride wore a white French muslin dress over white silk trimmed with Valenciennes lace and chiffon, and a hat of accordion pleated chiffon trimmed with white satin and feathers. Her ornaments were a pearl brooch, the gift of Sir David and Lady Dale, a pearl and diamond bracelet, the gift of Mrs. Stoddart Douglas, and a pearl ring, the gift of Mrs. Statter. She carried a bridal bouquet of white roses, lilies of the valley, and white heather, the gift of the bridegroom. There were two bridesmaids, Miss Grace Cogswell (sister of the bride) and Miss May McMaster (sister of the bridegroom). They wore costumes of cornflower blue cloth, trimmed with white accordion pleated chiffon and lace, and hats of cream straw, trimmed with feathers, chiffon and pink roses. They carried bouquets of pink carnations, and wore pearl brooches, the gift of the bridegroom. The bride's mother wore a beautiful dress of silver grey poplin, trimmed with silver lace, Zouave jacket, cerise sash and neckband, bonnet of grey velvet trimmed with silver ornaments and grey feathers. Many other beautiful dresses were worn. The reception given by Mrs. W. H. L. Cogswell at the rectory was largely attended. Among those invited were the Marquis of Normanby, Lady Lettice Grosvenor, the Hon. Mrs. and Miss Trelawny, Colonel and Mrs. Uniacke, Captain Uniacke, R.A., the Rev. R. F. and Mrs. Uniacke, Mr. and Mrs. FitzGerald-Uniacke, Mr. A. E. M. Uniacke, Mr. and Mrs. Brenton Haliburton Collins, Mr. and Miss Collins, Colonel and Mrs. Stockley, Captain Stockley, R.A., Mr. Harry Stockley, R. M. L. T., Mrs. and Miss Somerville, Mr. and Mrs. Robie Uniacke, Mrs. and Miss Burmester, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Burmester, Mrs. Francis and the Misses Duncan, Miss Cogswell, Mr. Henry Cogswell, Mrs. Bazalgette, Admiral Douglas, Surgeon-Colonel Douglas, V.C., Mr. George and Mr. Lionel Douglas, Mr. and Mrs. McMaster, Sir David and Lady Dale, Sir Andrew and Lady Noble, the Misses Belcher, Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Belcher, Mrs. Knox, the Lord Bishop of Chester, Mrs. and Miss Jayne, Colonel, Mrs., and Miss Boggs, Sir Thomas and Lady Frost, Mr. and Mrs. John Frost, Mr. and Mrs. James Frost, Mr. and Mrs. Gibbons Frost, Miss Frost, the Misses Wilbraham, the Misses Payne, Miss Dobie and party, Mrs. and the Misses Tomlin, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Thomson, Mrs. and Miss Pitcairn Campbell, the Rev. Wilfrid Stanton, the Rev. C. Hylton and Mrs. Stewart, Canon and Mrs. Weatherhead, the Rev. H. and Mrs. Nixon, Canon and Mrs. Blencowe, Canon and Mrs. Gore, the Rev. O.T. L. and Mrs. Crossley, Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Preston and party, Mr. and Mrs. Tipton and party, Captain Boardman, R.N., and Mrs. Boardman, Mr. and Mrs. Lowndes and party, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wright, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wright, Mrs. Lodrett and party, the Misses Marshall, Captain Davey, Mr. and Mrs. William Laird and party, Mr. and Mrs. John Laird and party, the Misses Laird, Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Chambres, Mr. and Mrs. Thomson, Mr. Frank Ward, the Misses Kelsall, Mr. and Mrs. William FitzGerald, the Rev. H. and Mrs. Coote, Mrs. and the Misses Shand, the Rev. John and Mrs. Howell, Mrs. Bowlby (Chelten- ham), Mr. Philip and Miss Warren, Mr. and Mrs. D'Este East, Mrs. North, Mr. and Mrs. Fred North, Mr. and Mrs. Naylor, Mrs. and Miss Steel, the Misses Fernihough, Mr. and Mrs. Tbornewill, Mr., Mrs., and Miss Glennie, Mr. and Mrs. Meadows and party, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Kay, Mr. and Mrs. George Peers, Mr., Mrs., and Miss Brooke, Mr. and Mrs. William Bell and party, Mrs. and the Misses Molyneux, Mr. and Mrs. Statter, Captain Elliott, R.N., and Mrs. Elliott, the Rev. A. de B. Owen, the Rev. T. M. Standring, &c. The wedding cake was provided by Messrs. Bolland, of Chester. PRESENTS TO THE BRIDE. The Rev. Dr. Cogswell, cheque, silver, house- hold linen; Mrs. Cogswell, gold and enamelled watch, walnut wardrobe; Mr. Gerald Cogswell, cheque Miss Grace Cogswell, sewing machine Mr. Charles Cogswell, silver spoons and forks; Mr. Henry Cogswell, six silver tea spoons; Miss Cogs- well, cheque; Mrs. Francis Duncan, silver brushes and writing case Miss Muriel Duncan, tray and ebony brushes Miss Belcher, cheque and silver castors; Miss Henrietta Belcher, case of electro plate; Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Belcher Mr. R. Uniacke, cheque Colonel Uniacke, silver tea kettle Captain Uniacke, R.A. Miss Helen Uniacke, silver mustard pot; the Rev. R. Fitzgerald-Uniacke, Bible R. Gordon Fitzgerald-Uniacke, pot pourri vase; Mr. A. E. M. Uniacke, silver bon-bon dishes Miss Lily Uniacke; Mrs. Brenton Haliburton Collins, silver teapot and cream jug and sugar basin; Miss Geraldine Collins, silver button hook Mr. Brenton Collins, jun., -silver shoehorn; thoRev. Herbert and Mrs. Coote, silver-mounted carvers; Colonel and Mrs. Stockley, R.E., silver entree dishes; Capt. Stockley, R.A., silver salt cellars; Mr. Harry Stockley, silver toast rack; Mrs. Somer- ville, Windsor table Miss Somerville, table Mrs Fitzgerald, photo frame; Mrs. Stoddart-Douglas, pearl and diamond bracelet; Sir David and Lady Dale, pearl and diamond brooch; Sir Thomas and Lady Frost, China fern pots; Mr. and Mrs. J. Meadows Frost, brass writing set; Mr. and Mrs. Gibbons Frost, silver mustard pot; Mr. and Mrs. James Frost, fan the Misses Payne, Venetian water jug and finger glasses Mr. and Mrs. Frederick North, Venetian rose bowl; the Misses Kelsall, case of silver spoons Mr. and Mrs. W. Bell, silver butter dish Dr. Blair Bell, picture; Miss Florence Bell, picture; Miss Hilaire Bell, biscuit barrel; Captain and Mrs. Magillycuddy, silver breakfast dish Captain and Mrs. Dunne, silver entree dishes; Captain and Mrs. Boardman, C.B., R.N, silver spoons; Mrs. Hudson, silver pepper pots Surgeon- Colonel Douglas, V.C., a standard lamp; the Misses Douglas, silver candlesticks Mr. and Mrs. Thompson, silver bon-bon dish Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Thomson, silver pepper pots; Miss Barry, silver scent bottle; Miss Massie, silver muffineer Judge Wynne-Ffoulkes, silver-mounted frame; Mrs, Atcherley, gold-mounted umbrella; Mrs. Bowlby, silver scent bottle Colonel and Mrs. Boggs, Dresden china tea service; the Misses Wilbraham, silver cream jug; Miss Fanny Wilbraham, work bag; Miss Mildred Dobie, silver buckle; Mrs. Mitchell Molyneux, silver lamp; Miss Claribel Tomlin, silver cream jug; Mrs. W. H. Hill, photo frame; the Rev. Wilfrid Stanton, silver salt cellars; Mrs. Maginnis, silver paper knife Mr. Arthur Smith, four silver bon-bon dishes; Miss McMaster, rose bowl; Miss Evans, silver card case; the Misses Harrington, tea cloths; Mr. and Mrs. John Laird, silver paper knife Miss Flora Lowndes, silk table cover Dr. and Mrs. Riddell, silver bread knife Mr. Thomas Webster, silver pepper and mustard pot Mrs. Johnstone, photo frame and book Miss Bentley, work and oheese plate Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Preston, silver salver Mr. and Mrs. Hornblower, inkstand Mr. and Mrs. Tipton, silver salt cellars Mr. Frank Ward, egg boiler the Rev. H. and Mrs. Blogg, silver spoons the Lord Bishop of Chester, silver rose bowl Miss Kitty Carson, silver scent bottle Miss Railton, tea service Mrs. Clayton, ring Mrs. D'Arcy Blackburne, silver bon bon dishes the Misses Shand, silver stamp box Mr. Joseph Brewin, silver teapot, cream jug, and sugar basin Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wright, silver bon-bon dish Mrs. Longcroft (Havant), Japanese cups; Mr. and Mrs. Twigge, silver salver; Mr. and Mrs. St. George Caulfield, tea-cosy Miss Barton, silver sugar basin and sifter; Mr. and Mrs. George Peers, silver salt cellars Mr. and Mrs. Boumphrey, vases Mr. and Mrs. Kay, table gong Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kaye, china vase Mrs. Milne, china flower pot; Mrs. Clieeseborongh, tea-cosy the Misses Marshall, silver; Miss L. Ford, letter rack Miss Howson, gold and turquoise buttons Mrs. Jack Sutherland, handkerchief case Dr. and Mrs. Bridge, silver pin trays the Rev. A. de V. Owen and J. Mather Standring, silver bread plate ,.tr,d knife; Mr. and Mrs. Meadows, clock; Mr. and Mrs. McArthur, clock; Servants at the Rectory, toast rack Wallasey Bellringers, table gong; Wallasey Girls' School, prayer and hymn book; Mr Povall, silver nutcrackers; Mr. Hill, picture; Mrs. Nicholson, photo stand; Miss Maclnne3, cushion. picture; Mrs. Nicholson, photo stand; Miss illaclnnes, cushlon. PRESENTS TO BRIDEGROOM. Sir David Dale, cheque Miss Belcher, cheque Walcott, cheque Miss Rose Staveley, standard lamp Surgeon-Col. Douglas,V.C., lamp Miss McMaster, bread plate;- Mr. Deane, salt cellars; Capt. Davey Mrs. Burmester, cheque Miss Muriet Douglas, work Master Evan Camp- bell Douglas, matchbox Mr. Bentley, silver matchbox Mr. E. B. Moody, vase3 Mr. Gordon Hall, napkin rings Miss Cogswell, clock Mr. W. H. Riddall, napkin rings Mr. J. P. Sadler, match- box; Mrs. Richardson, silver flask the Ven. Arch- deacon and Mrs. Gore, Bible; Iris and Ethel Wynne Bell, dessert d'oyleys. MISS M. WATKINSON-MR. R. KERSHAW. An eager, interested crowd filled the pretty parish church of Northop on Wednesday, fully an hour before the time fixed for the wedding of Miss Marian Watkinson, eldest daughter of Mr. John Watkinson, of Brook Park, Northop, to Mr. Richard Kershaw, junr., of Crow Nest, Lightcliffe, near Halifax. The family of the bridegroom is one widely known and respected through the West Riding of Yorkshire, the bridegroom himself being a son of the Mayor of Brighouse, and a prominent figure in cricketing circles in that district, he having been captain of the West Riding and Bradford Cricket Clubs, besides being connected with a local club. It is, of course, common knowledge that Mr. Watkinson is a colliery proprietor and a large employer of labour in and near Northop. The great amount of interest centred in the event was shewn by the large number of people from near and far who filled the church and lined the approaches thereto, in order to be spectators of the scene. The edifice was decorated with effect, and over the entrance gates was an arch of evergreens, bearing the motto, 'God bless the happy pair,' similar erections being placed here and there in the village. As the hour of noon drew on, the guns at the collieries, which after a morning's cannonade had been for a short time silent, boomed out again, announcing the near approach of the party. The bride passed into church leaning on the arm of her father, who gave her away. Her dress was a dazzling creation of white duchess satin, trimmed with Honiton lace, embroidered chiffon and orange blossom white embroidered tulle veil and wreath of orange blossom. She also wore a diamond bracelet, and, ornament- ing her hair, a diamond crescent and star, the gifts of the bridegroom, while her lovely bouquet was com- posed of orchids, and was similar to those carried by the bridesmaids. The service was fully choral, being conducted by the Rev. Geo. Watkinson, who was assisted by the Rev. Clement Davies, vicar of Northop, and the Revs. Wm. Jones and W. James, former curates of the parish. As the bride entered, the choir sang The voice that breathed o'er Eden.' the remainder of the service being intoned and the Psalms sung, while before the homily the hymn Thine for ever God of love, was given. The bridesmaids were Miss Fanny Watkinson (sister of the bride), and the Misses May Sutcliffe and Ethel, Janey, Annie and Alice Watkinson (cousins of the bride). They were attired in dresses of pink silk bengaline trimmed with chiffon and lace, pink picture hats trimmed with pink roses to match. Their ornaments were gold heart lockets and chains with emerald centres and covered with pearls, these being the gifts of the bridegroom. The mother of the bride was handsomely gowned in heliotrope brocaded satin, trimmed with Honiton lace, and bonnet to match. Mr. J. Baines Kershaw acted as best man. The service over, Mr. Phillips, organist, played Mendelssohn's wedding march, the bells clanged out, the people cheered, and the party drove away amid showers of rice. Later in the day the happy pair left for London and the Isle of Wight, where the honeymoon will be spent. Dinner was provided at the Boot Hotel for the church choir, bellringers, church officials, and a number of friends. Those present at the wedding breakfast, in addition to tne bride and bridegroom, were Mr. Kershaw and Mrs. Watkinson, Mr. John Watkinson and Mrs. Hamilton Young, Mr. J. B. Kershaw and Mrs. F. Watkinson, the Rev. G. Watkinson and Miss M. Sutcliffe, Mr. Priestley and Miss Ethel Watkinson, Mr. F. Watkinson and Miss Annie Watkinson, Mr. S. L. Watkin- son and Miss Janey Watkinson, Mr. James Watkinson and Miss Alice Watkinson, Mr. George Watkinson and Mrs. Davison, Mr. Davison and Mrs. Sam. Watkinson, Mr. Sam. Watkinson and Mrs. Sutcliffe, Mr. W. Sutcliffe, Miss Watkinson, Mr. H. Watkinson and Miss Lucy Sutcliffe, Dr. Kershaw and Mrs. W. Sut- cliffe, the Rev. C. Davies and Mrs. Dr. Kershaw, Mr. Joe Sunderland and Mrs. Priestley, Mr. K. Sutcliffe and Mrs. Joe Sunderland, the Rev. W. Jones and Miss Berry, the Rev. W. James and Miss Godfrey, Mr. S. Watkinson and Mrs. Jones, Mr. A. Watkinson and Mrs. James. The guests invited to the reception were Mr. and Mrs. P. B. Davies-Cooke, Miss Davies-Cooke, Mr. and Mrs. John Eldon Bankes, Mr. and Mrs. H. St. John Raikes, Mr., Mrs. and Miss Bates, Mr. and Mrs. Toller, the Rev. Canon and Mrs. Atkinson, Mr. Hiliard, Major Webber, Mrs. and Miss Webber, Mr. and Mrs. Hurlbutt, Mr. and Mrs. Rowley and party, Mr. S. Highley, Mr. and Mrs. Maybew, the Rev. E. M. Roderick, Miss Jones, Miss Davison, Miss Colman, Dr. and Mrs. Edwards, Mrs. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Prince, Mr. and Miss Parry, Dr. and Mrs. Skeene, Mr. W. Podmore, Mr. Thorn and the Misses Thorn, Mr. and Mrs. Francis, Mr. and Mrs. Alletson, Mr. and Mrs. John Fox, Mr. and Mrs. F. Prince, Mrs. Freme, Mrs. Hughes, Miss Hughes, Mrs.. Owen, the Rev. T. Jones and Mrs. Jones, and the Rev. A. Davies. The following is a list of the presents:— Bridegroom to bride, diamond bracelet and diamond crescent and star; bride to bridegroom, silver cigar case and dressing case, and gold studs and links, with crest engraved Mr. John Watkin- son (father of the bride), cheque Mrs. Watkinson (mother of the bride), silver tea and coffee service, silver kettle, and household linen; Mr. George Watkinson, silver tea service; Miss Fanny Wat- kinson and Messrs. F. H. and A. Watkinson, diamond ring; Mr. J. B. Kershaw. silver salver and large case of cutlery Mrs. Hamilton Young, silver coffee pot and tea kettle; Mr. Watkinson and Miss Watkinson, silver tea and coffee service Mr. George Watkinson, junr., silver salver; Mr. and Mrs. S. Watkinson, silver tea and coffee service and kettle; Mrs. Sutcliffe, case of silver teaspoons and sugar tongs and pepperettes; Mr. and Mrs. W. Sutcliffe, case of silver salt cellars the Rev. D. and Mrs. Spence, silver-mounted fish carver, with pearl handle; Miss Sutcliffe, silver mounted crown Derby biscuit box the Rev. George and Mr. S. Lord Watkinson, silver revolving covered breakfast dish; Miss Ethel Watkinson, yellow silk bed spread; Miss Alice Watkinson, yellow silk table cloth, antimacassars, and table centre Mr. James and Mr. S. Watkin- son, silver hairbrush; Miss Annie and Miss Janey Watkinson, silver hand mirror; the Misses Sutcliffe and Mr. R. Sutcliffe, silver muffineers; Mr. and Mrs. Davison, pair Worcester china vases; Mr. and Mrs. Hurlbutt, oil painting on copper; Mr. and Mrs. P. B. Davies-Cooke, silver candlesticks; Mr. and Miss Sanders, silver- mounted Russian leather carriage book Mr. and Mrs. J. Eldon Bankes, copper cachepot; Mr. and Mrs. Ramsden, Venetian mirror Miss Jones, silk sofa cushion and glove sachet; the Misses Porter and Mr. Porter, solid silver muffineers; Dr. and Mrs. Kershaw, silver sugar basin and sifter Mr. and Mrs. Sutcliffe, solid silver jug; the officials of Messrs. George Watkinson and Sons, South Wales Collieries, large silver tray; the Officials of Messrs. George Watkinson and Sons, Buckley Collieries, silver flower bowl Workpeople of Messrs. R. Kershaw, Woodvale Mills, Brighouse, marble and bronze timepiece and ornaments, with silver-mounted inscription; Dr. and Mrs. Kershaw, silver sugar basin and sifter; Mr. C. Rullan, silver cigar case; Mr. J. Lupton Booth, two silver cigar ash trays Mr. J. Bottom- ley, silver cigarette box; Mr W. Field, two silver flower vases; Mr. and Mrs. Field, silver fruit spoons; the Bradford Cricket Club, silver flagon; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sunderland, silver fish carver and fork Mr. Humfray, silver entree dish Mr. Shaw (steward at Crow Nest), silver-mounted fish carvers Messrs. Priestley, plush tablecloth Mr. B. Hurst, gold mounted silk umbrella; Messrs. Lancaster and Wright, solicitors, cost of conveyance of 'Elmwood House,' Brighouse Mr. Harrison Benn, silver mounted wall mirror Mrs. Baines and family, silver cake basket; Mr. John Ambler, Worcester flower vases Mr. Henry Bottomley, silver card basket; members of Shibden Hall Rovers' Cricket Club, silver fluted flower bowl, with pedestal and inscription Mr. and Miss Bradwell, silver fruit dish Mr. Ferguson, silver- mounted liqueur bottle, glasses, and stand; Mr. and Mrs. Rowe, silver-mounted champagne jug Mr. Barcbard, silver-mounted cut-glass claret jug; Mr. Harry Collier, silver inkstand, pen, and pencil; Miss Sharpe and Fraulein Weidmann, Jane Austen's works; members of the Bradford County Conservative Club, large inlaid drawing-room lamp, with shade; Mr. and Mrs. Bower, silver and ruby epergne Surface Men at Buckley Collieries, hot water kettle; Mr. J. W. Smithies, J.P., pearl card case; Mr. T. Priestley, silver-mounted carvers in case; Mr. and Mrs. Rowley and family, large framed engraving, Launched in Life' Mr. David and Mr. Percy Newby Salmond, set of silver-mountad china teacups and six silver teaspoons, in case Mr. and Miss Wilson, silver cover revolving breakfast dish; Mr. Robinson, gold inlaid tortoiseshell cigar case and matchbox; Mr. and Mrs. W. Smith, brazed silver coffee service and tray the Misses Elliott and Mr. Elliott, case of twelve silver teaspoons and sugar tongs; Miss Berry, boudoir cloth; the Teachers and Scholars of East Northop Sunday School, Oxford Bible, with gilt inscription; the Rev. A. H. Fish and Mrs. Fish, Florentine china vases; Dr. and Mrs. J. H. Naylor, silver egg boiler; Mr. S. Highly, gold tipped amber cigar- holder, in solid silver case; Mr. and Mrs. T. Bottomley, silver salver; Mr. and Mrs. K. Black- burn, drawing-room brass stind lamp and shade Mr. and Mrs. Bettinson, silver-mounted fish carvers; Mr. and Mrs. Freme, china flower bowl:; Miss I Toon, lacquered brass vases Miss Evans, gold bracelet; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Parry, silver sugar basin, and silver sugar tongs Dr. Purdon, silver bon-bon dish; Miss Godfrey, sofa blanket; Miss Thorpe, silver pickle forks; Miss Jones, knitted d'oyleys; Mr. and Mrs. F. Prince, silver scent bottle; Mr. W. Podmore, silver nut crackers; Miss L. Morgan, fancy pencil Miss K. Lowe, silver sardine server Rev. Canon and Mrs Atkinson, silver calendar the Misses Richardson, silver photo frame Dr. and Mrs. Edwards, silver salts; Mr. and Mrs. Hancock, silver bonbon dish Mrs. Fox and family, silver-mounted butter knife; Mr. G. Alletson, silver-mounted button hook and shoe horn in case Miss Adam, Cairngorm, silver brooch Mr. and Mrs. Beckett, silver bonbon dish, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Prince, large silver button hook Mr. and Mrs. John Fox, silver- mounted cake knife the Rev. W. and Mrs. James, prayer book in leather case Mr. and Mrs. Alletson, embroidered linen afternoon tea cloth Mrs. E. Astbury, hand-painted satin handkerchief satchet Mr. John Astbury, silver ring case Messrs. Hart Davies and Son, silver-mounted silk um- brella Messrs. Brown and Co., Honiton lace pocket handkerchief Messrs. Oakes and Griffiths, white moircella quilt Mrs. Wright, Valen- ciennes lace handkerchief; Miss Wright, bed- room slippers Mr. and Miss Lowe, silver flower vase Mr. and Mrs. Blane, silver inkstand Messrs. Henry Roberts and Son, silver eggstand Mr. Edward Astbury, silver butterknife servants at Brook Park, silver-mounted china biscuit box servants at Crow Nest, including gardeners, coach- man, and groom, afternoon tea kettle on brass stand an old nurse, bedroom candlesticks coach- man and his wife at Brook Park, china sugar basin and cream jug in stand; Mrs. Millington, copper kettle; Mrs. Roberts, breakfast cruet; Nurse Roberts, wall bracket; Miss J. Williams, set of china jugs; Mr. and Mrs. Jones, case of silver- mounted knife rests; Mrs. R. Williams, china afternoon tea set and tray Miss M. Williams, china dressing table set and tray. MR. J. M. SING-MISS E. J. BARTON. The Neston and Parkgate district was en fits on Wednesday, the occasion being the marriage of Miss Emily Jane Barton, of Highfield, Parkgate, and Mr. James Millington Sing, of the Dell Beechwood, Aigburth, Liverpool. The bride is well known in the neighbourhood, having been actively associated with most of the parochial philanthropic movements. She is the fifth daughter of the late Mr. Henry Barton, of Rock Ferry, and the family is one of the oldest in the Hundred of Wirral. The bridegroom is the eldest son of Mr. Joshua Sing, J.P., of Kelton, Aigburth, and is a well-known Liverpool merchant. Both Parkgate and Neston were profusely decorated in recognition of the joyous event, lines of bunting crossing the thoroughfares in all directions, in addition to the great number of flags displayed at the windows of the residences on the route from the bride's house to the church. The latter was most tastefully decorated with flowers by the Misses M. and B. Comber, Miss Lacy Miss M. Sawers, and Mrs. W. E. Whineray, and was early filled with a large and fashionable congregation, while the churchyard and approaches were thronged with spectators. The ceremony took place at 2-45, with full choral service, the officiating clergy being the Dean of Manchester, the Revs. Canon Sing (brother of the bride- groom, vicar of St. John's, Derby) and H. R. Sherwen (Neston). Dr. MacDonald Sing (London), brother of the bridegroom, acted as best man, and the bride was given away by Mr. J. G. Churton (Manor House.) Among the relations present were Mr. Joshua Sing, J.F. (Aigburtb), Miss Barton (Rock Ferry), Miss Meta Barton, Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Cham- berlain (Llandudno), Miss Chamberlain, Mr. and Mrs. J. Ismay, (Broad Green), Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Sing (Aigburth), Mrs. Rodger P. Sing (Aigburth), Miss Ethel Barton (Llan- gollen), and the Rev. E. P. Powell (Rock Ferry). The bride looked very charming in a dress of steel grey satin, with velvet toque to match. She wore a diamond brooch and bracelet, the gift of the bridegroom, and carried a choice bouquet, also the gift of the bride- groom. The bridesmaids were the Misses Hilda and Elsie Sing (daughters of the bridegroom), and Miss Chamberlain (Llandudno), and Miss Olive Ismay (Liverpool), neices of the bridegroom. They wore white alpaca skirts, with full silk bodices, and white satin sashes; large Tuscan hats, trimmed with yellow and white chiffon and feathers, and carried bouquets of yellow marguerites, tied with white ribbon, the bouquets and their gold curb bracelets with padlocks being the gift of the bride- groom. Mr. H. H. Bulley presided at the organ, and played several appropriate selections, concluding with the Wedding March' as the bridal party left the church. Merry peals were rung upon the bells immediately after the ceremony, and repeated at intervals during the day and evening. A reception was held during the afternoon at the Manor House, about 180 guests attending. The happy pair afterwards drove to Hooton, en route for London, where the honeymoon will be spent. The bride's travelling dress was a tailor-made coat and skirt of brown cloth, with brocaded vest and toque of brown velvet with roses to match. The following is a list of the wedding presents:— BRIDE'S PRESENTS. From bridegroom to bride, gold watch, gold bracelet set with diamonds, half hoop diamond ring, coral ring, Prayer Book; Miss Hilda Sing, Miss Elsie Sing, and Mr. Harold M. Sing, long gold watch chain; Miss Barton, Rock Ferry, silver serviette rings Miss Meta Barton, Rock Ferry, silver fish oarvers; Mr. and Mrs. Chamberlain, Llandudno, tall silver lamp; Miss Chamberlain, Llandudno, embossed silver box Mr. and Mrs. Ismay, Broad Green, Sutherland walnut tea able; Master Kingsley Ismay and Miss Olive Ismay, Broad Green, Limoges toilet dressing table set; Mr. and Mrs. Churton, Neston, silver tea tray Mrs. Macgregor, gold brooch Mrs. Turner and Miss Carter, Park- gate, silver-backed hair brushes Mr. Charles Carter, silver-backed hand mirror the Misses Young, Waterloo, silver-backed clothes brushes Capt. and Mrs. Peel, Rock Ferry, brass inkstand and letter rack; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hall, Oxton, gold and pearl brooch; Mrs. Rathbono, Backwood, silver mounted smelling salts bottle; Mrs. H. Bladon, afternoon teacloth Mrs. A. Ceasar and Mrs. P. Napier Jones, case of scissors Mr. and Mrs. George Eaton, ostrich feather fan mounted in mother of pearl; the Misses Eaton (4), silver shoehorn, button hook and glove fastener the Misses Chris, and Barbara Eaton, flower vases Mr. Edgar Baker, photograph frames; Miss Marian Ward, Coalport china bowl; Miss Lacey, butterfly veil fastener Mr. Henry Churton, silver biscuit box Dr. Yeoman, silver bon-bon dish Mrs. C. W. Yeoman, silver photo- graph frame; Mrs. and Miss Radcliffe, Scar- borough, alabaster vases; the Misses Sawers, dress handkerchiefs; the Misses Gamon, flower bowl; Mr. Algernon H. Powell, silver crucifix; the Misses Lyon, set of flower stands for table Miss W. Radcliffe, Scarborough, dessert d'oyleys Mrs. Leigh, Oakshott, embroidered blotting book; Col. and Mrs. Justice, silver-mounted tortoiseshell comb and glove stretchers Mr. and Mrs. Price, silver-mounted photograph frame; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, silver cream jug; Mr. and Mrs. Hall, Rock Ferry, Limoges tea service the Misses Cowan, leather glove and handkerchief case Miss Lloyd, Wimbledon, Delia Robbia bowl and jug: Mr. and Mrs. Cramer Roberts, silver-mounted umbrella; Mrs. Henry Wheeler, Cheltenham, silver-mounted vase Mrs. Johnson; Houghton, silver-mounted telegram form case; Bishop Cramer Roberts and Mrs. Cramer Roberts, pair of framed engravings Miss Williams, Llan- dudno, gold and blue inkstand; Mr. and Mrs. Sing, Aigburtb, Shetland shawl Mrs. Lloyd, Parkgate, old china; Mr. and Mrs. Hubback, Rock Ferry, gold bracelet; the Misses Roberts, large sofa cover Miss Johnstone, Leamington, vase; Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Rogers, Doulton vases; the Rev. H. R. Sherwen, prayer book; the Very Rev. the Dean of Manchester, silver serviette rings; Mr. Tinley Barton, Llan- gollen, rose bowl; Mrs. Maclure, table centre the Misses Young, Neston, embroidered table centre; Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Peel, silver mounted scent bottle Mrs. Salter, London, Kaga cups and saucers Miss Stafford, Neston, embossed card tray Mrs. Barnes, Hoylake, case of silver- mounted accessories for dressing table; Mr. and Mrs. Whineray, silver cake dish; Miss Doris Whineray, silver hairpin tray; Mr. and Mrs. Oakshott, Rock Ferry, tall silver candlesticks Minnie and Harriet Minshull, cheese dish Mrs. Minshull, pair of buckles Mr. Glover, Oxton, pair of silver topped scent bottles; Mrs. Eaton, Cheltenham, work bag and string box; Mr. and Mrs. Comber, silver-mounted pin cushion; Miss May Comber and Miss Biddie Comber, silver- mounted scent bottle; Miss Sing, embroidered tray cloth; Mr. Johnson, Neston, cut-glass pre- serve stands; Mr. and Mrs. Scarrett, tea cloth Mrs. Busby, flower vases; Miss Phyllis Busby, worked table cloth Miss Sybil Busby, work bag; Miss D. and Miss M. Busby, cup and saucer Miss K. Halifax, Tunbridge Wells, painted photograph frame, pincushion, and chair back; Miss Hall, Larchwood, embroidered blotter; Mrs. T. H. Tydd, salt cellars and spoons Miss Allardice, worked tea cloth Mrs. Sawers, silver teaspoons and sugar tongs Miss Mary Sawers, Honiton lace pocket handkerchief; Colonel and Mrs. Lacy, tea stand and brass tray; Mr. and Mrs. W. Fleming, pair of Jubilee plaques, Doulton ware Margaret Muriel Jones, teacloths; Annie Bathu, vases Ethel Dodd, paper stands Mr. and Mrs. W. Becket Hill, Rock Ferry, wrought iron and copper fern stand; Mrs. Barrett, Wedgewood rases Mr. Elliott, Hoylake, embroidered hand- kerchief sachet; Mr. and Mrs. Harmood Banner, silver cake dish Miss Pownall, Worcester orna- ment; Mrs. Richardson, teacloth; Mr. and Miss Haigh, Royal Crown Derby vases Mrs. Richards, Llangollen; silver nut crackers; Mrs. Ernest Royds, Honiton lace handkerchief) Mr. and Mrs. Percy Churton, silver photo frame; Mrs. Maclean Graham, set of blue china ornaments; Mrs. Speechley, Wedgewood vases; Mrs. Tinley Barton, netted d'oyleys; Mrs. Montgomery, Parkgate, cake dishes; Mr. and Mrs. Lancaster, silver ink- stand; George B. Eaton, silver-mounted scent bottle; Mr. J. E. Lloyd, Parkgate, old china. BRIDEGROOM'S PRESENTS. From bride to bridegroom, gold sleeve links and set of gold studs, alligator skin leather case Joshua Sing, Esq., J.P., cheque Mrs. Sing, silver cigar case, flask, and matchbox Mrs. Alexander Powell, pair of embossed silver spoons the Misses Kekewich, ivory and silver paper knife Mr. and Mrs. Hinton, Spalding, Worcester rose-leaf vase Mr. James Dodd, silver flower stand Mrs. Robert Healey, Delia Robbia vase Mrs. George Taylor, Bakewell, majolica orna- ment Mrs. Godwin, London, wrought iron and brass candle and flower stands the Rev. E. J. Sing and Mrs. Sing, silver sugar spoon Mr. and Mrs. Alex. M. Sing, set of four silver bon- bon dishes; Dr. MacDonald Sing, silver dish; Mr. and Mrs. Roger P. Sing, silver egg server; Mr. Mark Synge, 8th Bengal Infantry, pair of Indian silver vases Miss Tweedy, silver fusee box; Mr. Algernon H. Powell, silver-mounted pipes in morocco case; Mr. William Adamson, elephant tusk paper knife; Mr. Harold M. Sing and the Misses Hilda and Elsie Sing, ebony hair brushes; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Armstrong, silver-mounted claret jug; Mr. and Mrs. Edward Pim, Maghull, Nansen's 'Farthest North'; Rev. Ernest Under- hill, silver-mounted spirit decanter; Mr. and Mrs. J. Edgar Gordon, Delvitt's Les Chroniqueurs de L'histoiro de France; Mr. and Mrs. J. R. D. Schoales, pair of silver candlesticks; Mr. Edwin J. Guest, J.P., silver cigarette case Miss Williams and Miss Fairbrother, pair of candlesticks.






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