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úcster 100 Years Hgo.

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Jlunttng. WARDLE. On Wednesday the South Cheshire met at Wardle, some four miles from Nantwich, when among a large field were Mr. H. R. Corbet (master), Colonel Rivers Bulkeley, Captain and Miss Griffith (Tarporley), Mr. J. Bailey, Miss Bailey, and Mr. Bailey, jun. (Nant- wich), Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Hornby (Nantwich), Mr. Walker Starkey (Marbury Hall), Mr. Knowles, Mr. Brocklebank, Miss Robinson, Mrs. King (Sound Cottage), Mr. W. Massey, Miss Peel, Dr. Lapage, Mr. Cheese, Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Elliott, and Mr. C. Elliott (White- well House), Mr. Urban Major (Market Drayton), Mr. C. R. Whitton, Mr. Jenkins, Miss Whittle, &c. The proceedings, which lasted about three hours, were almost entirely confined to the cover at Wardle, which is a somewhat estensive one, and a right merry time hounds and foxes had. In the cover there were five cubs, and two of older growth, who, from appearances, had been on the war- path many a time. Only two of the five youngsters succeeded in evading the attentions of the hounds, the other three falling, not, however, before they had made a gallant fight with their natural enemies. OPENING OF SHROPSHIRE CUB- HUNTING. Coton Hall, about midway between Whit- church and Wem, was chosen for the opening meet of the Shropshire on Tuesday. A field of not over large proportions included the Rev. Sir Wm. M. Honyman, Hon. Gerald and Hon. Reggie Hill (Hawkstone), the Rev. H. Burton (Fauls Vicarage) Mr. J. S. and the Misses Walley (Heath Cottage), Mr. Spearman, junr. (Old Hall, Wem), Miss Jenkinson (Liverpool), Messrs. George Houlding, David and John Harding, &c. Coton Wood was the initial draw, and hounds soon gave tongue, there being three cubs in the cover. One went towards Whixall and another for Tilstock Park, and the third made good his escape in a rabbit hole. Skin's Osier bed held one, and somewhat more quickly than was desirable he shot up a drain. In this drain were a brace and half of cubs. No. 1, on being bolted by the terrier, hied away for Coton Wood, and was left there, while a return was made to the same drain. One came out and took himself towards Whixhall, while No. 3 eluded his pursuers by getting into a drain on the opposite side of the road. Out he had to come, and at the end of a sharp gallop the hounds rolled him over. From the same drain a fine-looking cub took away for Steel Heath and Tilstock, and then doubling back on Mr. John Horton's land, ran out for Steel again, and was there allowed to take his own course, Yeo' not caring to risk his beauties' among the barbed wire that exists on this part of the Shropshire country. A further call was made on the drain, and on seeing the light the fox ran round by Coton Wood, where hounds pulled him down. Thus ended a splendid open- ing day. CUB HUNTING WITH SIR W. WYNN'S HOUNDS. The opening cubbing meet of these hounds took place on Friday, at Shavington, near Market Drayton. The field was a select though not a numerous one. The first three hours were spent in Shavington Park, but the proceedings were not of a specially exciting character, not from a scarcity of cubs but because of the scent, which was very poor indeed, hounds at times being hardly able to run a yard. Hounds first of all investigated what is known as the Wall Plantation, and after drawing a portion of the cover a cub was found, and ran out for the Snake's Wood, where two others joined in, but they all managed to get away. Afterwards two others were started from another part of the wood, without, however, doing any execu- tion. Still another was met with here, but the success was no greater, although hounds bustled him about a good deal. A move was then made to the Big Wood, hounds 'speaking' now and then, but for the cause already named nothing was done. Information was received that there was a fox in a tree in the wood, and thither hounds were taken. A man climbed the tree and dislodged Reynard, who fell right in the mouths of the hounds, and he was soon made a meal of. The sport after- wards improved, and until 12 o'clock was I continued in the Moat Cover, Lockey's Gorse, the Laurels, the Fattarm Cover, and Stoker's Wood.





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