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CRICKET. THE LAST MATCH. CHAMPIONS V. REST OF LEAGUE. Probably the last match of the season, and certainly the most popular one in local circles, was decided on Wednesday. In common with otner years, it is usual for the champions of the Chester and District Cricket League to oppose an eleven, or twelve, as was the case this time, picked from the rest of the clubs who are members of the League, and, although the match was fixed for a later date than usual, the interest evinced in it was by no means less than on former occasions. As is well-known, Tatten- hall are the proud possessors of the handsome cup presented by Mr. R. A. Yerburgh, thus Tattenball was the venue of the encounter. The weather in the early morning was not very promising, but fortunately rain held off, although there was a piercingly cold wind blowing across the ground. The light also was bad for the batsmen, while the crease was a trifle heavy and treacherous. Tattenhall were represented by their usual league team, and the Rest,' who were not so strong as one would have liked to see pitted against such a team as the homesters, were captained by Mr. W. Nunnerley, who won the toss and put his team in first. Expectation at this stage ruled high in the minds of the supporters of the 'Rest,' but in a very short space of time it was evident that there was only one team in it. W. Jones and R. H. Davis bowled with wonderful effect, and the innings was nothing less than a mere procession of batsmen to and from the crease. The result was that the visitors were all dismissed for the surprising and paltry total of 18 runs, after an innings that was almost painful in its slowness. The result reflected the highest credit on the home team, who performed splendidly in the field, and especially on the efforts of the two bowlers before mentioned, who were so deadly in their effect that the batsmen could not stand up againt their deliveries. The Tattenhall innings realised 86 runs, and was productive of much interest. H. Griffiths and L. Maddox commenced opera- tions against the trundling of R. H. Davis and W. Jones, Maddox sending the first ball to square leg for four. In the next over Griffiths was bowled off his pads by Jones, and almost immediately afterwards Maddox was cleverly stumped by Grice in attempting to pull a straight delivery from Davis. Two down for five-a most unpromising commencement. This unfortunately was not the extent of their mis- fortunes, for the game was but a few seconds older when J. Dodd succumbed to Jones, the ball just taking the bails. Peters and Nortb became associated, and played steadily, the runs coming painfully slow. The Tattenhall men shewed much determination in the field, and the ninth over was de- livered with the total at nine. The light, too, was not very good, and with a nasty, cold wind blowing across the crease, the con- ditions could not be said to be at all favourable. Maiden after maiden was sent down, much to the chagrin of the spectators, and it was not until 16 overs had been delivered that the score assumed double figures—10. North was run out with the score at 12, and Jones came nearly losing his wicket when attempting a foolishly short run. The ball was, however, thrown in badly. Peters was the next to go, being bowled with a well-pitched ball from Jones. Astbury was smartly caught at point by Stanyer from Jones' next delivery, and the state of the game at this stage was six for 13. Jones continued to bowl with conspicuous success, and in his next over accounted for Lewis, the score being unaltered. W. Fletcher augmented the total by getting one away to leg for three, but in the same over Jones took his sixth wicket by bowling Lewie, and in the next over Fletcher hit his wicket, and Lowsby was bowled by Davis. W. Nunnerley (captain) and E. T. Hallmark fur- nished the last pair, and the latter player getting his leg in front to one from Davis, a most uninteresting innings concluded for the surprising total of 18. Much credit is due to the Tattenhall eleven for their splendid per- formance in the field. Jones and Davis bowled with splendid judgment throughout, and their averages speak for themselves. Jones took six wickets .for ten runs, and Davis four for eight. The Tattenhall innings was opened with extreme caution by W Jones and the Rev. C. L. Arnold, who faced the bowling of Peters and North, the latter dismissing the rector when the score had reached nine. Garside, who followed, was bowled off his pads by Peters, and later Stanyer, who did not quite get under a well- pitched delivery from North, was caught in the pito long field. Grice took his place, and after the winning hit bad been made by Jones a change was effected in the bowling, Dodd going on in place of Peters. The scoring was almost as slow as in the first innings, but this was somewhat accounted for by the excellence of the bowling and the ill-condition of the crease, which was very dead. The change proved effective, as Grice was caught at leg by Nunnerley in Dodd's second over. Logan was missed at 26, Jones in the same over making a beautiful drive out of the field for six. Nunnerley substituted North at the bottom end, and with the score at 44 Dodd got a beautifully pitched ball past Jones' guard, which just took the bails. Jones' innings realised 30. On Logan and Davis becoming associated matters became more interesting, and the half century was telegraphed, but at 55 the first-named player was accounted for in failing to play a ball from Dodd in time. Thomas was dismissed with the following ball, and Davis had a narrow escape from being caught at mid-on. J. Welch and Davis batted steadily, and the score gradually rose, the former repeating Jones' ,performance in driving one out of the field. The fielding at this stage was a trifle loose, and the batsmen did not fail to take advantage of it. A double change was effected in the bowling, Astbury and Jones substituting Nunnerley and Dodd. The change proved effective, as Jones dismissed Davis in his first over, the score having reached 81. At 86 Astbury bowled Welch, and with the score un- altered the last wicket was taken, Dodd effect- ing a beautiful catch in the long field. I TATTENHAU.. H Griffiths st Grice b W Jones b J Dodd 31 Davis 1 Rev C L Arnold b A M L Maddox b W Jones 4 North I J Dodd b do 0 S Garside b J PeterB .„. 1 J Peters b do 4 C Stanyer c Lewis b A M A M. North run out 4 North 3 It T Jones b W Jones 0 G Grice c Nunnerley b T Astbury c Stanyer b I Dodd 1 W Jones 0 C Logan b Dodd .,■-••••• 12 F Lewis b W Jones 0 PArthaii c GnmthsbDoda 0 E T Hallmark lbw b J H Thomas lbw b Dodd.. 0 Davis 0 I B H Davis b R T Jones .13 W Fletcher hit wkt b do. 3 J Welch b Astbury ••• • •; W Nunnerley not out 2 W Hall c J Dodd b H I J M Lowsby b Davis 0 Jones H Spencer not out o Extras 0 I Extras Total 18 j Total 86 BOWLING AVERAGES. Overs M'dns -Buns Wkts. J. Peters 9 4 8 1 A. M. North 13 5 17 2 J. Dodd .11 1 37 5 W. Nunnerley 6 1 1-" j T. Astbury 2 1 J J B. T. Jones 2 0 6 i TATTENHALL. „ „ *W. Jones 12 6 10 B. H. Davis 12 4 7 8 4 AFTER THE MATCH. At the conclusion of the game the players and friends were entertained at tea in the school- room, after which a short toast list was gone through. Mr. J. Dodd (St. Oswalds) occupied the chair, and in the course of a lengthy speech formally presented the cup to the president of the Tattenhall club, the Rev. C. L. Arnold. The club in whose possession the cup now rested, was, Mr. Dodd was of opinion, and he was not alone in that opinion, undoubtedly the best in the League, and was under the captaincy of one of the most popular and thoroughly sportsmanlike gentlemen it bad been his pleasure to meet.-The Rev. C. L. Arnold replied on behalf of the club, and Mr. Jones, in rising to acknowledge the compliment was greeted with the singing 'of For he's a jolly good fellow,' and other manifestations of the respect and esteem in which he is held by his many friends.—Other toasts were, Tatten- hall Club, Captain and Secretary,' proposed by Mr. Lowsby, and responded to by Messrs. W. Jones and R. II. Davis The Visiting Players,' given by the Rector and acknowledged by Mr. Lewis; 'The Visitors; by Mr. Jones, re- sponded to by Mr. W. H. Hallmark and 1 he Chairman.'—Mr. R. H. Davis. in proposing the health of the League Committee, spoke as to the able manner in which the gentlemen form- ing that committee had carried out their arduous duties, and Mr. E. T. Hallmark, in the course of a humorous speech, remarked that next year they anticipated that some of those clubs which had left the League were likely to re- join, and that in all probability the success of the League would be more marked than ever.—Mr. G. I Grice next proposed the 'League Secretary,' and spoke warmly of the respect and esteem in which Mr. W. Fletcher was held by all. The toast was drunk with musical hon uirs, as was also that of 'The League Treasurer' (Air. H. Jones), submitted by Mr. C. Stanyer, and acknowledged by Mr. W. Fletcher on behalf of Mr. Jones, who was unavoidably absent. Mr. Fletcher read the letter ot apology sent by Mr. Jones, in which he stated that the League was in a satisfactory condition finan- cially. Before the company adjourned Mr. G. Grice was presented with a cricket bag and pads by the Rev. C. L. Arnold, on behalf of the Tattenhall Club. An adjournment was after- wards made to Mr. Challinor's hotel, where a most successful smoking concert was held. AVERAGES. CHESTER AND DISTRICT LEAGUE. Played Won Lost Drawn Pts Tattenhall 10 9 1 0 18 Buckley 10 8 2 0 16 Flint. 10 3 4 3 9 St. Oswalds 10 3 4 3 9 Mold 10 2 7 1 5 Gwersyllt 10 1 8 1 3 For Against O,A "G °i C"3 E JJ> o g *3 C 0 £ a g- y Ik », "a *> u -55 t. S ■< < o 2 <5 pa p. » H 2 A Tattenhall. 885 983 12 4 462 51 3 51 Buckley 975 97 5 10 9 49<J 49 2 4 9 Flint 657 73 7 3 710 78 2 8 7 St. Oswalds.. 535 59"4 7-2 761 84-5 9'5 Mold 579 57 9 5'7 927 92 7 12 3 Gwersyllt 413 45 8 4'6 702 78 0 8'0 BATTING. C » g, o • B td • 3 £ oo .3 t* I W. Jones (Tattenhall) 9 ..3.288 ..102*8 Houseman (Buckley) 9.1.377.100*47 1 G, Grice (Tattenhll) 9.2.134. 41*19'1 J. S. Swire (Buckley) 5 2. 55. 41*18'3 R. Lloyd (St. Oswald's). 6.3.. 54.. 30*18 S. Garside (Tattenhall) 4.3. 18.. 12 .18 D. Thomas (Gwersyllt) 6.0.104. 40 .17'3 E. Jones (Mold). 4.1. 50. 24*16 6 P. D. Jones (Flint) 7.1. 82. 25 .13'6 C. Logan (Tattenhall) 9.0.122. 34 .13'5 C. W. Christopher son (Flint) 9.1.101. 59*12'6 R Davies (Buckley) 7.0. 82. 50,117 J. Popkin (Mold) 6.0. 64 24 .10'6 J. Peters (Buckley) 9..2. 72. 26 .10'2 J A. Roberts (St. Oswald's) 7.1. 61. 24 .lO'l W. Hughes (Flint) 9.0. 89. 29 9 8 E. Griffith (St. Oswald's) 7 0. 53. 15 7'5 L. Maddox (Mold). 4..0. 30. 15 7'5 W. S. Gillespie (Mold) 10 ..0. 73. 29 7-3 E. J. Hughes (Flint) 9..0. 64. 17 71 H. Griffiths (Buckley) 10 0. 69. 38 69 H. Lamb (Buckley) 7.0. 48. 31 6 8 T. Buckley (Gwersyllt) 7.0. 46. 12 6 5 T. Astbury (Gwersyllt) 8 ..1. 44. 15 62 .Signifies not out. BOWLING. Overs. Mds.Runs. Wks. Av. Hughes (Buckley) 101 35. 128. 37. 3 17 Peters (Buckley) llO'l. 36. 175. 46. 3 37 Davis (Tattenhall) 125'3. 42. 234. 49. 4*7 Jones (Tattenhall) 122 40. 176.. 31. 5'6 Harrison (Mold) 103'4. 18. 227. 27. 8'41 North (Mold). 81'4 12. 194. 19.10 21 CHESTER C.C. The Chester Club have had a thoroughly successful season, and out of the 15 matches played five have been won, two lost, and eight drawn. They have not lost a single match on the Roodee this year, and all the matches drawn have been in their favour, with the exception of Llandudno. The average of runs scored has been 15'7 against 11-347, while the total runs scored have been 1,602 for 102 wickets, against 1,475 for 130 wickets. BATTING. I Times J. JNO. ot not most in inns. out. inns. T'tal. A'ges. H. Wright 5 2 *59 152 50 66 C. A. Stanyer 13 3 .100 321 32'1 S. Shore 10 1 *52 176 19'55 J. Mountford 11 3 *29 118 14'75 W. Roberts 5 1 34 58 14"5 H. Hack. 3 1 20. 27 13'5 F. Webb 12 2 *40 129 12-9 A. McNeil 3 0 18. 38 12'66 W. Aldis 9 2 *25 87 12 42 W. A. Jones 10 0 31. 88. 8'8 G. S. Warne 9 0 24. 73. 8'1 T. Norbury 4 0 13. 31. 7'75 BOWLING. Runs. Wickets. Average. A. McNeil 26. 5 5'2 H. Hack. 121 16 7 5 H.Wright. 57. 7. 814 W. Roberts 319 33 9'66 W. Aldis 280 28 10 J. Mountford 174 16 10'8


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