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BOTKIL. ] ——————-—— J0& B0Vh1 KITCHEN. BOYRIL imparts the delicious flavour of FRESH MEAT JWL to even the most tasteless dish, and shouM always £ t3MCTyjBBEra be used for flavouring and enriching SoupS, Gravies, Hashes, and Made Dishes. ,BOVl{IL is unequalled for I and strenthening INV ALIDS AND CONTVALESCENTS. IS THE BEST P R E V E N T I V E FOR low COLDS, CHILLS, AND — WINTER ILLS. fv Vol WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. I m a."ECIiAb!1 vP PILLS IJ!. S FOR ALL Bilious and Nervous Disorders, SUCH AS SICK HEADACHE, CONSTIPATION, WEAK STOMACH, IMPAIRED DIGESTION, DISORDERED LIVER, & FEMALE AILMENTS ANNUAL SALE SIX MILLION BOXES. In Boxes, 91d., la. lid., and 2a. 9d. each, ith full directions. The 18. lid. box contains 6 pills. PREPARED ONLY BY THE PROPRIETOR THOS. BEECHAM, St. Helens, Lane. a m OOCKLE'S PILLS. GOUKLE'S PILLS. • COCKLE'S PILLS. • In universal use since the dawn of the century. A tried and trusted family medicine, prescribed by medical men for lhe common ailments of every- day life, such as ACIDITY. HEARTBURN. INDIGESTION. BILIOUSNESS. SICK HEADACHE. DISORDERED LIVER,6 These famous Pills will keep you in perfect health the clean, the bowels free, the liver active, the head clear, and the skin and complexion pure and free from blemish. 7N USE FOR 92 YEARS. COCKLE'S PILLS. e COCKLE'S PILLS. « COCKLE'S PILLS. Cockle's Pills are purely vegetable— warranted free from mercury. May be had throughout the United Kingdom, in Boxes at IS. lid., 2S. gd., 4So id". t is., and 22s. tawot Ormond Stroot, London, W.C. 0 POLISHING—A PLEASURE "SSJ? f4< STEPHESSQH'S M FURNITURE P « M -.e.o.Oo;. "0°: SOLD BY CHEMISTS, GROCERS & IRONMONGERS. Sole Proprietors, STEPHENSON BROS., Bradford.3 -B ? t i| Disturbed Digestion Ijl I of Babies. I '?% When your baby is aU upset, digestion all wrong, the flag t of distress flying everywhere, give it a little Scott's Emulsion. ¡ You will be surprised at what this easy and palatable form of ¡; r. cod-liver oil will do. t It is so easy for Scott's Emulsion to soothe babies, nourish <<►> them and make them thrive. Would that Nature had made the I diseases of adults as easy of treatment! vj The greatest pity with adults, however, is that they too often <, s delay taking Scott's Emulsion until it requires an entire rebuilding { J of the system to restore health. Think of the great assistance ( ) Scott's Emulsion is in preventing Consumption, and then imagine |) delaying treatment until the germs are firmly seated in the lungs! |°| It is never too late to take Scott's Emulsion, but the best K time for it is when health first begins to fail. Occasionally be as S'le good to yourself as you are to your baby, for baby's I J sake as well as your own. VI Unless you are a physician you would hardly believe the many and varied conditions in which \r Scott's Emulsion is a benefit. (jj ) But there is only one Scott's Emulsion. > But there is only one Scott's Emulsion. SCOTT & BOWNE (LTD.), LONDON, E.C. ALL CHEMISTS. ^J> jfl BlB Cj H H mMm dnfpi A- DINNEFORDS v MACNESIA 7 The best remedy for Acidity of the Stomach, Heartburn, Headache, Gout and Indigestion; and the safest Aperient for delicate Constitutions, Ladies, Children, and Infants. SOLD THROUGHOUT THE WORLD. GOLD MEDALS, 1884-86. Used in the Royal Nurseries. THE BEST FOOD FOR INFANTS. IN-% -all SAVORY & MOORE, LONDON. In Tins, Is., 2s., 5s. and 10s. each. Obtainable everywhere. P. DOBBINS, I LICENSED HORSE SLAUGHTERER AND BLOOD AND BONE MANURE MANUFACTURER. Best prices given for Dead and Worn-out Horses, Cows, etc., etc Prompt removal, civility, and cash payment. Distance no object. 200 Tone Blood and Bone MANURE for SALE. Guaranteed analysis. Write for circular and testimonials. WORKS SALTNEY, and CANAL SIDE, CHESTER. Telegraphic Address DOBBINS, Chester.' Telephone No. 123. All communication to be addressed to the Head Office, No. 14, Canal Side, Chester. P. DOBBINS, Sole Proprietor and Manager. PENNYP,OYAL P ILLS TOWLE'S &, STEEL- FOR FEM A LIE 'i- QUICKLY CORRECT ALL IBBMULAMTnCS, BSKOTB ALL j OBSTBUCTTON'3, and relieve the dtitreuing lymptomt to prevalent with the sex. Boxes, 1/1* & 9 (contains three timea the auantity), of all Chemists. Sent anywhere oareceip'of l5 or34stamps, by E. T. TOWLE & Co., Manufacturers, Dryden St., Nottingham. < Beware 0 Tmitationt- i un. and IDO" —. I NOH 0 M E sViTLm"o u Ts E JOHN HILL & SON'S RICH CAKES. For Bpeakfast. Dinner. Tea. or Pio-nlo, they are Just the rlffct ftnlah. and they charm all. Yearly Was exceed 12,000,000 lbs. Sold by Grocers and Stores. Refute lmitations. TUDNO CAKB FACTORY, Ashton-under-Lyne. A BOON TO WEAK MEN. An originally scientific means of Curing Nervous Debility and its Various Physical and Nervous Ail. ments without the use of Nauseous Stomach Medicines. The Method is easy and, and a Permanent and Effective Cure is ensured ir ali cases of Weakness in Young and Old Men. A fully Explanatory l'amr nle sent sealed, Post Free. Address—J. MURRAY, 7 Southampton Row, High Holborn, London, W.C.

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